Now I Know, Like Today I Found Out, but Arrives in Your Email

I recently came across a pretty interesting email subscription, which I thought I’d recommend.  If you like Today I Found Out, you’ll probably like this:  Now I Know

It’s sort of similar to Today I Found Out, but through email.  Every morning, the author, Dan Lewis, shares something interesting he’s learned over the last few weeks.   For example, did you know that George Carlin narrated Thomas and Friends; polar bears are almost invisible under infrared light; and Google uses goats as lawnmowers?

If you’re interested, you can subscriber here: Now I Know

*note: I’m not being paid for this post, nor is Today I Found Out affiliated with Now I Know.  I just thought it was a cool email subscription that might also interest Today I Found Out followers and Dan Lewis does a great job researching and writing his articles from what I’ve read so far.

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