Tech History Part 2: Who Invented the Internet, Email, and the Web?

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we start by looking at a the absolutely bizarre way bedbugs mate.

Next up, we jump into the main part of the show on who invented the Internet and how it works. We also look at who invented email and the web, and what Al Gore had to do with all this.

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  • Love the podcast guys, i ran out of top tenz, today i found out and biographics videos so i literally downloaded stitcher just for this podcast. Love the meandering format and the chemistry you two have. Keep it up

  • I completely agree about the pains of being the first person to have your full name as your google email. When gmail was in beta, i secured my name. To date, I receive about 10 emails a month meant for other people that share my name only b/c my address is so simple. I’m just happy my name isn’t as common as others.