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This Day in History: January 14th- Dr. Bennett and His Wife


This Day In History: January 14, 1794 On January 14, 1794, Dr. Jesse Bennett’s wife, Elizabeth, was suffering through a very difficult labor with their first child. Dr. Humphrey, her attending physician, determined the only options left after a forceps delivery failed were a cesarean section on Elizabeth or a craniotomy on the infant (removing part of the skull temporarily). […]

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This Day in History: January 5th- Digging Up Jericho


This Day In History: January 5, 1978 Dame Kathleen Kenyon was a British archaeologist who excavated the city of Jericho to its Stone Age foundation, and proved it was the world’s oldest continuously occupied settlement. She was the most influential female archaeologist of the last century, and instrumental in bringing the profession to the attention of the general public. Born […]

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This Day in History: December 30th- Bo Diddley


This Day In History: December 30, 1928 “I tell musicians, ‘Don’t trust nobody but your mama, And even then, look at her real good.’” – Bo Diddley Rock and Roll trail blazer Bo Diddley’s signature 4/4 rhythm pattern, unique guitar playing, and larger-than-life personality makes him one of the most memorable founding fathers of modern popular music. He will forever […]

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This Day in History: December 29th- The Murder of the Archibishop of Canterbury


This Day In History: December 29, 1170 “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” –Henry II On the cold winter’s night of December 29, 1170, one of the most notorious murders of the Middle Ages occurred. To please their King, four knights crept into Canterbury Cathedral to assassinate the Archbishop Thomas Becket. This brutal event provoked a wave […]

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