Today I Found Out’s 50 Infographics

With the recent publishing of the How to Part 2 infographic, in about two years of doing infographics, Today I Found Out, with Noreen from Picture the Recipe designing them, has now produced 50 Infographics covering 519 fascinating facts. To date, the infographics have received 9,957,646 page views combined on this site alone. (They all get pretty well copied and shared around on various sites, often getting more hits on some I’ve seen them posted on than they did on Today I Found Out!) 😉 So anyways, we thought we’d do a re-cap below for some you might have missed.

*Note: for you webmasters out there, feel free to post any of these on your site(s). Link backs are always appreciated when you re-post, but not specifically required. Spread the knowledge! 🙂

Here they all are:

10 Amazzzzing Bee Facts

How To…

How To… (Part-2)

15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Bananas

The Origins of 10 Common Words & Phrases

The Origins of 10 Words & Phrases (Part-2)

10 Interesting Word & Phrase Facts

10 More Interesting Words & Phrases Facts

Talk Like a Pirate | The Origins and Meanings of 12 Pirate Words and Expressions

10 Interesting Space Related Facts

12 Fascinating Food Facts

10 Fascinating Food Facts (Part-2)

10 More Fascinating Food Facts (Part-3)

10 Interesting Junk Food Facts

10 Food Myths Dispelled

5 Interesting Bread Related Facts

How Maple Syrup Is Made

Five Iconic Items That Were Invented Accidentally

The Truth Behind 5 Old Wives’ Tales

10 Interesting Celebrity Facts

10 Celebrity Facts You Probably Didn’t Know (Part-2)

10 Interesting Sports Related Facts

10 Amazing Facts About Animals

10 Amazing Facts About Animals (Part-2)

Lobsters Don’t Mate For Life

10 Facts About Worms

8 Animal Myths Dispelled

10 Amazing Cat Facts

10 Totally Random Interesting Facts

10 Interesting Things About The Human Body

10 Fascinating Facts About The Human Body (Part-2)

10 Fascinating Human Body Facts (Part-3)

10 Bizarre Facts

How 10 Popular Brands Got Started

8 Interesting Facts About Famous Businesses

8 Amazing History Stories

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

10 More Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Part-2)

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Part 3)

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Part-4)

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Part-5)

50 Fascinating Social Media Facts & Stats Of 2010

History Of Valentine’s Day

4th Of July Facts

15 Facts About Halloween

10 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

10 Thanksgiving Myths Dispelled

Black Friday: History, Myths, and Facts

10 Interesting Christmas Facts

12 Christmas Traditions From Around The World

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