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The Amazing Tardigrade- The Toughest Known Creature on Earth and Beyond


It is surely the stuff of science fiction: An extraordinary being arrives on Earth that can withstand a tortuous array of conditions: boiling, freezing, tremendous atmospheric pressure, near total dehydration, and exposure to massive amounts of ionizing radiation. While many joke that “cockroaches would be the only thing to survive an extreme global nuclear war”, in fact, cockroaches would not.  […]

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The Bizarre World of Animal Reproduction


As weird and whacky as some human mating practices can sometimes be, other animals’ reproductive habits can be even stranger at times.  While one species gives birth through a penis, another’s testicles’ explode after sex. Further, post-coital cannibalism and V-shaped penises are not all that uncommon. We’ll start with the hyena.  Depending on if you notice her udders, the female […]

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The Monkey Artist Hoax


In 1964, a new avant-garde artist was introduced to the art scene in the Swedish city of Gōteborg. The fresh new artist was Pierre Brassau and his work received rave reviews from critics and art fans alike. Brassau featured four paintings in the 1964 exhibition at Gallerie Christinae, and even sold one “masterpiece” to a collector named Bertil Eklöt for […]

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The Dogs Aboard the Titanic


On April 15, 1912, the legendary, ill-fated ship RMS Titanic sank. It remains, to this day, the most famous disaster in maritime history.  There were approximately 2,223 passengers aboard the ship, of which 1,502 perished. (Some sources site the figures at 2,228, with 1,503 dying.) Besides humans, a dozen dogs were aboard the ship on its luckless maiden voyage.  Just […]

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The Difference Between Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins, and Other Turtle Facts


All three animals come under the class of reptiles, in the taxonomic order of Testudines or Chelonia (which comes from the Greek word ‘kelone’, meaning interlocking shields or armor). They all have the major characteristics of reptiles as they are cold-blooded (eco-therms), have scales, breathe air, and lay eggs on land. The distinction between them comes mainly from what living habitat […]

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The Mammoth Megalodon, A Shark About 30 Times the Size of a Great White


The (Carcharodon) Megalodon is thought to have looked something like a Great White Shark, only a bit more stocky and overall bigger… much bigger, with an average adult Megalodon estimated to have weighed around 70-100 tons (about 30 times that of a Great White Shark which full grown tend to be about 2.5-3 tons).  The Megalodon is estimated to have […]

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There Was Once An Elephant Condemned to Execution by Hanging

It is unknown whether this is a real or fake image of the hanging.  It was submitted to Argosy Magazine shortly after the hanging.

“Murderous” Mary was a 5 ton Asian Elephant in the Sparks World Famous Shows Circus. Her downfall began with the hiring of an assistant elephant trainer who had no experience working with elephants and possibly no professional experience even working with animals.  This worker was Red Eldridge, who before getting the gig generally was a drifter and most immediately before […]

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How Do Shellfish Have Sex?

Now You Know

Lina asks: How do shellfish have sex? Shellfishly? *crickets* They don’t have any trendy, happening nightclubs. They don’t have flowers, jewelry, or boxes of chocolates.  They have no Viagra, stiff drinks, or cheesy pickup lines. But that doesn’t mean shellfish aren’t getting lucky.  Oysters, mussels, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and thousands of other varieties of shellfish have their own unique mating […]

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The Colossal Squid Has a Doughnut Shaped Brain With Their Esophagus Running Through the Hole


Today I found out the Colossal Squid, which is the largest known squid in terms of mass on Earth, has a doughnut shaped brain with their esophagus running through the hole in the center. This hole through their brain isn’t very large at all with their esophagus diameter at just around 10 mm (.39 inches). Their brain itself isn’t that […]

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The Male White-Fronted Parrot Vomits in the Female’s Mouth During Their Mating Ritual

White Fronted Amazon Parrot

Today I found out the male White-fronted Parrot will vomit in the female’s mouth during their mating ritual White-fronted Parrots, also known as “White-fronted Amazons” or “Spectacled Amazon Parrots”, begin their mating season around February and it lasts through June or July. (Although, this varies based on region. In some regions, their breeding season doesn’t even start until November.) After […]

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