The End of Hitler’s Family Line – The Pact Between the Sons of Hitler’s Nephew Never to Have Children


Hitler in 1918

Today I found out the fate of the survival of Hitler’s bloodline rests in the hands of just five family members: the two sons (Peter Raubal and Heiner Hochegger) of Adolf Hitler’s half-sister Angela Hitler, and the three remaining sons (Alexander, Louis, and Brian Stuart-Houston) of Adolf’s half-brother Alois Hitler Jr.

During his life, Hitler strove for what he viewed as perfection. He was convinced that the Aryan race was the Master Race and therefore ordered the deaths of innocents in order to accelerate humanity towards this “perfection”. (It should be noted that while he took things to the extreme, many prominent people at the time were in favor of various forms of eugenics, including Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, and Margaret Sanger, among others.  More on this in the Bonus Facts below.)

In any event, it’s ironical, then, that Hitler, the supposed pinnacle of “the master race”, should have his own bloodline soon to be stamped out intentionally, as undesirable.

Peter Raubal was born in 1931 which makes him 82 years old today. He is a retired engineer and seemingly does not have any plans to keep the family genes going. Heiner Hochegger was born in 1945, which makes him now 68. Fathering a child at this age is definitely not impossible but is it likely? If he hasn’t done it by now, I would not hold my breath.

So that leaves the Stuart-Houston brothers who range in age from 48 to 64. Again, children in their case is not impossible, but these brothers have no intention of procreating. They have made an agreement to never have any children in order to intentionally kill the Hitler bloodline.

David Gardner, author of the book entitled, The Last of the Hitlers tracked down the surviving Hitler descendants in the late 1990s. Gardner says,

They didn’t sign a pact, but what they did is, they talked amongst themselves, talked about the burden they’ve had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children. And that’s… a pact they’ve kept to this day.

Hitler’s Heritage and Bloodline

At this point you might be wondering about Hitler’s own parentage.  For starters, his paternity, at least of his grandfather, is still up for discussion.  Johann Georg Heidler is accepted by most historians as the paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler but it seems Heidler’s younger brother, Johann Nepomunk Heidler, is also a frontrunner. Johann Georg Heidler married Maria Ann Shickelgruber in 1842 and became the legal stepfather of her then five-year-old son, Alois Shickelgruber, Adolf Hitler’s father.

No father was listed on Alois’ birth certificate. It is speculated that perhaps Johann Nepomunk Heidler was his father but could not admit that publicly because of his marriage, or perhaps Johann Georg Heidler fathered the boy before he and Maria were legally married. Whatever the case, it wasn’t until 1877 that Alois was legally declared to be Johann Georg Heidler’s son.

On the other side of the family, Johanna Heidler was the daughter of Johann Nepomunk and his wife Eva. Johanna married Johann Baptist Pölzl and together they had five sons and six daughters. One of those daughters was Karla Pölzl who became the third wife of Alois Hitler and the mother of Adolf Hitler.

If Johann Georg Heidler was Alois’ bioligical father, this means that Karla was Alois Hitler’s first cousin once removed. If Johann Nepomunk was his father, that meant Karla was actually Alois’ neice. Either way, she was close enough of a relation that a letter of appeal had to be written to the church for a humanitarian waiver requesting permission for the marriage.

The request was granted and Alois Hitler and Karla Pölzl married on January 7, 1885.  Adolf Hitler was born to Karla and Alois Hitler, Sr. on April 20, 1889.  The two had other children together, but only Adolf and Paula survived to adulthood.

Neither Adolf nor his sister, Paula Hitler, ever had any children. Adolf committed suicide in 1945 and Paula died in 1960.

But there were others born to Alois. One such was Angela Hitler, from Alois’ second marriage.  She had three children – Leo Raubal, Jr., Angela “Geli” Raubal and Elfriede Raubal. Geli Raubal committed suicide in 1931. It is alleged she may have been sexually involved with her uncle Adolf Hitler and that she may have been murdered although police ruled her death a suicide. She did not have any children.

