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Win a Fitbit Surge or NeatoShop Tee in This TodayIFoundOut and Neatorama Giveaway


We’ve partnered up with our good friends over at the ever popular Neatorama to hold a contest with super awesome prizes and a bunch of easy ways to enter. The Grand Prize winner will receive a FitBit Surge, which you can read about here. Four runner ups will win Tees from the Neatoshop as described below in the contest details. […]

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The Difference Between Concrete and Cement, The Truth About Injecting Medicine Directly Into the Heart, and More on Our New Daily Knowledge YouTube Channel


I’m very excited to announce the launch of the new “Daily Knowledge” section of our YouTube channel. This will feature twice daily videos covering various interesting topics just like you see in the articles here, but in video/audio form.  You can check out the first few videos here: The Difference Between Concrete and Cement The Truth About Injecting Medicine Directly […]

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Ad Issue


Just wanted to say quickly that if you’re having the site freeze up on you on occasion right now, I’m aware of the issue and have tracked it down to a certain ad network’s ads being the culprit. I now have my ad people on it and they are attempting to track down which network within their network is serving […]

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Neato Christmas Sale


Our very good friends over at Neatorama are currently running a Cyber Week Christmas sale in their popular NeatoShop.  They are also offering free world wide shipping (yes, world-wide). The sale runs now until Sunday the 7th at 11:59pm. So if you’re looking for some neato inexpensive gifts for people, go check it out now before this promo ends!

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NeatoShop Mega Sale

Black Friday Banner Nov 2014

Our very good friends over at Neatorama are currently running a Black Friday weekend sale in their popular NeatoShop.  They are offering all their awesome shirts for just $14.95 each and are also giving free world wide shipping (yes, world-wide) on orders over $75. The sale runs now until Sunday the 30th at 11:59pm. So if you’re looking for some […]

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Two Million Downloads


After just about six months since launching, our Daily Knowledge Podcast has reached 2 million downloads.  Thanks for listening!  If you have any feedback for us on it, we’re always interested. If you haven’t checked it out, you can listen to the podcast episodes here online, or subscriber via iTunes here, or simply use this xml link to subscribe via […]

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Just three weeks ago we launched our Daily Knowledge Podcast, and a mere 18 episodes later have already hit over 100,000 downloads and now rising by about 6K-10K downloads per day the last few days. I’ve not personally had any experience with podcasts before this, but I’m told this is phenomenal.  Given the podcast has risen as high as number […]

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Ad Covering Content


Recently I’ve been getting emails from people saying the ad unit to the left of the content is sometimes covering part of the content (as seen in the picture there to your right). Despite my sincerest efforts, I’ve not been able to replicate this issue on any computer / device and browser combination I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many).  From […]

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Today I Found Out’s New Daily Knowledge Podcast


The last couple days, you may have noticed our new podcast posts, starting with Episode 1: Columbus and the Round World Episode 2: Growing Up with Caffeine We’ve teamed up with to start producing this “Daily Knowledge” podcast series featuring interesting facts discussed in detail with a new episode every weekday. Give the episodes a listen at the above […]

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