10 Amazzzzing Bee Facts

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  • I mostly like your site and have recommended it to several friends, but (and you knew there was going to be one) I _Really_ hate the “info-graphic / cute / cartoon lists that you seem to be placing on this and your companion site (www.misconceptionjunction.com). They are hard to read with busy backgrounds, have “cute” clip art and look so much like the so many emails I get with animated images and a warning to pass it on.

    I am not sure what the demographic you are going for but I guess I am not it.

    Just thought you should know.

  • Daven Hiskey

    @Ben: Yep, I try to do a nice mix. Some people, like myself for instance and many other people I’ve gotten feedback from, love the long articles with tons of detail and bonus information (those are generally my favorites). A lot of other people, based on feedback, love the short quick articles I do and wish I’d do more of those, rather than the long ones. And of course, a lot of people seem to like the infographics, at least based on how much traffic they always get. So I try to do some of each, one or two really long ones a week, a couple quick ones, and then one or so infographics a week or every two weeks. Basically, just trying to do a good mix.

  • @Ben, like you said, “there was going to be one.” There always is one guy who finds some enjoyment in letting the world know what he hates.

    Thanks. Feel better? I mean, are ya done? Cause the rest of us would like to get back to enjoying the infographics.

    Keep em coming Daven!

  • @Mike, so Ben can’t say he hates them, but you can say you like them? He can’t have an opinion and express it while not even being demeaning unlike you? Let him have his opinion and you have yours. There was no reason for you to be rude to him.

    Now I hate infographics because of an article on another site that had about 10 in a row and several of them were a waste of time and/or incoherent, but to the article’s author they were “Amazing Infographics”. I will admit I liked this infographic, but I really don’t want to see anymore for a while. Mind you I stumbled across this one.

  • I once made love to a queen bee. Or was that bean?

  • (Brit)I say Mike can say (with more room to do so)that he doesn’t like Ben to rant about (not liking) a persons work and (thus) miss the point or divert the conversation and point of the original post. Thus I disagree with Brit: although Ben can comment in distaste, I feel Mike’s comment supersedes Ben in that it contains a more relevant analytical observation as referring to where Ben’s negative points makes and the relationship of Ben’s feelings regarding these chosen graphics versus the context of the article. Of course with free speech anyone can pipe in …like I am doing… But here again I feel this whole comment thread should all be nixed due to it NOT pertaining to the point and information originally presented. Which by the way was fascinating, and I will be sharing it, regardless if Ben likes the graphics or Brit thinks Mike shouldn’t comment on Ben’s negative comment.

  • So @Mike now we know your useless opinion. Inforgraphics suck but they are easy to link to. KMA

  • Hi there,

    I came across this article on Stumbleupon, and I love it because I conduct research on bees in college. Your information is very accurate, except that unfertilized eggs develop into drones without any additional fertilization. This means that male bees (drones) have half the number of chromosomes that female bees (queens and workers) do, which leads to lots of interesting behaviors.

    Anyway, cool stuff!

  • Just for the sake of accuracy, in Step 8 in the making of a new queen, the unfertilized eggs do not get fertilized by the drones, they grow to drones because they are unfertilized. Hymenopteran gender is determined by whether the egg is fertilized or not, fertilized eggs become female, and unfertilized become male. I can’t really blame the infographic, the misunderstanding is common since haplodiploidy is really counterintuitive for humans, but in my mind its one of bees most interesting features, and probably a factor in the evolution of colony behavior in the first place.

  • I didnt know that bees have such a short life span, so this is why bees are rapidly depleting around the world

  • Ok, so my question is this, where to the bees get the wax from??

  • Bees wax is made by the bees — they have special glands that secrete the wax. They then mush it into shape with their wee feet.

  • My mouth is hanging open right now. I definitely have a new found respect for honey bees. This is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing this 🙂

  • i find the little things like this to be the most interesting reading material to fill my brain with. is nature if not the most, most assuredly in the top 3 most fascinating things to learn about?

  • Wow I did not know many of those facts about Honey Bees, very interesting!

  • Amazing, flabbergasted thank you sooo much this has really helped with my homework i’m over the moon thx xxxxxx

  • Ridiculous list. Been keeping bees for 8 years. Since WHEN did drones become workers? Best actually look these ‘facts’ up before you tell everyone such rubbish.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @M: Nowhere does it say drones become workers. Given that, I highly doubt you are anything but a comment troll. Nevertheless, I can’t have your comment dissuading people from the facts here. So on that note, the British Bee Keepers Association and the Palm Beach Bee Keepers Associations are where most of the facts here initially came from, though each was further researched beyond that point to verify those professionals were in turn being accurate.

  • Here are some more facts for those who might “stumble upon” this page again!

    • Bees are fast. Bees can fly up to an average of 15 miles per hour.

    • Bees are smarter than we think. Although bees are tiny, they have “the most densely packed gray matter of any animal” in the world. This compact little brain has given them the ability to count up to four and remember those numbers later on.

    Bees do not like to be bothered. They will sting when they are bothered, and release a pheromone that signals the rest of the hive to their location.

    • Bees are friendly creatures. Contrary to popular belief, they will not sting unless they feel threatened or scared.

    • “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the planet, then man would only have four years of life left.”

  • “• “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the planet, then man would only have four years of life left.”

    You know I always found these sort of comments interesting, I hear it all the time. and yet… if honey bee’s were never native to north america and were brought over to america by the white man then that means for thousands and thousands of years the paleo indians that migrated over here were surviving just fine without them… Which sort of makes that comment silly, unless I’m missing something.

  • There are many other pollinators out there , how ever Honey Bees have been” domesticated” for large scale world wide commercial pollination no other insect is used this way on such a large scale .

  • Whoa dude bees are like like peps lol which means laugh out loud

  • thankyou so much you helped me stay out of troble for not turning my homework in on time. : )

  • after they lose their stingers, for those that’ll still live. well.. do they create another stinger? O.o

  • I like all the facts, have passed them on to others for they’re info! Thank you