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The Nazi Interrogator Who Killed Them With Kindness

Hitler. Himmler. Goering. Goebbels. Even the most casual student of history knows this roster of infamous Nazis that were responsible for some of the greatest evils the world has ever known. Of the millions that were killed by German hands during World War II, countless thousands were prisoners of war. Often massive numbers of prisoners were killed at a time […]

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How Much Would it Cost to Fill a Swimming Pool With Booze? Has Anyone Ever Actually Done This?

JohnJohn asks: Has anyone ever really filled a pool with alcohol? Several hotels around the world catering to the uber-wealthy offer a bizarrely specific package that offers customers the chance to float around in a hot tub filled with champagne. As pleasant as it sounds to have your nether regions soak in warm bubbly, you’d think someone, somewhere would have […]

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Why can We Make Vaccines for Some Viruses and Not Others and Why Do Most Experts Think One Will be Successful for Covid-19 Very Soon?

If you were born in the United States in 1900 you had about a 1 in 3 chance of dying from an infectious disease.  If you were one of the unlucky third, 40% of you would die before the age of 5. In fact, the top three causes of death were infectious disease at this time- namely, pneumonia and flu, […]

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The President Who Randomly Liked to Challenge People to Fist-Fights

If you’ve followed this website, our YouTube channel, or BrainFood Show podcast very long, you know one of our favorite historic individuals is Theodore Roosevelt- among countless other reasons to be admired, a man who enjoys a reputation as one of the most terrifyingly badass individuals to ever hold the office of leader of a nation, with countless stories detailing […]

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What was It Actually Like to Be a Knight in Medieval Times?

Anakin_bagel asks: What was the daily life of a medieval knight like? There are a variety of myths about what it was like to be a knight during medieval times, not just spread by Hollywood, but even by the contemporary legends during medieval times themselves- in both featuring widespread depictions of the chivalric knight rushing to the aid of damsels […]

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Is It True Women Retain the DNA of Every Man They’ve Ever Slept With in Their Bodies?

If you’ve spent virtually any time on the interwebs, and particularly lurked in the social media areas of this marvel of human ingenuity, you’ll no doubt at one point or another come across the fact that many women have living male cells hanging out in their bodies, including in their brains. The most common explanation, according to social media, for […]

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