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10 Quick Random Facts

meunierd / Text Version: Fact 661: Edgar Allen Poe married his first cousin, Virginia Clemm , when he was 26 and she 13. She died just 11 years later, inspiring some of his more famous poems, such as “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee”. A friend of Poe’s, Charles Burr, wrote, “Many times, after the death of his beloved wife, […]

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10 More Random Interesting Facts

Harmony Gerber / Chris Harvey / miker / Photo by flipchip / Text Version- Fact 651: “Here Comes Dots” is an anagram of “The Morse Code” Fact 652: The film “The Day After Tomorrow” could have been more succinctly titled “Overmorrow”, which is the English word for the day after tomorrow, first popping up in English […]

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10 Random Interesting Facts

Mitch Gunn / Featureflash / Shirley Henderson- image source/ author- nicolas genin Featureflash / Text Version: Fact 641: In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the person who finished in fourth place in the women’s high jump was actually a man, German athlete Heinrich Ratjen. Two years later, he won a gold medal setting a new “women’s” world […]

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10 Random Amazing Facts

Featureflash / Featureflash / Leonard Zhukovsky / Andy Lidstone / s_bukley / Text Version: Fact 611: During the filming of the movie Troy where Brad Pitt played Achilles, he tore his Achilles tendon… What did Pitt have to say on the matter, “It’s sad, it’s stupid… It’s so wrong. It’s such a bad headline.” Fact […]

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