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The Curious Case of the Cat that was Turned Into a Living Telephone FOR SCIENCE!!!

The domestication of Felis catus, AKA the common house cat, began around 10,000 years ago, when their skill at hunting rats, mice, and other vermin was seemingly first taken heed to. Since then cats have enjoyed a rather comfortable relationship with humanity, even being revered by the Ancient Egyptians as representatives of the goddess Bastet. But history hasn’t all been […]

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Has Anyone Ever Actually Created a Suitcase Nuke?

The portable nuclear weapon or “suitcase nuke” has long been a staple of popular fiction, appearing in dozens of movies, TV shows, and video games including The Peacemaker, 24, and Battlefield 3. Our fascination with such devices isn’t hard to understand, for they are the ultimate expression of our fears of nuclear terrorism: untraceable, easily concealed, and devastating. But is […]

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The Canadian Genius Who Attempted to Launch Satellites Using an Absolutely Ginormous Gun

On the beach just outside Grantley Adams Airport on the island of Barbados, five large naval cannons sit overgrown and rusting in the tropical heat, lying where they were abandoned fifty years ago. These relics are all that remain of Project HARP, an audacious 1960s attempt to launch satellites into space using giant guns – and of the grand ambitions […]

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Can the Iron in Your Blood Be Removed By a Super Powerful Magnetic Source?

Magnets are everywhere. Just about every electronic device uses them including the speakers you’re using to listen to me talk right now. Deriving their name from the Greek Island of Magnesia, magnets have come to play an integral part of our modern world. As anyone whose ever watched a certain particularly powerful mutant of the villainous variety do his thing […]

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Why can We Make Vaccines for Some Viruses and Not Others and Why Do Most Experts Think One Will be Successful for Covid-19 Very Soon?

If you were born in the United States in 1900 you had about a 1 in 3 chance of dying from an infectious disease.  If you were one of the unlucky third, 40% of you would die before the age of 5. In fact, the top three causes of death were infectious disease at this time- namely, pneumonia and flu, […]

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Do Blind People Actually “Hear” Better Than Sighted People or is This Just a Hollywood Myth?

If Daredevil has taught us anything, it’s that, while a closely guarded secret within the blind community, blind people inevitably all become superheroes after losing their sight thanks to their other senses being insanely enhanced. But when talking the real world, does this enhancing of one’s other senses really occur when the lights go out permanently? Well, for those who […]

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