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This Day in History: April 27- Union Soldiers and a Steamboat


This Day In History: April 27, 1865 The greatest commercial maritime disaster (just edging out the Titanic by death-toll) occurred on April 27, 1865 when the steamboat Sultana exploded and sank on the Mississippi River near Memphis Tennessee. Approximately 1,700 passengers, most of them recently discharged Union soldiers on their way home, lost their lives. The Sultana was considered a […]

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This Day in History: April 24th- The Story of One of the Greatest Libraries in the World


This Day In History: April 24, 1800 On April 24, 1800, President John Adams established the Library of Congress by approving legislation to appropriate $5,000 (about $68,000 today) “for the purchase of such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress … and for fitting up a suitable apartment for containing them.” The legislation was enacted along with […]

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This Day in History: April 20th- Hantu Belia


This Day In History: April 20, 1999 On April 20, 1999, two teenagers clad in trenchcoats began a shooting rampage outside Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The pair continued the carnage inside the building, killing 12 students,1 teacher and wounding at least 20 others. The two young gunmen then committed suicide. In the aftermath of the shootings, everyone searched […]

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This Day in History: April 7th- The Great American Showman


This Day In History: April 7, 1891 “Every crowd has a silver lining” – P.T. Barnum “The Great American Showman”, P.T. Barnum, died on April 7, 1891. Considered one of the most important figures in America’s entertainment history, LIFE magazine also dubbed him “the patron saint of promoters.” Always the consummate businessman, it’s said that his last thoughts were about […]

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