10 Amazing Cat Facts

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  • I saw a segment on Discovery channel investigating whether big cats (lions, tigers, etc.) would respond to catnip & would they use a litterbox just like domesticated housecats. Seeing giant tigers wig-out on catnip was hilarious!

  • Love the cat facts, but have an issue with the first one.

    Acoustic kitty did not fail because it was squished by a cab the first time it was sent out. This is a great story spread by the web, but is an Urban Myth given legs by constant repetition. Acoustic kitty failed for the obvious reason – cats are not dogs, and do as they please when released, generally finding somewhere cosy to curl up and sleep for most of the day.

    Although it is about a year since I chanced upon the story, an ex-CIA boss related to the work was interviewed (and named) by a site – I think it was The Smithsonian, but it was too long ago, and I failed to bookmark it – and noted that the cab story was fun, but the reality was that acoustic kitty was a cancelled when they found the cat just did what it wanted, and not what they wanted. They surgically recovered their listening gear from the cat, which went back to its normal life, and that was the end of the project.

    I’m sorry I didn’t note the link back then, but I’m sure it can be found (even if I am wrong about the Smithsonian connection – it was that or a similar reputable site that records such historic items.)

  • hi, i want to know if the tinker toy smallest cat is real? i’m not sure if it is.. and i usually find this site generally somewhat trust worthy..is there somewhere on the page where you give all your references of where you got your information?

  • ok i do see now where you have some of your references on the page, but you still do not have a reference for tinker toy the cat…why? lol