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How to Stop Windows Update from Automatically Restarting Your Computer

Now You Know

You should know how to prevent Windows Update from automatically restarting your computer. There are few more annoying default settings than Windows’ developers choosing to have the default on Windows Update be to automatically restart your computer and further not providing any obvious way to disable auto-restarts after a Windows update..  Sure, they have a “postpone” button that pops up, […]

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The Actor Who Played the Ewok Wicket in Return of the Jedi also Played Yoda in The Phantom Menace

Warwick Davis Facts

In The Phantom Menace, in scenes where Yoda was walking around, Warwick Davis played Yoda, obviously in a Yoda suit.  Davis also played the Ewok, Wicket, in Return of the Jedi and of course is most famous for playing Willow (phenomenal movie) and of course Professor Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter series, among many other roles. Reference

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Thomas Jefferson Created a Version of the Bible that Cut Out All the Parts He Didn’t Like

Thomas Jefferson Facts

Thomas Jefferson didn’t just write the Declaration of Independence, he also re-wrote the Bible to his liking.  Jefferson didn’t hold with the supernatural elements of the Bible.  He thus set about making his own Jeffersonian translation that basically excluded every part he didn’t agree with.  In his view, separating the wheat from the chaff. Reference

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Redheads are Harder to Sedate Than Any Other Group

redhead facts

Redheads are harder to sedate than any other group. Using most common anesthetics, they require on average about 20% more anesthesia.  They also have a higher tolerance for pain than ‘normal’ people. This is because the Melancortin 1 Receptor mutation that gives them red hair also triggers the excess release of Pheomelanin, which among other things stimulates a brain receptor […]

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The Term ‘Retarded’ Replaced the Psychological Terms ‘Idiot’, ‘Moron’, and ‘Imbecile’ Because These Terms Gradually Became Considered Derogatory

Etymology of Retarded

Funny enough, the term ‘retarded’ was used to replace the terms ‘idiot’, ‘moron’, and ‘imbecile’ due to the fact that these terms gradually became thought of as derogatory. This obviously only worked for a while and now ‘retarded’ is itself considered not politically correct.  It seems any word that basically means ‘low intelligence’ is fated to be thought of as […]

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It’s Bad Rap, Not Bad Wrap

Now You Know

You should know that the expression to describe when someone is falsely convicted of a criminal charge or is on the receiving end of unjustified criticism is “bad rap”, not “bad wrap”. Further, “rap” in this sense is not an acronym of “Record of Arrest and Prosecution”, though has since been backronymed as such.  The reality is that the meaning […]

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Henry Chadwick, the Creator of the Baseball Box Score, Also was the First to Prove that the Rotation of a Baseball Could Cause the Ball to Curve in the Air


Henry Chadwick, the creator of the baseball box score, was the first to setup a demonstration proving that the rotation of a baseball could cause the ball to curve.  Before this, some pitchers had already observed and used this to their advantage (even though many of the day considered it cheating), but no one had yet proved that it was […]

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