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How One of the Most Beautiful Women in 1940s’ Hollywood Helped Make Certain Wireless Technologies Possible

Did an exotic actress from Vienna, considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in the 1940s, really invent wireless? Not exactly, but the non-sensationalized facts of the matter are no less fascinating, involving Hollywood, the World War II Axis Powers, and remote control technology. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, better known as “Hedy Lamarr”, once really did patent a […]

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The Origin of the Phrase “Close, But No Cigar”

J. Ramhit asks: Where did the phrase “close, but no cigar” come from? This popular idiom, which means “to fall short of a successful outcome” or “close call,” was first coined in the United States in the late 19th or early 20th century. While it can’t be proven definitively, it’s likely that the phrase originated at fairgrounds around this time. […]

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This Day in History: September 16th

Today In History: September 16, 1620 On this day in history, 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England heading for the New World with 102 souls aboard- some religious dissenters, many others adventurous entrepreneurs. The colonists, who were headed for Virginia, had been given official authorization to settle there by royal authority. As fate would have it, rough seas […]

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10 Random Amazing Facts

Featureflash / Featureflash / Leonard Zhukovsky / Andy Lidstone / s_bukley / Text Version: Fact 611: During the filming of the movie Troy where Brad Pitt played Achilles, he tore his Achilles tendon… What did Pitt have to say on the matter, “It’s sad, it’s stupid… It’s so wrong. It’s such a bad headline.” Fact […]

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When People Started Wearing Clothes

M. Schane asks: When did humans start wearing clothing? Determining exactly when humans began wearing clothes is a challenge, largely because early clothes would have been things like animal hides, which degrade rapidly. Therefore, there’s very little archaeological evidence that can be used to determine the date that clothing started being worn. There have been several different theories based on […]

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10 More Random Quick Facts

Jordan Tan / MISHELLA / s_bukley / Text Version: Fact 601: The “Red Bull” energy drink gets its name from the Thai energy drink that inspired Dietrich Mateschitz to create Red Bull, “Krating Daeng”, with “daeng” meaning “red”, and “krating” being a reddish-brown bovine. Fact 602: “Hack the System” blogger Maneesh Sethi once hired a woman for […]

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