Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

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Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

While there have been many fantastical proposed origins of this seemingly odd modish style amongst comic artists -my favorite of which being that most superheroes lost their parents at an early age, so they had no one to tell them underwear goes UNDER your clothes -the true origin is pretty simple. According to Julius Schwartz (famed editor of DC Comics from 1944-1986 who edited the most famous of all external-underwear superheroes, Superman), this was simply modeled after the garb of aerial circus performers and wrestlers of the era in which the first superheroes proudly donned their underpants over their tights.

Now, it should be noted here that the wrestlers, circus performers, and superheroes weren’t actually wearing underwear, but rather tight underwear-like shorts over their leggings. As superheroes are generally incredibly gifted athletically and perform amazing acrobatic stunts while crime fighting, it was natural enough for this style of dress to get adopted by the earliest superhero artists for their characters.

Two of the earliest major representations of this can be found in Flash Gordon (1934), which in turn was partially the inspiration for the garb of Superman (1938), with the principle difference being the colors of their uniforms and the fact that Superman had a cape (as far as I can find, the first major superhero to wear one).

Of course, if you still want to think of the superhero tight-shorts as underwear, given that Superman and others often wear their uniform under their normal clothes, it kind of makes sense.

Bonus Fact:

The original Superman character envisioned by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster was not the crime-fighting hero from another world we know today. Instead, they made him a bald bad guy set on ruling the world in the 1933 The Reign of Superman. In this story, a character by the name of Bill Dunn is waiting in a soup kitchen line when Professor Ernest Smalley offers him food and new clothes in exchange for his participation in an experiment.

The Professor proceeds to give him a potion that makes Dunn telepathic; he then becomes a super-man, and tries to take over the world. However, in the process, he kills Professor Smalley, only to discover later that his powers are temporary unless he has more potion to drink, which he can’t figure out how to recreate. Ultimately, the former Superman finds himself without his powers and back in the soup kitchen line.

A year after writing that story, Siegel re-cast the character of Superman, this time making him a hero bent on righting the wrongs prominent in society at the time. They also decided to switch Superman’s name from “Bill Dunn” to “Clark Kent,” after famed actors Kent Taylor and Clark Gable.

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  • Question.
    Why did all Superheroes wear socks and not shoes or boots?

  • They weren’t socks as you couldn’t see their toes through them. More like a lightweight boot.

  • This may have been brought up before, but in the B&W series with George Reeves, the badguy empties his gun at Superman, then throws thye empty gun in a futile effort to hurt him. Superman, who was immune to the bullets…ducks. LOL

  • Drawing superhero characters for children in hospitals to color, in the 1940’s, I could find nothing that would indicate any kind of footwear other than socks. There were no soles, and one could see the complete outline of the foot.


  • Great video, very interesting. Quite a few typos in the onscreen text, though. You might want to have someone check that…

  • They don’t have wife and children, too O_o

  • Makes sense. But I also think there’s something missing–what about the fact that wearing underwear-like shorts also keeps the superheroes’ pants “up” so to speak. For instance, women wear stockings, but those stockings tend to go down slowly. I like to wear girl shorts on top of my stocking to avoid this. Just a thought, and experience thrown in there, haha. Great article by the way!

    • Superheros look sexy with briefs over their tights and I’m sure they feel really nice and snug on superheros. I wore a superhero costume, royal blue leotard and tights with bright red Speedo swim briefs over the tights. i also had a long red cape with the yellow belt and booties. My Halloween outfit felt so nice and fit me well, as I was somewhat thin those days. i wasn’t ready to give up those superhero leotard and tights that night, but in the end She got my superhero blue leotard, red briefs, blue tights and light blue colored briefs off me. it took her some time getting my superhero outfit off and really tickled while feeling all that clinging layers of spandex being stripped off. She certainly enjoyed getting my Halloween superhero costume off me that night. it was a lot of fun being a superhero for Halloween.

  • I’m not going to try to tell Superman or any of those other guys, where they have to place their skivvies, or how frequently they should change them. I don’t think they would listen to me anyway. (Just like any other sane person).

  • The skin-tight outfits are because it’s easier than drawing regular clothes (and to show off muscles). According to one of the original artists, the undies on the outside was make sure people knew they were wearing SOMETHING, as colorists often got things wrong (the early non-panties heroes, the original Green Lantern, were often in trouble by censors because “he’s nekkid!”)