Leo had a son, Peter, and Elfriede had a son, Heiner Hochegger. Both Peter and Heiner, listed above, are two of the five relatives that could keep the Hitler bloodline alive, though as stated this is unlikely at this point.

Alois, Jr., half brother of Adolf Hitler through his father, went on to have two sons by two different women. William Patrick Hitler was born in England to his first wife, but Alois, Jr. abandoned his family and moved back to Germany where he married his second wife and had another son, Heinrich “Heinz” Hitler. Heinrich died fighting as a Nazi in World War II. He was captured and tortured then died in a Soviet POW camp at the age of 21. He left behind no children.

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, William Hitler hoped to use his uncle’s position for financial gain and left his English home with the hopes that his uncle could find him a good job. His uncle had him work at a car dealershop, a bank and an automobile factory, none of which satisfied William.

He then blackmailed his uncle into giving him a better job with threats of sharing embarrassing family secrets to newspapers. In 1938, Adolf Hitler asked William to give up his British citizenship in exchange for a high-ranking position. However, William suspected, probably correctly from comments Hitler made about what he thought of his nephew, that it was a trap and fled Germany.

He then attempted to blackmailed his uncle again with the threat of exposing the fact that Hitler’s paternal grandfather was actually a Jew. Historians have now strongly discredited this possibility. Upon his return to London, William wrote an article for Look magazine titled “Why I Hate my Uncle” and used this connection to make a living touring around and talking about Adolf Hitler.

William and his mother were on a lecture tour in the United States when World War II broke out.  He became stranded in the country, but made a special request to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was cleared to join the U.S. Navy in 1944. He moved to Sunnyside, Queens in New York and served in the Navy as a Pharmacist’s Mate until he was discharged in 1947, having been wounded.

After leaving the Navy, William changed his last name to Stuart-Houston, moved to Patchogue, Long Island, got married and had four sons. His third son, Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston (born in 1957), was a Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. He died childless in a car accident on September 14, 1989.

That brings us all back to the three remaining Stuart-Houston sons, Alexander, Louis and Brian- the youngest of the five remaining relatives who could ensure the survival of the Hitler bloodline. So far they have no children and, as stated, according to their pact, they don’t ever intend to.

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Bonus Facts:

  • While he was progressive when it came to black people and women’s rights, Teddy Roosevelt did not hold criminals, the sick or crippled, and others in such high favor, being in favor of eugenics (ironical considering his own long history of medical ailments).  At the time, eugenicists in the U.S. (and elsewhere in the world) were performing forced sterilization of the poor, sick, criminals, prostitutes, as well as forced abortions of pregnant women of ill repute or seen as inferior based on certain traits.  Roosevelt said of this, “I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feeble-minded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them.”
  • This stance on eugenics was widely popular in the early 20th century, supported by such famed individuals as Winston Churchill, Margaret Sanger, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, John Harvey Kellogg, and, of course, Adolf Hitler, among many others.  This movement was spurred on and given its name by Sir Francis Galton in 1883, inspired by Galton’s half-cousin Charles Darwin’s work.
  • The eugenics movement started to lose its steam thanks to its association with the Nazi party.  After WWII, public support for eugenics all but disappeared thanks to this association.  That being said, numerous countries still performed forcible sterilization, including the United States with the last forcible sterilization occurring in 1981. Sweden was another example of a country that kept the eugenics torch burning until 1975, forcibly sterilizing some 21,000 people and coercing another 6,000 into “voluntarily” being sterilized.
  • Sweden still controversially requires sterilization before sex change operations are allowed.  There are a surprisingly large list of countries that kept such programs going for quite some time after WWII, more on this here.
  • The word “eugenics” comes from the Greek “eu” meaning “good/well” and “-genēs” meaning “born”.
  • Adolf Hitler’s surname is thought by many etymologists to derive from “Huettler” or “one who lives in a hut”.
  • “Nazi” isn’t just the name of a one-time prominent political party, but also the Swahili word for “coconut”.  So, essentially, if we knew nothing else about him than his name and his party affiliation, we’d likely assume Hitler was a guy who lived in a hut who joined the coconut party. 😉
  • Coconuts are not nuts.  Rather, they are drupes.
  • The following are also not actually nuts: Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Peanuts, Tom Cruise, and Pistachios, among others. OK, so Tom Cruise is a nut, but in a totally non-botanical way.
  • Jean-Marie Loret, born in 1918, claimed that his mother, a French woman, told him he was the son of Adolf Hitler.  Previous to this, he’d only known he was the son of some German soldier.  While many have widely touted that he was indeed Hitler’s illegitimate son, historians and DNA evidence don’t agree, nor did Jean-Marie’s aunt who stated that “Jean is a nutcase.  Only the Germans talked up that Hitler story to him.”  She claimed her sister had indeed had a sexual relationship with a German soldier that produced Jean-Marie, but the soldier hadn’t looked anything like Adolf Hitler.  The nail in the coffin of this supposed decedent of Hitler came in 2008 when Jean-Paul Mulders collected DNA of the surviving descendents of Jean-Marie Loret, then had DNA tests run on them publishing the results in Het Laatste Nieuws.  The result?  Jean-Marie was not the son of Hitler.
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  • Please stop molesting the clipboard. I shouldn’t have to delete a line of spam to quote your site.

