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Daven Hiskey, M.S. Daven has a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science as well as a fairly significant background in mathematics, physics, astronomy, history, literature, electrical engineering, and music, spending much of his time in college seeing if he could set a record for course credits, student loans, and years spent to achieve a single B.S. degree that had little to do with a good portion of the classes he took. ;-) Check out Daven’s articles here.


Eddie Deezen Besides appearing in or doing voice acting for a myriad of major motion pictures and TV shows including Grease, WarGames, Kim Possible, Dexter’s Laboratory, What’s New, Scooby-Doo, and Polar Express, Deezen also occasionally writes interesting informational/trivia type articles for Today I Found Out. You can read Eddie’s articles here.
Julia, Ph.D. Julia has a PhD in Sociology and has over eight years of teaching experience at the University of Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukraine.  Check out Julia’s articles here.
Theodoros II, J.D.-M.A. Theodoros has a “cum laude” degree in Law from the University of Athens, a Master’s Degree in Legal History from the University of Pisa, and a First Certificate in English from Cambridge University. When called upon to do so, he can explain in Greek, French, Italian, and English. He is legally to blame for his new blog here, and in his spare time he fools around trying to shirk meeting the overwhelming demand for his freelance work, some of which can be read here. Check out all of Theodoros’ articles on TodayIFoundOut here.
Noreen: Noreen is a talented writer, graphic designer, and chef.  Noreen primarily lends her considerable and wide-ranging talents on Today I Found Out to creating the infographics you’ll see pop up every few weeks here.  She also occasionally contributes articles.   Check out Noreen’s infographics and articles on Today I Found Out and  her work on here own website Picture the Recipe.
debbieDeborah Honeycutt: Deborah is a morning radio personality in Indianapolis, where she’s been waking for work at 3 am for nearly 20 years. Sleep-deprived and addicted to Starbucks, she has a passion for writing and also blogs at aMomandaMicrophone.wordpress.com. Deborah spends hours searching for her car keys and has been named the CMA and ACM Large Market Personality of the Year.
emilyTIFOEmily Upton, B.A. Emily is a recent graduate of Hollins University with a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing. She has worked in a bookstore, as a secretarial assistant, as a publishing intern, and most recently as a nanny. In her free time, she likes to read, travel, cuddle koalas, and pat kangaroos. Check out Emily’s articles here.
teganpicTegan Jones, M.A. With an Honours degree in English Literature and History, and a Masters in Museums Studies, Tegan is a sucker for all things old and dead. Previously a corporate robot for an up-market chocolate company, she is now a freelance writer who enjoys working from home in her pajamas and 1-Up mushroom beanie. Her other passions include food, books, games and her cat Scully. She currently maintains her own food history blog called Delicious History. You can check out Tegan’s TIFO articles here.
matt-blitzMatt Blitz, B.A. Matt is a writer, comedian, and winner of multiple “good effort” ribbons. After finishing 53rd in the world in rock, paper, scissors, he went into hiding due to the fame such a distinction brings. He has since come out from hiding to find the world hasn’t changed much in those 16 hours. Matt is also a field agent/writer/traveler for atlasobscura.com and Obscura Society LA. He currently resides in Los Angeles and he likes putting pictures up on Facebook.  You can checkout Matt’s TIFO articles here.
Lehman photoStaci Lehman, B.A. Staci Lehman is a mild mannered civil servant by day with a repressed writer inside that comes out at night. Staci has a journalism degree that she originally used as a television news producer until one day she was forced to lead her show with a story about a duck at a local park that had a misshapen head. At that point it was clear to her that her TV days were behind her and she might as well get a government job with good benefits at least. Staci contributes monthly articles to Today I Found Out, which you can check out here.
Scott: Scott is a long time paramedic and fire fighter who has obviously particular expertise in the medical field and the human body in general.  He also has an extensive background in physics, specializing in the fundamental forces. Check out Scott’s Today I Found Out articles here.
melissaMelissa, B.A., J.D. Melissa has a B.A. and a J.D. but law is a vicious business, so she writes. Although particularly interested in all things Fortean, Melissa also loves history and cooking. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and a cat. Check out Melissa’s Today I Found Out articles here.
JeremyJeremy Megraw, M.L.S. Jeremy Megraw is a photograph librarian and blogger for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. When not helping researchers find pictures, he writes Noted and Blogged for NYPL and tweets about random wonders of the universe. He also contributes to Crime Fiction Lover. His passions include frolicking with his family, reading Scandinavian crime fiction, and tending his pet iguana. Check out Jeremy’s Today I Found Out articles here.
TerynnTerynn Boulton B.S., B.E. Terynn has a B.S., as well as a B.E. degree. Her writing career began in elementary school with adventure stories starring her pet hamster, Montgomery. Now with three daughters of her own in elementary school, Terynn continues to write children’s fiction and has entered the realm of blogging. She currently runs three blogs: deardaughters.ca, musingsofamom.net and themotherlists.com. She also, of course, writes articles for TodayIFoundOut.com. Check out Terynn’s Today I Found Out articles here.
Karl Smallwood Karl Smallwood is a freelance writer who graduated from university in 2012 with a degree in Media. Since then he’s been making ends meet writing articles on a range of topics across the web, including Man Cave Daily, Cracked, Listverse and Toptenz. He’s currently the lead researcher and writer over at Factfiend.com and can be contacted via both Twitter and Tumblr.
Check out Karl’s Today I Found Out articles here.
Sarah Stone, BA Sarah earned her B.A. in History and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She worked in an office, in a clothing store, and a supermarket before settling on dog training during the day and freelance writing at night. She spends her limited free time reading and hanging out with her dogs. Check out Sarah’s Today I Found Out articles here.
Frequent Guest Contributor

Jon: Jon is the owner of DumpADay.com, which currently pulls in 11-12 million page views per month. When he’s not Dump a Day, Jon occasionally contributes guest articles to Today I Found Out.  Check out Jon’s articles here.