    Why women always wore swimsuits… well, because guys are drawing them and guys are buying them (though Black Canary’s comment that if they’re looking at her “charms” they weren’t looking at her fists).

    Personally, I think the New 52 Superman and Batman look… unfinished.

  • I think the main problem is lesser intelligent people calling it “underwear” instead of ‘trunks’ or ‘briefs’. If anything you’d think it’d fabric is thicker and what’s actually keeping the thin tights from falling down.

  • Leandro Martins de Lima

    I read somewhere that in fact one of Superman’s author the authors created the character as a way to escape the sadness for having lost his own father, imprinting his hopes of a superhuman character that could have saved his own father.
    I don’t remember where I read this though.

  • Iv’e worn red speedo swim briefs over blue tights, with a long sleeve, back zipper leotard and microfiber briefs under the tights on Halloween. They really feel and do look great. The feeling of red swim briefs over my clinging soft, warm leotard and tights keeps my lower anatomy snug and secure underneath. After a special adult Halloween party , Ill be helped out of my superhero outfit by a lady friend later that night. I’m in no hurry to give up all those sexy leotards, especially the red swim briefs over the tights. i like how my yellow booties are unzipped and taken off, then loose my red cape, as she slow unties and takes it off. I now feel like I’m loosing all of my superhero powers, when she eyes my red briefs, then joyfully unites the long drawstrings and watch me wiggle and pout like a little boy being taken out of his Halloween superhero fantasy. It certainly tickles my excited genitals well encased blue leotard and tights, as she pulls and tugs the red briefs down. My first layer is slowly coming off when she says “party’s over superman, we’re just getting started,” while smiling in all her beauty. She’s captured her superhero and stripping me down to the bare essentials. It was over, once she had my red swim briefs off, then the blue leotard is slowly unzipped and peeled down to my upper waist, then unsnugged and off, despite all my playful resistance. She stepped back watching me plead for my warm blue tights and undies, still snug and secure in them. It was a slow and gentle process being defrocked of my superhero leotard and tights. It was such a sensational feeling, as she slowly peeled the blue tights down my legs, then she happily freed my kicking feet. “Okay, Halloween’s over for you, superhero” finally getting the clinging white microfiber briefs off and I.m totally naked for her. It was a beautiful Halloween night for both of us, but I certainly liked wearing those superhero leotard and tights.especially the red swim briefs over them, keeping me warm, snug and secure on a very chilly night.

  • It’s fun seeing Superheros in comic books and movies. I got to dress up as a superhero in blue leotard and tights with red swim briefs over them on Halloween. They felt great wearing them and I wonder how Superman felt in his superhero outfit. After the Halloween party, I had to change, but wasn’t ready to take off my blue superhero leotard and tights yet. They felt so soft, snug and secure, especially with the red briefs. When it was time to change, I was helped out of my superhero leotard and tights and complimented how good They fit me. It was some what sad to have the red briefs come off, then the blue leotard, tights and blue underwear. It was a great fantasy for me to dress up in superhero hero leotard, tights and red briefs over them, a great Halloween costume night.

  • I was rather young, of college age and got to be batman in light colored grey long sleeve leotard with a very long back zipper, covered by a large dark blue cape with snug grey tights and shiny microfiber underwear briefs under my tights. I was also wearing a sexy dark blue snug speedo style swim brief over the leotard and tights. They really felt so nice and I often wondered how batman felt in his leotards with the swim briefs over the light colored grey tights. After the Halloween night costume party, it was time to change into pajamas and I wasn’t ready to give up my superhero leotards, as they felt so warm and snug on me, that very chilly night. Slowly layer by layer all those snug well fitting batman outside covering swim briefs, leotard, tights and microfiber undies were slowly stripped off by nanny, while squirming and child like pouting. Finally she got all my sexy, snug batman superhero leotard, tights with the outside briefs off me. it was certainly a lot of fun being dressed as batman, but feeling like a young boy loosing his favorite superhero attire and soon in pajamas that night.

