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This Day in History: February 18th- More Suited to the Slums than to Intelligent, Respectable People


This Day In History: February 18, 1885 “Sequels aren’t inherently bad-remember that Huckleberry Finn was a sequel to Tom Sawyer. But Twain understood what modern storytellers seem to have forgotten-a compelling sequel offers consumers a new perspective on the characters, rather than just more of the same.” -Henry Jenkins On February 18, 1885, Mark Twain’s celebrated yet controversial book The […]

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This Day in History: February 17th- Krishnamurti


This Day In History: February 17, 1986 “When one loses the deep intimate relationship with nature, then temples, mosques and churches become important.” – Krishnamurti Death came peacefully to the 90 year-old Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, who passed away on February 17, 1986 at his home in Ojai, California. Always a reluctant guru, his final wish was that the several […]

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This Day in History: February 5th- The Dueling Dandies

Proust (seated) with Lucien Daudet (right)

This Day In History: February 5, 1897 It all began when the gay literary critic Jean Lorrain accused author Marcel Proust (also thought to have been gay) of having a homosexual relationship with the son of one M. Alphonse Daudet, Lucien Daudet (pictured right). Proust demanded satisfaction for the accusation that he had a tryst with Daudet, and challenged Lorrain […]

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This Day in History: January 30th- Bloody Sunday


This Day In History: January 30, 1972 On January 30, 1972, British Army paratroopers shot and killed 13 unarmed demonstrators participating in a civil rights march in Derry, Northern Ireland. The march was in protest of the policy of internment without trial, which allowed the British government to detain suspected Irish nationalists indefinitely. The day became forever known as Bloody […]

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This Day in History: January 28th- O-Rings to Disaster


This Day In History; January 28, 1986 On January 28, 1986, one of the nation’s, and certainly NASA’s, most heart-wrenching tragedies occurred when the space shuttle Challenger blew apart just a minute after lift-off, ultimately killing all on board. This event, which had been anticipated with such optimism, turned into a cause for national mourning almost in the blink of […]

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