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Famous People and Their Unusual Pets

1) George Clooney was given a pet Vietnamese black bristled potbelly pig named “Max” by his then girlfriend, Kelly Preston.  George loved Max and not only was the pig allowed in the house, but Clooney also stated the 300 pound pig often liked to sleep in his bed with him. 2) Actor John Barrymore had a pet vulture named Moloney. […]

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How Do Shellfish Have Sex?

Now You Know

Lina asks: How do shellfish have sex? Shellfishly? *crickets* They don’t have any trendy, happening nightclubs. They don’t have flowers, jewelry, or boxes of chocolates.  They have no Viagra, stiff drinks, or cheesy pickup lines. But that doesn’t mean shellfish aren’t getting lucky.  Oysters, mussels, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and thousands of other varieties of shellfish have their own unique mating […]

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Cats Can’t Taste Sweets

Text Version: Humans enjoy five or more different tastes namely:  sour, bitter, salty, umami (associated with meat), and sweet. We can taste sweet things thanks to two proteins generated by two separate genes.  Cats, on the other hand, have a mutant chemoreceptor in their taste buds that prevents them from tasting sweet things, which is actually a trait shared by […]

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The Longest Living Mammal On The Planet

Text Version: The Bowhead Whale is also known as the Arctic whale, because it lives only in Arctic waters unlike other whales that migrate to feed. The Bowhead whale is by far the longest living mammal on the planet. Some Bowhead whales have been seen with ivory spears still lodged in them from failed attempts by whalers over 200 years […]

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The Male White-Fronted Parrot Vomits in the Female’s Mouth During Their Mating Ritual

Today I found out the male White-fronted Parrot will vomit in the female’s mouth during their mating ritual White-fronted Parrots, also known as “White-fronted Amazons” or “Spectacled Amazon Parrots”, begin their mating season around February and it lasts through June or July. (Although, this varies based on region. In some regions, their breeding season doesn’t even start until November.) After […]

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15 Shark Facts

Note: This is a guest post contributed by List25.com. An ancient shark called Carcharodon Megalodon (“rough tooth, big tooth”) had teeth measuring more than six inches long (the largest shark teeth ever found), jaws big enough to swallow an entire car, and a body the same length as tyrannosaurus rex. Some believe this shark may still exist in deep water… […]

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Earthworms are Hermaphrodites

Earthworms are hermaphrodites.  When two worms mate, both worms produce children.  The worms mate by getting in more or less a 69 position and exchanging sperm with one another.  Much later, a cocoon is then secreted by the clitellum band, which is visible near the front of the worm.  This is roughly ring shaped.  As it’s sliding out of the […]

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Porcupine Quills are Just Extremely Enlarged Hairs

A porcupine’s quills are just extremely enlarged specialized hairs that have unusually (compared to other mammals) thick layers of keratin, which is the main structural component of hair and finger nails, among other things.  These thick layers of keratin make porcupine quills extremely rigid and good for poking things. A Cat’s whiskers are also just specialized hairs.  With cats, these […]

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