  • This time, I was dressed in all bright orange long sleeve, back zipper leotard, bright orange opaque tights and shiny white ballet style undies too. It was a rather cold day and was wearing warm snug button up denim kiddie style bib overalls. I had a late doctors appointment that day and her last patient for the day. I also had a change of clothes with me long sleeve baggy shirt, lose fitting trousers and baggy boxer shorts as underwear to change into after a complete physical examination by the lovely female doctor. My moment of embarrassment came, when told by her that I was to to be complete undressed before being examined by her. She and her young female nurse were eyeing my layers of warm and snug winter attire. Once in the exam room, she would slowly open all the buttons on the snug denim bib overalls. Both her and the young nurse noticed my outlined bright colored orange leotard and tights, as the lady doctor continued unfastening and unbuttoning my warm snug overalls and it really was tickling me a lot. I felt like a superhero being taken out of character when she watched the snug overalls front unbuttoned bib and shoulder straps separate and drop down to my lower front waist and back. After a lot of pulling and tugging, my well fitting overalls were soon off and I was only in my very snug and soft bright orange leotard, bright orange opaque tights with outer black nylon briefs over them. They both really liked my superhero outfit and looking forward stripping me out of my orange leotards and outer black briefs. After a lot of wiggling and bashfulness, the lady doctor and helping nurse, finally had me out of my outer black briefs, bright orange leotard, tights and clinging white ballet undies. i really liked being in those warm, snug and sexy superhero leotards as the female doctor, with her nurse’s help, completed my physical exam. It wasn’t fun wearing those baggy clothes and underwear home after being snug and warm in my superhero outfit.

  • Did superheroes wear other snug outfits or seasonal clothes, besides their tight, full covering superhero spandex leotards? Yes they do especially in the very warm weather like in Florida. Those superheroes will wear very tight and sexy Speedo style swimsuits that fit them well. and have great bodies too. Sometimes they wear a summer style singlet, revealing all of their well shaped and strong superhero male assets. When it’s time for them to change into regular warm weather street clothes, they take their time stripping off those shiny bright colored tight swim briefs, or peeling off those clinging one piece summertime singlets., revealing their sexy strong male anatomy. It’s a rare sight for many women,but really love seeing them stripping off their sexy tight summer outfits.

  • Many superhero really like just tight sexy swim briefs or a very well fitting singlet in the warm climate and warm weather, like in Florida, other than those warm snug superhero leotards and tights worn only in cold weather and Northern cold weather climate.

  • My two male friends and I really enjoy being dressed as superheroes at a Holiday costume party. One of my favorite outfits is a long sleeve, back zipper bright yellow colored leotard that fits closely with bright yellow matching opaque tights. I’ll wear full size black briefs over my tights with shiny white nylon style panties. under the tights. They feel so nice too and do get somewhat aroused wearing my superhero bright yellow leotards with the snug black briefs over them. My two male friends are dressed in similar outfits in other bright colors with a cape matching colored briefs over them and really like wearing their superhero outfit, even as underwear in cold winter weather. The fun, yet time consuming part comes when it’s time to change out of our well fitting superhero costumes and put on boring, baggy underwear and lose fitting outer street clothes. The backstage show time ladies are waiting to take us, one superhero costumed young guy at a time and help getting each one of us out of our superhero outfits. It was a long and slow , yet a really enjoyable process for the backstage females. All one could hear, were childish whining,with a lot of yelping, as they are being stripped out of their superhero leotards and outer briefs and soon naked, then changing into baggy street clothes. I was last to have my very snug outer black briefs, bright yellow superhero leotards and sexy nylon undies to be stripped off me by the backstage ladies, first the soft snug outer briefs were worked down and off, then my bright yellow leotard was unzipped and peeled off, then the tights are stripped off by them. Those ladies certainly had me very aroused getting those sexy superhero black briefs with the bright yellow leotard, tights and undies off my squirming young male body and resisting them from coming off, but to no avail, as the two would tell me to hold still saying ” Hold still now, so we can get this costume off.” They finally had those snug and secure superhero leotards all off me, like with my two other friends eventually changing into baggy and boring street clothes. My two friends did feel somewhat sad having their superhero costumes stripped off them, but did like the way the backstage ladies were treating them, while feeling those warm, snug superhero costumes coming off layer by layer, despite their childish resisting and being naked for only a short time before putting on those baggy, boring lose fitting underwear and street clothes. I wondered about the creators of those comic and movie superheroes at the time and like my male friends, really liked dressing up in a superhero outfit for a Holiday costume party in the 21st century.

