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The Word “Droid” is a Registered Trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Today I found out the word “droid” is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Shortly before Verizon launched their “DROID” line of mobile devices, Lucasfilm Ltd. swept in and filed a trademark on October 9, 2009 for the term “Droid”.  Specifically claiming the term for: Wireless communications devices, including, mobile phones, cell phones, hand held devices and personal digital assistants, […]

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Yoda’s Full Name

##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and to Learn Who Did the Voice of Yoda Text Version Yoda’s original name before being shortened to just “Yoda” was “Minch Yoda”.  Lucas eventually decided to leave the first name out along with not giving away many details about Yoda’s past.

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