10 Totally Random Interesting Facts

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  • Great stuff,
    Except I have to call “bullsquash” on the apple seed bit…
    Cyanide itself isn’t dangerous, it’s POTASSIUM cyanide that kills you.
    I guess if you ate an apple seed and a banana, THEN you could die? o_0

  • Hi,
    I have read that the apples seeds taken in small quantities act as a natural laxative,DMC

  • England, Britain, United Kingdom… you forgot to inclide ‘The British Isles’

  • I would like to add:

    England = England
    Britain= England + Wales
    Great Britain= England + Wales + Scotland
    UK = England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland

  • this is very interesting knowledge, me and my friend cannot believe some of things that this website is suggesting. And I cannot wait to share this knowledge with all my other friends and be like ‘ TODAY I FOUND OUT!’ get me 😉

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