  • I am against eugenics when it is forced to poor or certain discriminated race but I do believe that a good government should be allowed to control the quality of people that their citizens create. This world has gotten into a vicious circle of bad education and bad family example and I think that parents need to be tested and monitored for their influence on kids. I know that once in a while there are successful people who raised from troubled background but they are nominally just a fraction of people who turned to be murderers, rapists, criminals, or just general idiots.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but these “situations” and “bad family examples” are better remedied through social programs and investing in education, healthcare, and a living wage so that people have the time to raise their kids, go on vacation, eat, etc… If you really believe the government should have that much control (not that they don’t) what are you doing in a democracy, and why do I suspect that you have conservative leanings? (You know, small government, non-interference in personal freedoms, etc.). It IS true that giving women control over their bodies (Roe v. Wade) in the way of family planning decreased violent crime one generation later. However, giving people upward mobility and a decent standard of living is far more reasonable an action for the government, than deciding who should breed based on a scientifically-disproven notion.

      • Don’t even go there you psycho. The nazis were far left wing socialists. No conservative would ever do something this depraved.

        Besides, nothing in that guy’s comment said small government and everything said government interference. He has a lot in common with Democrats (You know, determining whether or not a human has worth based on their education. Despite some of mankind’s greatest inventions coming from dropouts)

        • Just saw that comments require approval here. I can see that my comment is “inappropriate” So I won’t be expecting it to get published. (I know your game, approve stuff that fits your agenda censor Republicans.)

          So yeah, screw you. Just another crooked Left Winger with no Integrity. Censor away, it’s how your kind works

        • Hitler was a right wing facist – read your history book!

    • Are you that uneducated? There are a ton of people from history and born more recently that came from very humble beginnings and turned out to be huge benefits to society. I understand what you are saying as there are many people unfit to have children but the last thing people need is more government intervention. You want to see stupid people disappear? The best solution is stop protecting all the idiots out there. Remove safety warning from things and the problem will take care of itself…..

      • Harry McNicholas

        So you understand how everything functions you do not need a safety warning? Doubtful

    • Harry McNicholas

      Yes and let’s test you first.

  • Your dates seem to be unlikely unless I am missing something.

    You have Johann (Grandfather) marrying in 1882 at which time Alois was 5, meaning he was born in 1877, the year he was declared Johann’s son.

    Further you have him marrying Karla in 1885 at which time he would be 8 yrs. old, and fathering Adolph in 1885, at 12? …and she was his 3rd wife? lol, again, it is possible I missed something, but I have re-read these paragraphs several times and this is what it is saying to me.

