10 Fascinating Facts About The Human Body

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  • I have always thought that there was something wrong with my sinuses that meant I only breathed through one at a time! I thought I had really bad congestion or something.

  • I can tickle myself quite easily… :S

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Justin: Based on why most people can’t, one would assume that the part of your brain that predicts sensations and what not doesn’t quite function properly. My wife’s the same way and, probably not coincidentally, she’s also extremely clumsy. I’m curious then if you are as well. It would seem to follow that both of those would go hand in hand if it really was that part of the brain not working quite right. Of course, it could just be extra touch never receptors or something like that too which makes the skin and the like more sensitive.

  • wow, that was cool,

  • Wow, I have never experienced Tonsil stones… they sound gross.

  • @Lindsey

    Normally people call it phlegm. Every human at one time or another has coughed up some phlegm. Or it loosens naturally and you just swallow it. Your statement would be comparable to someone saying they’ve never sweated.

    • Wrong. They are way different. I’ve had tonsil stones for years. They are hard balls. They stink. My ENT even gave me a special tool for removing mine when they would get bad.

  • @Jerm, in reply to @Lindsey:
    Nope, wrong on both counts. Tonsil stones are small white masses, not the same as phlegm. Many people have never had Tonsil stones.


  • The Tongue does have designated sites for taste receptors. Some that receive bitter, sour, sweet, and spicy tastes. I took Anatomy so I know bitchhhhh.

  • Always wondered why I can’t tickle myself. Makes perfect sense now.

  • @Daven , there is some truth to yur comment . I can tickle myself as well , and Im often told that I’m clumbsy . There must be a connection , maybe your on to something lol . I always thought it was weird for me to be able to tickle myself , cool !!

  • How is time a sense? Yeah you can determine the approximation of the time by simply looking in the sky, but that is nothing in comparison to smell, sight, touch etc.

    • John R. Dykers, Jr. MD, Davidson Class of 56, UNC Class of 60

      Sense of time passing: e.g. waking up a few minutes before the alarm clock goes off. Being busy with a project and going past an appointment time would be an example of sense of time fritzed; alerting and keeping the appointment being when your sense of time worked. replaced by ‘alarms’ on your cell phone.

  • @anthony I think the author/researchers mean a human’s ability to predict or perceive time without any assistance from outside factors. Like if a person was locked in a windowless room with no clocks whatsoever, would they be able to correctly state the time? And with how wide of an error margin?

    • John R. Dykers, Jr. MD, Davidson Class of 56, UNC Class of 60

      Michelle, under those circumstances one actually loses much of the sense of time, Even our circadian rhythm shifts.

  • wowwwwwwwwww

  • I found this interesting until I read the part about “the creative” and “the logical” sides of your brain.

    Even high school level psychology teaches you that this is a myth.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @randi: High school level psychology accuracy aside, TIFO’s resident medical expert will be doing an article clearing up the details of this myth, which isn’t quite as black and white as “left brain / right brain” thinking is a myth / is true, though there are a lot of misconceptions associated and you are right that in the infographic it’s too strongly worded. One of the problems with infographics is that you have to be a little too skimpy on the details at times. The overall point of that it can subtly change your thinking is correct as stated though.

  • @anthony @michelle That and or it could mean ones ability to maintain how much time has gone by without conciously being aware of it. For example,I got into a habit of taking an hour each day to read. I started out just reading with a timer and I would stop when my timer went off, well, After doing it so many times my habit would seem to arise of stopping within an hour unconciously as when I would get that urge to stop reading I would check the timer and I was within seconds of the hour being up.

  • This is a Response to Article:
    “Why getting kicked in the _ _ _ _ causes pain in the abdomen”….by the author Noreen

    I believe that it was extremely unfortunate for your website to allow vulgar and obscene language on your webpage. Most good websites make it a top priority to edit out foul and inappropriate language. I know that I speak for thousands of others who will come across this article. Don’t embarrass your male (and female) readers like this. I’m sure that the author (Noreen) wouldn’t want someone to describe her genitalia with obscene language. The story could have been told respectfully by simply using the usual medical terms. I believe this concern should be addressed with the author to avoid any future embarrassments and comments like these.

  • You can tickle yourself. Take your tongue and run the tip over the roof of your mouth back to front and front to back rapidly. If you do it too much it will stop working. Or maybe it is just me. Never told anyone about it before.

  • @Archie. Balls is vulgar & obscene? Foul language?? Are you ashamed of your private parts or what? Why would a part of the human body be considered obscene?? What difference is there by using medical terms vs. commonly used terms? They are talking about the same thing. I believe your perception to be severely skewed, most probably by religion. How unfortunate. As for future embarrassment, perhaps you should refrain from posting prudish comments or quit the internet altogether. That is all. Have a nice life.

  • @Archie are you 2?