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This Day in History: June 8th- The Report

This Day In History: June 8, 1949 On June 8, 1949, hugely popular screen idols, including Edward G. Robinson, John Garfield and Frederic March, were called out as Commies by the US Government. They based their conclusion on accusations by “confidential informants” coupled with some imaginative analysis. The first breadcrumb on the trail to Tinseltown was the Communist Party in […]

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This Day in History: May 29th- Ain’t I a Woman?

This Day In History: May 29, 1851 Sojourner Truth, abolitionist, orator, and women’s rights activist, delivered a ground-breaking speech on May 29, 1851, one of the first and most memorable of the fledgling suffragist movement. An emancipated slave, Sojourner believed the wrongs committed against both blacks and women by the US were “inextricably intertwined.” She never learned to read or […]

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