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Writing and Researching Online- A Chat with Karl Smallwood

In this episode of The Brain Food Show podcast, we interview prolific online writer and researcher Karl Smallwood.  Karl’s written for TodayIFoundOut for over five years now, producing hundreds of articles, including many of the most popular on the website and channel.  Beyond that, he’s also written for such sites as Cracked, Mental_Floss, TopTenz, Biographics, and many others. In his […]

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A Restaurant for a Beetle and $100 and a Bike- The Fascinating Stories Behind Four Famous Businesses

In this episode of The BrainFood Show, we look at the fascinating and sometimes hilarious origins of four of the biggest companies in the world. We also discuss our new podcast format and wrap up the show discussing the Curse of the Colonel and other related bonus facts. If you could do us a huge favor and rate and review […]

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Enlightened Rigging of the Lottery + Wheezy Waiter (The BrainFood Show Episode 5)

In episode 5 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the shady, but clever, business dealings of famed enlightenment thinker Voltaire that ultimately allowed him to write with the impunity he is so famous for, where most others of his time and region of the world could not. Next up we talk to famed YouTuber Craig Benzine (better known online […]

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The Fascinating Origin of Pong and Atari + Interview with the Creators of Quest for Glory and the Upcoming Hero-U (The BrainFood Show Episode 4)

In episode 4 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the fascinating origin of Atari and the game that more or less gave birth to an industry- Pong. Next up, we talk with award winning computer game designers Lori and Corey Cole, most notably creators of one of the greatest game series in history, the groundbreaking Quest for Glory (which […]

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The BrainFood Show Episode 1: Throwing Tomatoes

In this debut episode of our new The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the surprising similarities between online commenters and audiences throughout history, as well as how the practice of throwing tomatoes at performers got started.  We’ll also be looking at the various ways to monetize on youtube and websites and just generally explaining how all that works. Finally, we […]

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