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Today I Found Out’s New Daily Knowledge Podcast


The last couple days, you may have noticed our new podcast posts, starting with Episode 1: Columbus and the Round World Episode 2: Growing Up with Caffeine We’ve teamed up with to start producing this “Daily Knowledge” podcast series featuring interesting facts discussed in detail with a new episode every weekday. Give the episodes a listen at the above […]

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Today I Found Out Shop + Our New Book Now Also Available on the Nook


You’ll note in the header bar (TIFO Shop) that we’ve just launched a TodayIFoundOut store.  For now, it includes our new book, The Wise Book of Whys, along with some nerdy t-shirts and hoodies.  Later, we’ll be adding many other things, particularly focusing on original and entertaining education products, as well as all things nerdy. 🙂 For a limited time, […]

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The Origin and Meanings of 9 Pirate Words and Expressions (Our First YouTube Video)


After years of having it on the “To-Do” list, we’re officially launching our YouTube Channel with this as our debut video. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to make sure you don’t miss future TodayIFoundOut videos, which like our articles will be on a variety of topics and chock full of interesting, well researched facts. Thanks! Transcript: #1: Avast, Definition: “stop” […]

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2 Million

dr-evil has been hovering for a few months just barely under 2 million page views in a month, but thanks to a traffic surge the last few days has finally broken through the 2 million mark in a 30 day period receiving 2,308,791 page views from 1,557,178 visits in the last 30 days, both of which are new site records. […]

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The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb


One of our authors (pictured on the right), Firefighter/Paramedic Scott Hiskey (who writes most of the medical-related articles you read on Today I Found Out), every year participates in the coincidentally named Scott Firefighter Stairclimb, where more than 1500 firefighters race up Seattle’s tallest building in full firefighter gear (including their heavily thermally insulated suits and air masks that due […]

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Merry Christmas! We Got You Some Knowledge to Share

Merry Christmas From TIFO

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Today I Found Out!  While you’re sipping eggnog and trying your best to continue smiling and nodding while your cousin and cousin-in-law once again tell you how their little Stacey has a photographic memory and already sings and plays the piano as well as Norah Jones, despite being just 4 years old and publicly […]

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Welcome a New Writer to Today I Found Out, Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen

I’m very excited to announce that Eddie Deezen will now be contributing articles to Today I Fount Out.  Besides appearing in or doing voice acting for a myriad of major motion pictures and TV shows including Grease; WarGames (one of my personal favorites growing up); Kim Possible; Dexter’s Laboratory; What’s New, Scooby-Doo; and Polar Express, Deezen also occasionally writes interesting […]

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Last Chance to Vote in the “Best Site of 2011” Contest


Voting for the AllMyFaves “Best Site of 2011” contest ends at midnight tonight (12/31).  Today I Found Out is currently in second place under Education just 45 votes behind the leader.  It’s also currently in fourth place overall among all the categories (out of 100 sites nominated by AllMyFaves).  If you haven’t voted yet, you can vote for any of […]

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