    Otherwise a very interesting story

  • An interesting article, thanks!

  • Ironical isn’t a word.

  • i would like to see some research done on Botha and Smutts and Ian Smith the monsters who led the white supremest police states in Africa. which murdered Africans for hundreds of years.
    they should be demonized as much as this Hitler guy

    • Thomas Smith, why stop at South Africa? Murdering and oppression have gone on all throughout the world. What did you think the Vikings were doing on their raids? How did Rome maintain it’s empire? The same for the Persians? Have you thought about how the pyramids were made or how the Aztecs came to dominant pre-Spanish Mexico?

      In terms of Africa no one has the Belgians beat. What Leopold did there was horrific. It is estimated that he wiped out half the population.

      • why stop there? the khan invasion of europe killed 2/3 of all whites, the moorish(black, berber and arab) occupation of western europe for 700 years enslaved and murdered more people than in all of human history. barbary states slavery=almost twice the number of slaves taken in the transatlantic slave trade. or south africa today, 1865-1965 usa, 5500-6500 blacks were lynched legally and illegally, 3600 whites also lynched in the US. 1994-2014 south africa, 75,000 whites killed by blacks, oh but mandela was SUCH a great hero of human rights. right? wrong, he was a genocidal communist who openly sang about killing whites.

        • Won’t any of you mention the white men who came from europe to the so called New World and practically eliminated the Native Americans as they did the buffaloes? Wasn’t that genocide also? Today, they claim that the country is theirs only, so they want to build a wall to keep a part of the remnant of those same natives out. Quite interesting.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Actually the U.S. in its treatment of minority people was not much better than Nazi Germany. We had Jim Crow, Segregation, sun downer laws, our military was strictly segregated. We should remember that the U.S. went to war not to help the Jews or anyone else. We went to war because Japan attacked us and Schicklgruber declared war on us. I was born during those times and remember very clearly my parents and others attitude towards, Jews, Blacks, Asians, Mexicans and Native Americans. They all would have made very good Nazis. About 1960 a Black band played in Bend, Oregon. The local people burned down the building where they played. Only Portland and Salem allowed Black people to stay over night.

        • Harry McNicholas

          No that is silly. Chinggis Khaan and his sons only invaded a small part of Europe. Even in Russia they did not kill many. However, the Persians he almost exterminated. Today Russians and Mongolians get along very well but Mongolians do not like Chinese.

  • Should Hitler’s relatives truly be accountable for his actions?

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Anonymous: I also kind of thought that was odd. It’s like they too are putting waaaay too much stock in bloodlines, not unlike Hitler himself.

      • Would it not preoccupy your thoughts if you were a descendant of Hitler, then? You should research the descendants of Hermann Goering – they too feel guilt for the actions of their ancestor. I think his great grand daughter had herself sterilised as a consequence. It’s all very sad.

    • Yeah I too felt that way when reading the article. they took on a burden that did not belong to them. I can kind of see their reasoning. While people like you and I just look at the relation as a misfortunate connection that they cannot help (we all have a side of the family we wish we didn’t), there would always be those who would not see it that way. Can you imagine their poor children trying to grow up and go to school where other children would treat them as grandchildren of Hitler.

      Eventually they would grow up, but the damage might already be done by the time they get out of High school. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and maybe that was part of their concerns.

      • It’s sad that humans can be taught to hate themselves, but such is the power of modern propaganda. “Evil”, “mental disorders”, and so on. Because the majority hates someone, they ought to hate themselves, too.

        • I know I wish the family come out with a nook. But then I can see it now stampede at book signing. I’m Irish and we were starved to death over in United Kingdom. You don’t see Irish saying but up a wall for us. I’m just saying. I think all races have encountered something the blacks the Roman’s in Jesus day the Spanish people now with stupid Donald Trump wanting use them as slaves to build a wall. Just forget about the past treat everyone with kindness and don’t go around shooting people

    • powe to to the white race

    • Harry McNicholas

      No. Only Hitler was responsible for his actions. Likely they felt so bad what he had done they fielt they had to do something.

