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Why Doesn’t Wood Melt

Jesse asks: Why doesn’t wood melt? Jesse, I love this question. It seems like everyone knows things are solid at certain temperatures. If you heat them up, they will become a liquid. Heating it further will turn the substance into a gas. This elementary truism of science is every grade school students’ claim-to-fame at their science fair. At some point, […]

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Why is Nicotine Addictive

Ken asks: Why is nicotine so addictive? When someone says a substance is addictive, they can mean two separate things. Physically addictive, more accurately physically dependent, is when your body begins to depend on the presence of a particular substance for its physical well being. It’s begun compensating its normal processes to adjust for the new artificial normal. The sudden […]

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What Do Tonsils Do?

Dale asks: What do tonsils actually do? What most people refer to as “tonsils” are known as Palatine tonsils. These are the two large protruding tissues that reside on the sides of the back of your throat. These are actually part of a grouping of lymphoid tissues (tissue that perform different functions for your immune system) known as Waldeyer’s tonsillar […]

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How Much Caffeine Would It Take to Kill You?

Katie asks: How much caffeine would someone have to drink to be fatal? Katie- I’m going to assume this question is only inquisitorial in nature and you have no homicidal or suicidal thoughts. 😉 You’re correct in that caffeine in high doses can kill you. There have been numerous deaths attributed to excessive caffeine ingestion. However, the actual dose that […]

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What Causes Acne

Jen asks: What causes pimples? Ah, acne! The facial blemish that powers many a pubescent date request rejection. Like millions of people worldwide, in my youth I waged a war with this aesthetic foe, with many a “Pizza-face” comment thrown my way.  Medically known as Acne Vulgaris, this affliction is largely cosmetic and does not usually cause any debilitating problems, […]

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Myth or Fact: Women’s Menstrual Cycles Synchronize if They are in Close Proximity for Large Amounts of Time

Do women’s menstrual cycles sync up over time if they are in close proximity to each other? Being someone who lives with 4 girls and 1 other boy, this knowledge would be very beneficial. I feel like I should know if the estrogen ocean I’m swimming in will have very stormy seas every 28 days. The belief that this occurs […]

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