5 Historical Misconceptions Dispelled

This is a video from the great CGP Grey. If you’re a fan of TodayIFoundOut, I guarantee you’re going to love his YouTube channel, unless you just hate videos that is. 😉 (He also has a good podcast, Hello Internet, with fellow famous YouTuber Brady Haran. The two have a really great dynamic in the show and it’s a great listen when driving or taking a walk.)
Also, don’t forget to check out TodayIFoundOut’s YouTube channel here, which very soon will start being updated weekly as our video person switches to doing this full time instead of almost never-time. 😉

We’ve covered a few of these on TIFO in the past, so if you’d like to read up a bit more on the topics and learn some related facts:

And here’s some other interesting stuff for your reading pleasure:

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