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Misconception Junction Will Be Merged with Today I Found Out Over the Next Couple Weeks

Misconception Junction will be merged with Today I Found Out over the next couple weeks. What this means is that all Misconception Junction’s articles will now be here on Today I Found Out and future “myths and misconception” articles will be posted on Today I Found Out, along with the normal “interesting fact”, This Day In History, etc. types of […]

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Now I Know, Like Today I Found Out, but Arrives in Your Email

I recently came across a pretty interesting email subscription, which I thought I’d recommend.  If you like Today I Found Out, you’ll probably like this:  Now I Know It’s sort of similar to Today I Found Out, but through email.  Every morning, the author, Dan Lewis, shares something interesting he’s learned over the last few weeks.   For example, did you […]

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Ad Network Problem

Some users are reporting that a vertical skyscraper ad is occasionally showing up blocking the main content of the articles. I’ve not seen it yet and am obviously on my site all the time, so I’m hoping the problem isn’t affecting most of you. *crosses fingers* I’ve contacted my ad company to get them to remove them, but it takes […]

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Launch of Today I Found Out’s New Companion Site: Misconception Junction

Space Shuttle Launch

When doing research for interesting facts that would  in turn make good fodder for articles on, invariably I come across a lot of commonly held “facts” that really aren’t and various other myths and misconceptions. So I decided to start a companion site to Today I Found Out called Misconception Junction ( Basically, it is a site bringing you […]

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