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Interesting Halloween Facts Roundup


We’ve covered quite a few Halloween related facts here on TodayIFoundOut over the years. Here’s a list of all of them, as well as some interesting facts about various candies. Happy Halloween! 🙂 Halloween Related Facts: Why are Carved Pumpkins Called “Jack O’ Lanterns”? The name “Jack O’ Lantern” was originally one of the numerous names given to ignis fatuus […]

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Why We “Drop” the Ball on New Year’s Eve


Jeremy asks: Why do we drop the ball on New Year’s eve in Times Square? When Adolph Ochs purchased the floundering New York Times in 1896, he made it his mission to make the newspaper the number one paper in all of New York. He started by forming the New York Times Company and made himself the majority owner, ensuring […]

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Has Anyone Ever Actually Poisoned Or Put Razor Blades or Needles in Halloween Candy?


Lee asks: How many children have died from people poisoning Halloween candy? Remember your mom sorting through your Halloween candy as a kid, looking for signs of ‘tainted’ candy laced with poison, needles or razor blades?  It turns out, unless she was just using it as an excuse to steal the good candy before you got it, she was wasting […]

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10 Strange and Wonderful Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around The World

10 Valentine's Day Traditions from Around The World Thumbnail

Embed This Infographic Source: Today I found out [Some images used in the infographic via Shutterstock] For another intesting Valentine’s Day Infographic see: History of Valentine’s Day & Other Interesting Facts Text Version: 1. Japan: In this part of the World, it’s all about spoiling your man on Valentine’s day and not the other way around like in most Western […]

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Merry Christmas! We Got You Some Knowledge to Share

Merry Christmas From TIFO

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Today I Found Out!  While you’re sipping eggnog and trying your best to continue smiling and nodding while your cousin and cousin-in-law once again tell you how their little Stacey has a photographic memory and already sings and plays the piano as well as Norah Jones, despite being just 4 years old and publicly […]

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December 24, 1914: The Christmas Truce


On the whole, people don’t generally like to kill one another.  Most wars throughout history are often more about the agendas of the state’s leaders than the soldiers on the field actually inherently feeling any real malice towards those they are asked to try to kill or otherwise defeat.  Few events in history illustrate this as well as a remarkable […]

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The Song “Silver Bells” was Originally Called “Tinkle Bell”


Today I found out the Christmas song Silver Bells was originally called Tinkle Bells. To make matters slightly more humorous, Silver Bells originally appeared in the The Lemon Drop Kid, a 1951 film starring Bob Hope.  Needless to say, these two things would have surely resulted in the song getting a few chuckles, had composer Jay Livingston’s wife, Lynne Gordon, […]

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Brenda Lee was Just 13 Years Old When She Recorded the Christmas Staple “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

Brenda Lee Dancing with Elvis Presley

Brenda Mae Tarpley (a.k.a. Brenda Lee and “Little Miss Dynamite”) was born to an extremely poor family in December of 1944.  Things took a turn for the worse when her father, a onetime semi-pro baseball player and carpenter, died in a construction accident in May of 1953 when she was 8 years old. Within two years of this happening, the […]

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5 Bizarre Christmas Traditions


Guest post by Jennie Reedy: holiday decorating consultant, author, and blogger. She recommends Charlotte Holiday Lighting Installation for residents of Charlotte, NC looking for professional holiday lighting installation. Christmas around the globe is celebrated with many customs and traditions. Often the traditions are similar with only slight variations from country to country, but some Christmas traditions are truly bizarre. (Note: […]

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How the Tradition of Trick or Treating Got Started


Amit Bhatnagar asks: Where did the American tradition of trick or treating come from? The vast majority of the traditions commonly associated with Halloween today are borrowed or adapted from four different festivals, namely: The Roman Feralia festival, commemorating the dead The Roman Pomona festival, honoring the goddess of fruit and trees The Celtic festival Samuin, meaning “summer’s end”, (also […]

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