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There is a Parody Set of Nobel Prizes Given Out Annually for Trivial Scientific Achievements, The IG Nobel Prizes

Today I found out there is a parody set of Nobel Prizes given out annually for trivial scientific achievements. These prizes (10 per year in a variety of categories) are called the IG Nobel Prizes (play on words: “Ignoble Prize”) and are given to those whose work “first makes people laugh, and then makes them think”.  Essentially, they are given […]

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TNT Will Turn Your Skin Yellow

TNT is poisonous and skin exposure will generally cause irritation and your skin will turn bright yellow or orange.  Further, if you eat TNT, your pee will turn red and look like blood, though it is not. During WWI, munitions workers who handled TNT were called “canary girls” or “canaries” because their skin that was exposed to the TNT turned […]

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Four People Have Won the Nobel Prize Twice

##EMBED## To date, four people have won a Nobel Prize twice.  Those include: Maria Sklodowska-Curie (1903 and 1911, for discovery of radioactivity (physics) and later for isolating pure radium (chemistry)); John Bardeen (1956 and 1972, for invention of the transistor (physics) and for coming up with the theory of superconductivity(physics)); Linus Pauling (1954 and 1962, for research into the chemical […]

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The Sun Won’t Go Supernova

##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and to Learn More Interesting Astronomy Facts Text Version: The Sun does not have enough mass to go supernova and explode.  However, in about 5 billion years it will enter a red giant phase steadily expanding until it consumes the Earth.  But fear not, the Earth will already be dead in about 1 billion years […]

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