  • Again, it feels so snug and warm in superhero spandex leotard, matching opaque tights and snug royal blue swimsuit style briefs over them. I’ve often wondered over the years if one of those comic strip superheroes were real, could they have had those super powers and fly with their bright colored leotards and large cape. I guess that superhero fantasy with many young guys is why, like me dress up for a Halloween costume party as batman or superman. It’s said that the ladies really like the way those superhero costumes look and fit on us guys. As said before wearing those sexy, warm and well fitting leotards with the rest of our superhero accessories, certainly feel really good, yet getting them off does take some time and for the ladies and they certainly enjoy getting us guys out of those sexy superhero leotard, tights including the long cape, playtime power belt with the dark blue briefs over the tights. Again as said earlier, they make good winter underwear and very erotic being stripped off each one of us layer by layer til the lovely ladies soon have each guy completely out of their superhero costumes and now naked and erect for a short time, before changing into baggy underwear and loose fitting street clothes.

  • Again, as said before it’s a lot of fun being a fairly young guy dressed in warm, close fitting skin tone colored long sleeve leotard and of course with a long back zipper, matching skin tone colored opaque tights and white tight fitting microfiber briefs under the tights, long red cape and red booties and a bright red Speedo style briefs over the leotards. They do feel very nice, snug and secure too. The hard part, yet somewhat enjoyable time in them is after the costume party, taken home to my aunt’s residents on a rather cold night. She gently rubs my leotard clad body all over including my very excited lowers while reminding me that my time being dressed as a superhero will soon be over and she’ll have me soon in pajamas. It’s a long and somewhat erotic process, as she slowly begins to get the superhero out of me when I see the neatly folded loose fitting pajamas on the bed. Despite my continued childish pleading to keep my superhero costume on, she prevails, while saying “you can pout all you want, but no matter how long it takes me, I’ll have them all off you and in loose fitting pajamas for bedtime. It was a very childlike arousing time for both of us, when first the long red cape is untied and removed, then she sits me down on the bed and takes off my bright red superhero booties. I’m now just in my skin tone color leotard, tights and the outside red speedo briefs over the leotards. I didn’t want to take them off and pleaded again to stay in my superhero leotards and not have to put those boring pajamas but my aunt would give me a nice smile and saying “they’re coming off regardless”,now reaching under the waistband of my outer red briefs, she slow uncovers and unties the long drawstrings and began trying to work those tight speedos down and off my skin tone colored leotard and tights clad body. I squeezed my legs closely while feeling those tight red speedo briefs starting to slip down off my outlined very excited male privates. well encased in the leotards and microfiber undies. Soon she had those snug and warm briefs down to my ankles and that really tickled my leotard clad body all over. I felt like a kiddie loosing his security blanket when she says “step out of them now”, as she managed to free my feet, still encased in nylon. My aunt let me squirm a little while longer, while I was trying to cover my outlined excited lowers, still well encased in my skin tone colored leotard and tights. She now gently stood me up from the bed, turning me around with my leotard encased back with the long zipper facing her, while saying ” hold still now”, as I continued pleading to to stay in my superhero costume and of course to no avail. She would slowly begin opening the stubborn long back zipper. All i could hear was “unzzipp” and the sexy warm long sleeve leotard was unzipped and open, when she turned me around again , facing her then firmly freed my arms from the still clinging leotard, then stripping it off my upper torso and now I was now a half on and half off superhero with all three remaining layers , the unzipped leotard tights and those undies wee still snug in my excited lowers. My aunt just smiled some more while saying “You will be ready very soon” Eventually she had all my superhero costume, the unzipped leotard, tights and my last tickling layer, those sexy microfiber undies all off. It was a long, yet somewhat enjoyable process for her, stripping off those warm and snug leotards off my squirming and now naked young male body. Finally, I was wearing those baggy men’s pajamas, but really missed my snug superhero costume red outer briefs, leotard, tights and undies. It was certainly a beautiful fun experience for both of us too.

