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This Day in History: November 30th- Unbought and Unbossed


This Day In History: November 30, 1924 “Apparently all they know here in Washington about Brooklyn is that a tree grew there.” – Shirley Chisholm Congresswoman, civil rights activist, social reformer, and educator, Shirley Chisholm broke down racial and gender barriers in the 1960s and 1970s. She made history not only as the first black Congresswoman but also as the […]

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This Day in History: November 25th- The Mishima Incident


This Day In History: November 25, 1970 Yukio Mishima was born as Kimitake Hiraoka in 1925. Often referred to as the “Japanese Hemingway,” Mishima was arguably the best known Japanese author of the twentieth century. Many of his works were translated into English, and he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature on three occasions. Mishima was an enigma […]

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This Day in History: November 24th- Brant


This Day In History: November 24, 1807 The Native Americans and the colonists lived in closer proximity than modern Americans often realize. They worked as tailors, carpenters, whalers, and in other contemporary occupations. Native Americans were an integral part of the colonial economy, and their presence in colonial villages was completely unremarkable on the whole. When the Revolutionary War broke […]

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This Day in History: November 10th- In Which We Discuss Henry Wirz, the Civil War, and the Notorious Andersonville Prison


This Day In History: November 10, 1865 On November 10, 1865, Henry Wirz, the commander of Andersonville prison in Georgia (a.k.a. Camp Sumter), was executed for his actions during the Civil War. A Swiss immigrant, Wirz was the only Confederate officer convicted and put to death for war crimes. (Even Confederate President Jefferson Davis ultimately got off more or less […]

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This Day in History: November 9th- A Bloodbath


This Day In History: November 9, 1520 The situation in Sweden in 1520 was chaotic. The point of contention was Swedish sovereignty. The pro-union faction that championed allegiance to King Christian II of Denmark was headed by Archbishop Gustavus Trolle. The supporters of Swedish independence were led by Sweden’s Regent Sten Sture the Younger. King Christian II had already stepped […]

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This Day in History: November 6- The Mad Queen of Castile


This Day In History: November 6, 1479 On November 6, 1479, Juana, the third child and second daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, was born. All of their daughters were raised to marry foreign royalty and spread Spain’s influence across Europe (Juana’s sister Catherine married King Henry VIII of England.) Juana had been promised since birth to the Holy […]

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This Day in History: November 4th- The Man, the Legend


This Day In History: November 4, 1879 William Penn Adair Rogers, “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son,” was born on November 4, 1879 at his family’s ranch in present day Oklahoma (becoming the 46th state in the United States in 1907). Rogers was the youngest of eight children of his parents, Clement and Mary Rogers, who were part Cherokee. Precocious, intelligent, and personable, […]

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This Day in History: October 27th- Puritans vs. Quakers, The Boston Martyrs


This Day In History: October 27, 1659 Although the Puritans partially came to America to escape religious persecution, there was an abundance of it to be found in the Massachusetts Bay Colony… except it was them doling it out this time. On the receiving end were the Quakers- members of the Religious Society of Friends, a group that the Puritan […]

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This Day in History: October 26th- Victory


This Day In History: October 26, 1977 For many millennia, smallpox was one of the most easily transmitted and deadly diseases in the world for humans. In the 20th century alone, when a successful vaccine was already being widely administered in many countries, it is estimated that smallpox still caused somewhere between 300 and 500 million deaths worldwide. Approximately one-third […]

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