Lobsters Don’t Mate For Life

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  • You had me at “shelfish in bed.” Wonderful job that made me chuckle a few times. Great work!

  • I’m sure this will be very popular on Digg, but is there a way for me to block posts that are infographics?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @RR: Unfortunately there is no way to block posts that are infographics, as far as I know. I’m assuming you’re using an rss reader or email subscriber, so there might be a way to simply filter out anything that is in the infographic category on the feed.

      In any event, the infographics are just something we are trying out. You won’t see too many of them, particularly not at first (maybe two a month, as they take a lot of time to make). If they aren’t popular (I’m taking it your vote is in the negative), we won’t continue making them. If people seem to like them, we will, but at most 4 a month, and for now just maybe two a month to see what the general response is from fans of our site.

      If anyone else has an opinion on them, feel free to email us and let us know what you think. We’re always interested in feedback on all aspects of the site and articles.

  • So now this website will be copy The Oatmeal? Might want to fix those typos then.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Frostfox: infographics have been around since cavemen (literally) and have been popular on the internet since there was an internet.

      TheOatmeal did infographics for a living working for an SEO company before he started his site and eventually got to work for himself full time doing infographics for his own site, instead of other peoples. He used that SEO knowledge and skills learned there to make his site and it is indeed awesome (if anyone hasn’t checked it out, do). There are very good SEO reasons for putting content in infographic form, which is probably why TheOatmeal chose it as that’s his field of expertise, and, in general, people seem to like to consume information in that way; so it’s win/win, for the most part.

  • Frostfox- You might want to fix your English. The Oatmeal didn’t invent Infographics. It’s a good way to put facts and make them more interesting.

    Great Post!

  • @Frostfox – The Oatmeal is one of the more popular sites on the internet. With an Alexa ranking of 2596 currently. It’s not a bad idea for a site to try to be like another site that is that popular. Not the case here. Todayifoundout puts up one infograph (doesn’t even look like the Oatmeals work) and you start screaming like a little girl who didn’t get her way. Lame.

    @Daven – Hell yea, Love it! There’s always going to be critics when your popular, THANK GOD it’s usually only one or two pieces of shit in the sandbox. Keep it up. I’d love to see more.


  • ffs, most humans I hear of act like that anyway! And I dont even mean the guys!

  • Frostfox- You might want to fix your English. The Oatmeal didn’t invent Infographics. It’s a good way to put facts and make them more interesting.

  • Don’t sweat the haters, Daven. Believe me, you will always have those who would rather complain than praise. I thought this idea and concept was excellent and look forward to more infographics like this. I love infographics and started a site, http://www.infograhicsshowcase.com to review the good and bad infographics out there so let me know if you want us to repost for you.

    All we can do is put out an entertaining site and hope for the best. Some won’t appreciate it and those are usually the people who comment, but most of us, silently, love this site. Keep up the good work and keep trying new things.

    Shell (toptenz.net)

  • who cares if its an infographic or not? this is funny

  • maybe tomorrow you’ll find out lobsters aren’t red until you boil alive. lawls

  • The first rule of lobster fight club is…you don’t talk about lobster fight club!

  • Loved that all the pictures of lobsters were red….. Idiot. Cooked lobsters obviously roam the oceans….