  • It’s really nice being dressed up in my favorite, rather snug fitting light colored grey long sleeve , back zipper leotard, matching grey colored opaque tights and sexy shiny girl’s panties(brief style) with a healthy erection well out lined and being snug and secure in my light colored grey leotard and tights that make me really feel secure in them, I have a black swimsuit over the tights. Yes being dressed as a superhero during the cold winter weather and wearing briefs over them is just part of the costumed character’s warm and snug attire. The fun part wearing those superhero leotard, tights and black nylon briefs over them is when it’s time to change back into traditional loose , yet some what warm outer street clothes, baggy boxer shorts and tee shirt as underwear. My lady friend and nurse, who works at our young men’s medical clinic and enjoys getting me out of my warm, snug superhero briefs, leotard, tights and panties too. when it’s time for a rescheduled physical exam with me in my favorite superhero outfit and have to get naked for the female doctor in charge. My lady fiend slowly strips me out of my favorite superhero leotard black briefs that come off first. and soon she unzips my clinging light grey long sleeve leotard then slowly undressing me out of all my superhero outfit layer by layer til I’m completely naked and being examined by the lady doctor. I can’t help my playful resisting while she’s stripping off my favorite sexy superhero leotard, tights and the black briefs over my tights. I wonder what superman must go through when being very close with a woman he really likes while wearing his snug superhero outfit. I think every guy who reads superman comics or watch batman on television should try wearing superhero leotards for a day, as i think that they might just enjoy being dressed as a superhero anytime of the year.

  • “Yes”, there many young or older guys that like wearing sexy, snug, soft superhero leotard and tights with well fitting briefs over their superhero costumes. After reading many comments by other males, I think more guys should try dressing up in superhero leotards with briefs outside of the tights. As the article states these briefs aren’t underwear worn over their spandex outfits, as they will have to wear lady’s (brief style) underwear under a superhero outfit for a good fit in those costume leotards.

  • It’s not much fun when dressed up in costume like a devil in bright red long sleeve leotard with of course a long back zipper, matching bright red opaque tights and pink colored panties under the tights, keeping my male lowers snug and secure including devil horns, a bouncing red tail on A rather cold Halloween afternoon. I got a late afternoon last minute call from my doctor, a female too, for an updated somewhat time consuming physical examination. My friend takes me there while I’m in costume with an extra set of loose fitting clothes to put on after seeing the doctor. Those red devil leotards felt so nice, while feeling warm, snug and secure in them and waiting to see the female doctor. I was soon called into the exam room by the nurse and having my change of loose fitting clothes and baggy underwear with me, when told by her that My Halloween red devil leotards have to all come off before the doctor sees me. My friend stayed in the waiting room, as my medical plight would soon begin. I would just blush a bright red that matched my red devil costume and try covering my outlined excited male privates encased in red. She then said, since I was so shy and embarrassed being naked in front of her and the female doctor, she’ll help undress me and soon she had a neatly folded gown for me to wear during my examination. She sat me on the exam table while still snug in my devil leotards, then first removing my costume shoes and socks, then the cape came off, now my horns and devil red bouncing tail came off. i did ask if I could keep part of my red leotard devil costume on, but to no avail. When the attending nurse would say “Everything comes off including whatever underwear you have on under those leotards.” She then helped me off the exam table and seeing my bright outlined very turned male genitals. “Don’t be ashamed, that’s just a normal happening for a guy being in the company of female medical professional. It was a long slow happening for me, as my black speedo briefs were stripped down and off , then bright red long sleeve leotard was slowly unzipped. To add to my medical demise, the lady doctor soon entered the examination room and watching her nurse getting the devil out of me. Those red devil leotard and tights certainly felt so warm and snug, while still on me. All I could was playfully resist, while the nurse unzipped and peeled the red leotard sleeves from my arms, then stripped it halfway down to my waist, still encased in those bright red tights and pink undies. She seemed to enjoy getting me out of that devil costume, as I squirmed, blushed and kept my my legs squeezed closely together while the doctor continued watching my plight, soon to be totally naked for her examination. I childishly whined “Do they have to come off?” standing with my upper torso bare and lower half snug and secure in the halfway off unzipped leotard, tights and “yes” those nice fitting panties under the bright red tights. The female doctor then examined my bare upper torso, then stepping back waiting for me to strip off the rest of bright red devil leotard and tights. I wouldn’t take them off when the nurse finished taking them off. It was so ticklish and feeling her gentle hands, yet firmly finish getting me completely undressed and into the long gown. I did let out a yelp when she unsnugged the unzipped leotard, then my red tights and those pink panties were stripped off and has me finally naked for the doctor to finish examining me. My friend sitting in the waiting room, heard my yelps from the exam room and saying to the receptionist sitting just outside the back room area “yep, he’s out of his red devil Halloween outfit.” It was a long day too, especially that sweet nurse helping me out of my bright red leotard, tights and pink undies and seeing my excited male privates would treat it as a normal Male reactions to his doctor’s late Halloween afternoon unexpected medical examination. Putting on those baggy boxers not very warm loose fitting street clothes was no fun and I really missed being dressed up as a male devil in bright red leotards.

