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This Day in History: September 15th- Ordaining Antoinette Blackwell


This Day In History: September 15, 1853 “Women are needed in the pulpit as imperatively and for the same reason that they are needed in the world—because they are women.” – Antoinette Blackwell Antoinette Brown Blackwell, reformer, author, and women’s rights activist was ordained as a Congregationalist minister on September 15, 1853. Blackwell is recognized as the first woman to […]

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This Day in History: September 14th- Princess Grace Kelly


This Day In History: September 14, 1982 “I would like to be remembered as a decent human being, and a caring one”- Princess Grace Before Princess Diana came along, the world’s favorite princess was Princess Grace of Monaco, the beautiful movie actress who married the handsome Prince Rainier III of Monaco. She left Hollywood for his picturesque principality on the […]

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This Day in History: September 11- Beatrice Cenci and an Act of Desperation


This Day In History: September 11, 1599 “There is a fixed and pale composure upon the features; she seems sad and stricken down in spirit, yet the despair thus expressed is lightened by the patience of gentleness … The lips have that permanent meaning of imagination and sensibility which her suffering has not repressed … Her eyes, which we are […]

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This Day in History: September 9th- It’s Official


This Day In History: September 9, 1776 “Monday September 9, 1776. Resolved, that in all Continental Commissions, and other Instruments where heretofore the Words, ‘United Colonies,’ have been used, the Stile be altered for the future to the United States.” If you want to get all technical about it, today is the birthday of the “United States.” The country may […]

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This Day in History: August 27th- A Foggy Night and the Death of a Legend


This Day In History: August 27, 1990 Dallas, Texas, native Stevie Ray Vaughan grew up inspired to play guitar by his older brother Jimmie Vaughan (of the Fabulous Thunderbirds) and went the usual garage band route of most aspiring young musicians. He formed the band Double Trouble from the ashes of an earlier band in 1978, taking on both lead […]

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