8 Animal Myths Dispelled

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  • Writing of ‘koala bears’ reminds me of a wonderful Aussie tradition. If you visit our country, you might be told not to park or pitch a tent underneath a gum (eucalyptus) tree as it’s not safe. To some extent, that’s true, as limbs of this species can fall off without warning and, as has been recorded, kill people.
    What you do not have to worry about, however, is the ‘drop bear’. The drop bear is supposed to be a relative of the koala.
    They hide in gum trees and, when it’s dark and there’s no noise from the tent or car, drop onto same, chew their way through and then suck out the victim’s brains.
    Apparently, the only way to avoid such a thing if you do park or pitch your tent underneath a gum tree, is to slather yourself with Vegemite, a yeast-based proprietary spread, usually used sparingly on toast.
    Australians, it would seem, are immune, as we have been exposed to Vegemite since we were little tackers (children).
    Dominus tecum