  • The idea of good/evil being passed down through bloodlines was nazi ideology. Irony.

    • Hallo Bjorn. I agree with you, but I would note that the Bible tells of “generational curses”. Off hand, I don’t recall the chapters or verses. I just remembered it when I read your comment. Kind of interesting, to me at least. Cheers.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Actually it appears that sociopathic behavior might be genetically induced.

  • I found out different about 10 years ago and I can honestly say that they have records. Did they looked into children born out of wedlock? I think a deep search into the family lines would show that there might be some info missing or someone left out the fact that there may have been child born some where along the line.

    • Harry McNicholas

      During the time of the birth of Hitler’s father upt ot 60% of the births in Austria were born to unwed mothers.

  • No bid deal but her name was Klara not Karla. Good article…

  • feel sorry for his remaining family, having to take a pact never to procreate due to their inherit abuse their relatives notoriety beholds. Never knew who they were before this website.. kinda funny that…

  • The Hitler family before Hitler was considered a good family. There was a memorial of the family in response to their good deeds in their home village, and the family has asked that it be taken down because of the skinheads. They want no stone with the name Hitler on it. I believe I read that even the tombstones of his ancestors have been removed.

    • You’re right. The Hitler family was respectable until Adolf came along. I don’t think it’s bad that the family is not having kids. Who knows if they end up having another Adolf. World disaster!

  • Sorry but you need to go back and recheck your research. Alexander, Louis, and Brian Stuart-Houston were not Alois jr’s children. They were his Grandchildren by his son William from his first marriage who fled Germany to Britain and later the United States after trying to blackmail his uncle into giving him a more powerful position in the German government at the threat of publishing an article falsely claiming that Hitler was descended from a Jew. William changed his name from Hitler to Stuart-Houston after the war to avoid the negative association. Alois managed a restaurant in Germany and died in Hamburgh in 1956.

  • Looks like you talk about that later. At the start of your article you mistyped this:
    “and the three remaining sons (Alexander, Louis, and Brian Stuart-Houston) of Adolf’s half-brother Alois Hitler Jr.”

    • The other living descendants are referred to that way also. The article explains that they are the grandsons of Adolph Hilter’s half-sister, but the first paragraph calls them her sons.

  • Ironic that Hitler’s descendants place so much stock in bloodline that they’re opting to end theirs because of what their ancestor did…
    Kind of the opposite of what Adolf Hitler believed, but still the same thread of thought.

  • The names are not spelled right here: not Heidler but Hiedler, not Nepomunk but Nepomuk, not Karla but Klara.

  • Genetics certainly play a part in every person’s make up – I don’t necessarily think the family should bear a burden for being related to Hitler, but to eradicate that psychopathic gene he carried seems a wise decision for everyone. And certainly the people who raised him played a role in what he became.

    • Harry McNicholas

      The problem is that there are millions of them on this planet. Fat Boy in N Korea.

  • I believe that they should reproduce and/or leave behind sperm to be used to reproduce. This is not a phishing post, BTW.

    I say this because if there is a flaw in this gene line then it is worth studying…

    But seriously, in reality, many more things are present in creation that makes a human including the environment and experiences of society and what we perceive that forms us.

    To narrow it to a gene makes no sense to me. This line of thinking disregards the entire belief system that included Himmler, Goering, et al.

    • Harry McNicholas

      It is culture and nothing else. If the culture is progressive and adaptive, it will prosper. If not it will disappear.

  • Hello, I am a 12 year old in high school. I found this article impressive. A lot of hard work has paid off, so others don’t have to. Thankyou. This has helped me with a speech I am presenting in a couple of weeks. I had no idea there were still people from Hitler’s bloodline still alive. 🙂 Its interesting they have made a pack and have no intention of keeping the Hitler bloodline going.

