How It’s Made- a TIFO Story

This is a video covering how we come up with ideas, research, and write our articles. The second half of the video, for those interested, is the process for converting the articles to video form.

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  • (Copied and pasted my comment from YT)
    Now you have this pretty comprehensive document basically on how to properly produce a video…… Is there an article? There should be. For two reasons.
    #1 Completionism. If every video has it’s ground in an article at least this video should have it’s reverse engineered counterpart.
    #2 If every video is based on multiple sources and extensive research then (following the reason of #1) why not have the same scuteny about making a video. Have people (specialists and laymen alike) input on the basic process and not just the content. So I’m not talking about the research, you got that down to an art, but the practical stuff (that may warrant some research) like:
    >How to set a camera permanently to the desired settings.
    >How to improve on scrolling text (and why it can be pretty annoying)
    >Where can I find an auto-cue that scrolls both ways?
    >How to get copyright-infrigement-free visuals from current events. (Artist’s impression springs to mind.)

  • I stop watching this video at the point where some idiot with mucking around with the microphone. I thought this was a pretty intelligent channel. You have just lost at least one subscriber.