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Do Expert Fighters and Military Personnel Really Have to Register Their Hands as Deadly Weapons?

Anyone who’s ever watched pretty much any movie in the history of ever or otherwise watched professional pugilists spar words with one another in a media session knows that those trained in the art of kicking ass are required to register their hands as deadly weapons in the United States. Further, if they use their fists of fury against the […]

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Were Nunchucks Ever Actually Used in Combat or are They Just Primarily a Hollywood Thing?

Colin O. asks: Were nunchucks really used in battle? Famously a weapon of choice for legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, at least in certain films, nunchaku, or nunchucks, are a popular facet of pop-culture and there are those who’d have you believe that this humble weapon used to widely shatter jawbones like Samson during a particularly bad hair day. But […]

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So What Happens After You Flush?

If you’re like most people, you probably assume that when you flush your toilet sanitation wizards simply cast the scourgify charm as your expulsions exit the main pipe coming from your house, thereby eliminating it with little effort or expense. While that would be an easy solution, it turns out for primarily historic reasons, a different, much more complicated system, […]

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So What are the Actual Rules with Conjugal Visits and How Did They Get Their Start?

Japanadian asks: How do conjugal visits work in real life? While in the last couple decades in the United States, various states have rapidly been putting an end to so-called conjugal visits, it turns out their benefit to prisoners, wardens, and the general public are surprisingly high, including in the long run saving enormous sums of money for John Q. […]

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Can You Really Pull a Grenade Pin with Your Teeth and Do Soldiers Ever “Cook” Grenades?

GatGatCat asks: Is cooking grenades and pulling the pins with your teeth something people really do or just something in games? We’ve all seen it- the protagonist of a film whips out a hand grenade, dashingly yanks the pin with his teeth as his hair flows in the wind, counts one-potato, two-potato, three and hucks it at nearby teeming hoards […]

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