An Interview with Audio Production Guru Mike Russell

microphoneIn this episode of The Brain Food Show, we talk to audio production expert and head of Music Radio Creative, Mike Russell.  During the interview, we discuss basic audio gear needed to relatively cheaply get started podcasting, doing voice overs, etc., as well as touch on why YouTubers should really be looking into expanding their repertoire beyond YouTube and into the audio space, among other topics.

If you want to learn how to improve your own audio production, we strongly recommend you check out Mike’s YouTube channel here, as well as check out Music Radio Creative, which presently works with clients from over 190 different countries, making jingles, audio books, explainer videos, audio for games, as well as just helping clients in a variety of ways to up their audio game.

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  • Very interesting podcast! I didn’t knew how much audio is important on YouTube content.

    May I suggest that you add in future episodes the list (and maybe links) to specific products discussed? I’ll have to listen to the podcast again (not a show stopper…) to write them down.

    Keep up your excellent work.