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Why Fluorescent Lights Buzz, Why Cats Like Catnip, Can You Change Your Legal Name to Just a First or Last Name and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we cover the truly fascinating reason why fluorescent lights buzz, why cats like catnip and why stepping on legos is unbelievably painful. We also collaborate with List 25 to share some amazing facts, as well as look at why orange juice tastes so awful after brushing your teeth, why a dollar is […]

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How George Washington Died, Why Rice Krispies Snap, Crackle, and Pop, Why Coke Tried to Switch to New Coke and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we answer such questions as how George Washington died, why Rice Krispies snap, crackle and pop, why Coke inexplicably tried to change their formula completely almost overnight, why lobsters turn red when you cook them, why poop is brown, why peppers taste hot and mint cold and why the traditional dog of […]

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Is Saccharin Bad for You, Why Do Amish Men Wear Beards but not Mustaches, Why Does Popcorn Pop and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we answer such questions as, why Amish men don’t wear mustaches, whether saccharin is bad for you, why popcorn pops, that time future president Andrew Jackson killed a man simply for verbally insulting him, why we measure time the way we do, and why braille is used in drive-up ATMs. Click here […]

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Why the Mass Avoidance of Some Business is Called Boycotting, What is Supposed to Happen When You Land on Free Parking, Why Garlic Makes Your Breath Smell Bad and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, have you ever wondered where the term “boycotting” came from, what’s actually supposed to happen when you land on free parking in Monopoly or why garlic makes your breath smell bad? We answer those questions and also look at the time Howard Hughes bought a TV station, why sterilization techniques are used […]

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Is It Really Possible to Learn to Speed Read, Why Getting Kicked in the Testicles Causes Pain in the Abdomen, Why “Rock and Roll” is Called That and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we cover whether you can you really learn to speed read. We share the stories of the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine and what this has to do with Hulk Hogan. Next up is J.P. Morgan’s giant, purple nose and the time both Coca Cola and Pepsi made major marketing mistakes to […]

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Why Vultures Don’t Get Sick from Their Diet, the Time a Flying Pig Grounded All Planes at Heathrow Airport, What Exactly Sea Monkeys Are and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at why vultures don’t get sick when their diet is full of rotten, dead things, that time a flying pig grounded every plane at Heathrow airport, why we say “stat” when we want something done quickly, why three strikes in a row in bowling is called a turkey, what exactly […]

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Who is the “Fat Lady” and Why It’s Over When She Sings, the Origin of Rubber Ducks Being Associated with Bath Time, Why the Hottest Part of Summer is Called the Dog Days and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at the origin of the expression “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”, when people started using rubber ducks at bath time, how deep into the ground you own when you buy land (and what rights you have in the sky above it), how the Pet Rock fad started, […]

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Why Pop Rocks Pop, How Blue and Green Eyes Exist, How to Keep a Banana Perfectly Ripe For a Week and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we share a variety of topics including why pop rocks pop, how to keep bananas perfectly ripe for a week, the amazing fall and rise of the Mars Candy Company, why men’s and women’s bikes classically had a differing top tube, why blue is the color for boys and pink for girls, […]

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The Difference Between Brown and White Eggs, Why We Have a Seven Day Week, Why Carbonated Beverages Called “Soft Drinks” and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at the difference between brown and white eggs, why we have a seven day week, the reasons carbonated beverages are called “soft drinks”, the reason pistachios used to be dyed red, why iodine is added to salt, and if one of the Bond Girls was really formerly a man. Click […]

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Why Doesn’t the U.S. Use a Popular Vote for President, Why Do a Donkey and an Elephant Represent the Democrats and Republicans, and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we are getting into the US Presidential Election spirit by looking at why the U.S. uses the electoral college instead of a popular vote, whether U.S. Presidents have to pay taxes on the various perks of the office, the fascinating story of the first attempt to assassinate an American President, why a […]

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The Origin of “That’s What She Said”, From Soccer Hopeful to World’s Angriest Chef, Has Anyone Ever Actually Been Poisoned by Halloween Candy and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at the origin of “That’s what she said”, the rise of the world’s angriest chef, and the time the BBC deleted almost every episode of Doctor Who. We then get into the Halloween spirit by looking at Dan Aykroyd’s fascination with the paranormal, why witches are often depicted flying on […]

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Why Comfortable Air Temperature is So Much Lower Than Body Temperature, The Controversial “Growing up Skipper” Barbie Doll, Why Crackers Have Holes and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at the Barbie whose breasts grew, why comfortable air temperature is so much lower than body temperature, if it’s possible to breastfeed with implants, why there are holes in crackers, the reason movie advertisements are called trailers and how anti-fog spray works. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel […]

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The Fascinating Way in Which Airplane Oxygen Masks Work, Why Aircraft Windows Aren’t Usually Aligned With the Seats, and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at how oxygen masks work on planes given they aren’t hooked up to any oxygen tanks, why airplane windows are not usually aligned correctly with the seats, where the expression “guess what chicken butt” came from, the War of the Worlds mass panic that never really happened, and how Pilates […]

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How WW1 Got Women to Start Wearing Bras, How Women Fainting During the 19th Century Led to the Invention of the Vibrator, Why People Say “Mayday” in an Emergency and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at how WW1 got women to start wearing bras, why voices squeak during puberty, why people say “Mayday” in an emergency, what happens to food used to break world records, the comic book character who used cocaine and why women fainting so often in the 19th century led to the […]

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The Difference Between Partly Cloudy and Partly Sunny, Is Pet Food Safe for Humans to Eat, What Happened to the Flags on the Moon and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we answer a variety of questions, such as- the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny, if pet food is safe for humans to eat, what happened to the flags on the moon, why mosquito bites itch and why police officers are sometimes called pigs. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube […]

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The People Who Slowly Turn to Bone, Why the Queen Doesn’t Need a Passport, The Truth About Aspartame and More


In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at a variety of topics, including, the rare genetic condition that slowly encases some people in a prison of bone, why the Queen of England doesn’t need a passport, if aspartame is really bad for you, what is actually in juicy fruit gum, why we use the term “gay” for […]

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