  • the surviving Hitler relatives should not feel the burden of actions for which they had no control over and should be proud or their German heritage have we forgot about project paperclip how many Nazi party members where brought over by our government we don’t hear about that do we they are responsible for our entire space program and any transgressions were over looked for the advancement in technology and science we should not try to hide our history good or bad but should embrace it instead and learn from it war brings out the best and worst of all countries we can learn from both sides

  • It is like saying the Germans should not procreate any more… Which goes to eradicating the whole country… We all know too well the positive contributions these people have made… Hitler et. al are just exceptions and not a defination of these beautiful people.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Hitler was not German but Austrian. His ancestors likely came from the Czech Republic. It is German culture that has succeeded so well.

  • Eugenics is back. It’s called genetically modified babies, thanks to the new CRISP method of DNA splicing. People will be picking their babies’ eye color height, make them stronger, faster, disease resistant. Man now has the power of G-d. Yep, we are now finishing Hitler’s job. We are creating a master race, through Gene Splicing. Welcome to The Boys From Brazil.

  • > After leaving the Navy, William changed his last name to Stuart-Houston, moved to Patchogue, Long Island, got married and had four sons. His third son, Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston (born in 1957), was a Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

    The IRS? Of course, where else would a Hitler-spawn find employment…

  • How can anyone takes this article seriously ? There’s reputable evidence out there that proved hitler did have children and to believe he commited suicide in 1945 is laughable ‘ no body was ever recovered and if anyone believes what’s in the media your absolute crazy it’s run by the Jews and they will make any propaganda to off course the truth . Hitler survived the war and that’s that ‘ the US and UK just didn’t want to look like fools

    • Those damn Jews, conspiring with Hitler! I heard 6 million of them committed suicide, just to make him look bad.

      • Yep and buy did he look bad.

      • Harry McNicholas

        Every tyrant always needs a red herring. Unfortunately for Jewish people Hitler picked them. He like so many vets could not accept that they lost the war. That Ludendorff lost his nerve and cost Germany the war. No it had to be someone else. Blaming Jews in Germany did not start with Hitler but with Martin Luther and his And the Jews and their lies. He would have made Hitler blush. Hitler was very well read but at the same time read all the street trash that was printed in Austria and Germany. There he found his red herring. The Jews. they had stabbed the Germans in the back..He discounted all the Jews that had served in the German army during WWI. He then found that his crap was easy to peddle to the German people. Nobody likes having to accept their own failures. Better to blame it someone else and the Jews were perfect. Nobody was going to defend the Jews. Not only were they subject to dislike in Germany but Europe and in the U.s. and Canada. The Zionist Jews became responsible for every failure and evil in the world. I think with Hitler it was not just using Jews for political gain but he actually believed his garbage.

    • Harry McNicholas

      There is no evidence that he ever left the bunker and many people who saw his body. Teh big question is what happened to the body? Very doubtful it was burned and buried near the bunker or it would have been found. Likely taken somewhere outside Berlin and buried. Hitler did not blame himself for his failure but the German people.

  • What a bunch of crap this article is. Sooooooo much information that is wrong…misspellings of family names (Klara, Nepomuk, etc.)…genealogy is also wrong as so many have pointed out (Alexander, Louis and Brian were not Alois Jr’s children they were his grandchildren). The biggest error would appear to be that there was no pact to not have children at all, as per Alexander. Some basic reading, even on Wikipedia, but better yet, some biographies of Hitler, would have been a good move for this writer. Feed your brain? Yeah with crap like this and you will definitely not be smarter.

  • “Ironical”? Really?

    Perhaps hire writers who can speak English.

    • I think you missed the joke. That’s a common turn of phrase, the point being it is itself ironic to say “ironical”. Get it? I recall a bar scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams’ character says “I was being ironical”. It’s a fairly well-worn play in words. Hope this helps. Now you can be “ironical” too! Cheers.

