10 Totally Random Facts Part-2

Totally Random Facts -Part2

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For Part 1 of this series go here: 10 Totally Random Interesting Facts

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  • Right2Remain

    It’s said that Moon dust smells like spent gunpowder….okay, but wouldn’t it make more sense if it were said that spent gunpowder smells like the Moon? After all, the moon has been around for several billions of years….where as gunpowder has only been around since the 9th century (from 801 to 900). So to say gunpowder is a relatively new discovery in comparison of it’s age and that of the Moon is a bit of an understatement. Thus spent gunpowder smells like Moon dust is the correct (and fair) way to structure that statement.

    Thank you.

    • Mo Cheese

      On the other hand, gun powder was smelled before moon dust so I think the first person to smell moon dust could rightfully say “hey this stuff smells like gun powder”.

      • Right2Remain

        The moon came first, gun powder came billions of years later. That is logic, I am right, you are wrong….then end. #BOOM

        • Mo Cheese

          Really? Billions of years? That’s not logic, it’s guesswork.
          Thanks for playing.

  • alex

    “This has a twofold affect.” Really? Affect?…

    • Daven Hiskey

      @alex: Really! 😉 Sadly, typos happen. Thanks for catching that one. “There Are Two Typos Of People In This World: Those Who Can Edit And Those Who Can’t.”
      ― Jarod Kintz 🙂

  • fixer

    in the pizza one you used capital pi, but the mathematical pi (ratio of circumference to diameter of any circle) is indicated by lower case pi.

    Also you used “Radius2” which should be radius with a superscript 2, commonly written radius^2 if you cant do a superscript.

    just sayin.

  • suzyb

    i was always told that the stitch in your side from running happens when your pancreas releases its stored blood.

  • suzyb

    edit on my previous comment, thats probably untrue, judging by what wiki has to say about the pancreas.

  • moonwalker2000

    moon dust = silicone dioxide SHARDS OF GLASS… astronauts tasted it… you forgot to mention how they bled internally until their bodies encapsulated the foreign substance in cancerous cells…