4th Of July Facts

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  • You could have made like what you usually do: the image above and the text below. If you get a new iPad you will see how normal images get blurry and how the only thing sharp in 100% of the sites is the font.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Bernardo: That’s good to know! I’m working on making an ipad and android app for TIFO within the next month to two months-ish, so hopefully that will make a good alternative as well.

  • It’s notable that while the Statue of Liberty was crafted in France it was done so as a gift to the U.S. in celebration of out centennial, so it’s wholly appropriate as a symbol of what the country stands for.

  • The Liberty Bell was originally cast in England, but due to damage, it was re-cast here in the colonies. Pass and Stow did use the same metal, but in essence, it was “made” here.

  • @RC – The Statue of Liberty wasn’t even made for the U.S.

    It was originally intended to go to Egypt.

    It wasn’t a “gift” either, the U.S. bought it.

  • Happy Independence Day – 4 July to every one in USA from me in Australia.
    I migrated to Australia from another country and remember the day our country gained independence from England – 10 October – 43 years ago. I was 13 years old.

  • In the second fact about the presidents dying, is it “PPresident Calvin Coolidge”?

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