  • I understand the shame that the family members experience, but Hitler was not this evil, superpower villain who single-handedly killed millions. He had help. He had supporters. He had an army. All of those people are just as sick as he was. Any idea that a bloodline should be stopped should include all of the sick, evil, pathetic people who were willing to follow him and attempt to complete his mission.

  • How disgusting must those men truly be? Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men to have ever lived. We are all taught skewed information by Zionist Jew bastard nation plunderers who have intentionally made it so since prior WW2. My family lost members to the Nazis and I say that because my loyalty lays with England and its true people, the white race. History is written by the winners and in this case yet again by Zionist Jews who’ve turned our societies into what they’re today. Our women are taught not to be homemakers = 1.2 average children per household = White race dying out (understand populations you will know this to be fact, we have more dying than being born) Our men are taught to think they are too lazy to work and fill the jobs in their own country. Our children are taught Homosexuality, sodomites and trans-sexuals are normal, Our societies are rife with degradation and filth. If anyone really thinks this is by mistake and some kind of by product of the modern world THEY are very much mistaken, It is by design and is intentional. The Zionist Jews bought the same way of thinking and moraless concepts into Germany pre WW2. This is a historical fact. My country ENGLAND is being sytematically purged of its white native race, a willing ethnic suicide if you like? through the misguide of multiculturalism and diversity. Adolf Hitler may have been a monster towards the end re some decisions! agreed, but I personally would far prefer a world similiar to Nazi Germany as opposed to what we have now which is OBVIOUSLY SO WRONG AND BACKWARDS! BACKWARDS WHY? BECAUSE WE ARE BEING EXTERMINATED

    • Cool story bro.

    • If you like the guy so much how about follow in his footsteps… put a gun in your mouth.

      • Do some TRUE research man ,,, the guy was a rothchild and a jew … he was his uncles’ patsy

        • Harry McNicholas

          Hitler was a Rothchild. Well evidently your mother did not drown all the dumb ones.

    • Well said mate , I commented similar thing ,,, sheeple are asleep

    • Harry McNicholas

      I was sure we killed all those Nazi SOB’s in WWII but I guess I was wrong.

    • White power! 88! Hitler was no Rothschild wtf r u ppl on? Crack? Or smack as well? Both? Snowball mother fuckers! Hitler was instrumental in the creation of the zionist state coz he wanted them gone! Not coz he was 1! Learn ya history! As they do the jews “stabbed him in the back” which uncle 88 spoke much about. 2 words LEUCHTER REPORT

  • I really don’t want to get into a argument about of the garbage anyone in here is talking about. I’m also not trying to be a dick. I just wish whoever wrote this mf’in article could have taken just a wee bit of time and effort to look up & know Hitler’s mother’s name was Klara not Karla. I mean for fucks sake man, have some fucking pride in your work! And don’t blame autocorrect or spellchecking programs, it only wrongly appears 4 times, but I noticed it right away. It drove me nuts immediately and distracted me through the rest of the article. I mean it’s a widely known fact & so easily fixed. Anyone that knows jack shit about Hitler would notice this glaringly stupid mistake. Historians and history buffs would likely have a similar hard time overlooking this faux-pas. They might ultimately wonder about important facts and how many mistakes were made researching these facts and other aspects of the article. If you can’t get the details in an article right maybe you should leave history and the writing regarding it to the professionals. Just maybe, huh?

  • To be fair, no child wants to grow up in middle school with the last name hitler. And nobody wants to go into that classroom discussion about good things about your family, or interesting things about your family, and be related to hitler. I mean, it would be an interesting chat, but at the same time, it would be terrible for them. Also, if the grade was low enough the teacher would call them out for lying and end his turn or whatever low grade teachers do (I hated kindergarten, more bullies than middle school.)

  • Found out today i look identically like Hitlers nephew William Patrick Stuart-Houston. That is very strange to me

  • White Privledge wants population control. They talk about fractured communites but that’s what the white man created. He pushed the minorities down and created the uneducated and poor.