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Why Humans Get Old

In this video from MinuteEarth, they discuss why humans age and how certain other creatures avoid this. If you like TodayIFoundOut, odds are you’ll also greatly enjoy their videos. So go check them out and subscribe to their channel here. You can also join us in supporting their efforts to make more videos like this by donating via their Patreon […]

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This Day in History: July 9- A Stabbing and Dr. Daniel Williams

This Day In History: July 9, 1893 An important step in medicine occurred as the result of one James Cornish getting stabbed in the chest on July 9, 1893. His physician, an African-American doctor from Chicago named Daniel Hale Williams, performed the second successful operation on the pericardium (the lining around his heart). Dr. Williams was born in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania […]

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This Day in History: June 30th- The Bad Ankle That Led to Gone with the Wind

This Day In History: June 30, 1956 “Gone With the Wind” may never have been written if author Margaret Mitchell hadn’t suffered an accident that forced her off her feet. Mitchell suffered a serious ankle injury that led to arthritis, which ended her career as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal – as well as her hectic social life. This […]

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