  • Hi, can i translate yours articles in Russian language and post on my website?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @XAYS: We do allow people to occasionally copy articles and post them on their websites, but not all. If you want to copy one every now and again, simply give prominent credit back to this website in the form of a link and the original author.

  • It drives me nuts when I read these articles and bump into a misspelling for the past tense of the verb “to lead.” The past tense of lead is NOT spelled lead. Proofing or education is called for here, please.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @ralph seifer: Both proofing (multiple levels of it) and a massive amount of education are present here. Typos happen. Accept it, don’t let it hinder your enjoyment of reading something (you’ll have precious little to read if your rubric for enjoying written works includes requiring said work be free of typos or grammatical errors), and remember that the purpose of language is to communicate ideas. With the vast majority of typos, or even blatant so-called misuse of language or grammar, the typo or evolution/ignorance of some grammatical convention does not hinder this. As the great Stephen Fry said in his excellent little rant on Grammar Nazis, “There is no right language or wrong language any more than there are right or wrong clothes.” This is a good thing, particularly in the case of typos, because there has never been a single published work of any great length written by humans that doesn’t have typos. For reference, there are currently about 4 to 5 million words written on this website. There are also probably many typos still present despite some 50 million or so people reading through the articles here to date.

      Now, to be clear, I do very much appreciate when people point out typos in the articles so they can, potentially, be fixed. But expecting a written work of any great length to not have typos just isn’t realistic, nor does it say anything about the relative education levels or intelligence of the authors in question, particularly in the context of TodayIFoundOut, which is something of an edutainment website, and where you can well see the education levels of said authors to debunk the notion. Once we move beyond that education fallacy, you could then, perhaps, still infer that we just don’t care about typos, and it is very true that we care far more about accuracy in facts than grammar (being an “interesting fact” site, rather than a grammar site). But, in truth, we do very much care about typos for a variety of reasons including to avoid having to daily look at snarky and generally condescending comments from Grammar Nazis. ;-) Although, you will find on this site several instances of me writing “Grammar Nazi’s,” just for the reaction it gets every single time. ;-)

  • That Cricket flash popup you’ve had up for months now is really obnoxious and ultimately keeping me from enjoying your website.
    I cant always use adblock plus, such as now at my local library. Where flash loads as fast as old people f***.

  • I truly love your articles! They are informative, well written, interesting and I always learn something. Today I was very surprised to learn I am almost “elderly” having just turned 47. Too bad my daughter who is just starting high school will have elderly parents to worry about before she’s a senior!!

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Almost elderly: I’m glad you could get past your no doubt arthritic hands to type that comment. ;-) Seriously though, I see your point and am surprised I missed that one in the editing process. Although, “technically” according to Webster’s “elderly” just means “past middle age”. Then technically taken literally “middle age” might well be the likely mid-point of one’s life, so around the early 40s-ish. Technically… ;-)

  • I have tried numerous times to subscribe to your daily and weekly articles and have never received the e-mail I was told would come to verify my e-mail. Could you please help?


  • William H. Dreger

    I believe the “Pissing like a race horse” may go back much further. I seem to recall my grandfather using the term, never in the house, but when talking with other men. That would be around 1960. The term also may refer to whenever race horses were tested for drug use. After a race the first three and sometimes other horses are tested for drugs by taking a urine sample following the race. My ex-wife did this urine catching in the late 1970s. Later I talked with a college administrators wife who said she did the same thing and that would have been early in the 1970s.

  • Hi,

    I love your website, but some of your advertising seems to cause browser issues. Specifically, video ads using Adobe Flash.

    What happens is that the ad will automatically try to place itself at the top of the page, scrolling everything away from where I was reading. It does this over and over which makes the page impossible to read. The only way I’ve found around it is to go into browser debugging and remove the sidebar from the page while I’m reading it.

    The issue is intermittent. It sometimes takes a minute before it starts happening and, obviously, if there’s no flash content in the advertisements, it won’t happen at all.

    I’m using the latest version of Google Chrome. Version 44.0.2403.125. I haven’t checked for this happening in other browsers.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Nick: Thanks for the info. I don’t suppose you have a screenshot? Obviously that isn’t supposed to be happening. Tracking down which advertising company is causing the issue so I can ban them from the site is notoriously tricky, even with a screenshot, but seeing it makes it much easier. Adobe really does just need to do the world a favor and kill Flash. :-)

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Nick: I think I have located the offending ad. I’ve notified my ad people to ban the campaign, so it should be gone from the site within a few hours.

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