  • He’s in the large dressing room still snug in pink tights and pink ballet brief style undies under his very well fitting light blue leotard with a healthy male erection outlined in those sexy leotard and tights while being told by his uncle “Hold still, let me get these leotards off you.” All one could hear was “pop” “pop” then unzippp” while he was facing the dressing room mirror and and could be seen, still snug in those leotard and tights. He will soon be completely naked, as his uncle manages to start stripping them off his closely squeezed legs, then seeing and hearing his pouting, as his uncle began stripping those clinging leotard, tights and ballet off his squirming body layer by layer while still pouting and resisting while his uncle is stripping off his very well fitting and sexy superhero leotard and tights. Now the fun part could be seen while he continued pouting, as his uncle worked that snug leotard down to his waist and still encased in those opaque tights and sexy undies keeping his excited lowers still snug and secure. After several good pulls by his uncle, the sexy clinging superhero leotard slowly became unsnugged and soon being pulled down and off him while he whimpered and his uncle would say “off, off leotard off, then again saying “off off leotard and tights off, everything off and he was finally naked with a bouncing erection, while now pleading loudly and more squirming, he was no longer a leotard, tights and sexy undies clad superhero while his uncle gave a big smile like a cat tha caught his prey, as he continued stripping all three snug layer down to his ankles and firmly peeled off his kicking feet and finally naked as can be seeing his bare unleotarded, tights and panty covered behind. when soon he had a healthy ejaculation while facing the large dressing room mirror. He was no longer a Halloween costumed superhero, while his uncle admired his healthy young male body, despite all his uncle’s long process stripping him out of his snug and sexy superhero leotards.

  • It was a some cold holiday weekend and I was at a costume party dress up as an orange super cat, wearing a warm, snug long sleeve back zipper bright orange colored leotard, orange opaque tights with a black racer back tank style leotard over my orange cat leotard costume I did have black cat ears and a curly. black fuzzy tail too. That orange and black super cat costumed outfit really felt nice, warm and fitting quite well. The hard part is once at home with nanny, I eventually had to give up my super hero cat leotard, tights and feline male accessories. Nanny had me in the large bedroom to strip it all off me and to put on baggy street clothes. It was a slow yet quite exciting happening for me as a young male and nanny too, when she plucked off the black cat ears, then opening the black stretch belt holding my curly black cat tail, when both the unfastened stretch belt and attached cat tail dropped to the carpeted bedroom floor. I pleaded and began pouting while still snug in the black racer back tank leotard over my bright colored orange leotard, with orange tights and well fitting orange colored undies. when Nanny would say “Party’s over all cat costumed leotards are coming off now.” She let me squirm some more for a few more minutes, as nanny slowly lowered the black tank leotard shoulder straps and began slowly peeling it down my orange Halloween cat outfit. Down, down it was coming off. I could feel the first layer of spandex, feeling so nice while still on me, being peeled out from between my tightly squeezed legs still encased those bright orange leotards and undies. I let out a childish yelp, as she unsnugged the sexy close fitting tank leotard, then managing to peel it down my encased in orange legs still snug and secure in in all orange, while saying “First layer off.” Nanny would free my my kicking feet encased in orange nylon lycra. Now only in my bright orange back zippered leotard, opaque tights and undies outlining my very erect penis. Nanny would watch me squirm, while still encased in my long sleeve back zippered leotard, orange tights and the unseen orange brief style undies. My childish pleas were to no avail, as she began opening the long back leotard zipper. One could hear the stubborn leotard zipper being slowly unzipped, when I now felt a chill on my now almost bare back. Nanny was winning with long sleeve bright leotard open and unzipped, she gently turned me around again, firmly peeling my arms out of the long spandex leotard sleeves and despite my continual pleading nanny managed peeling the unzipped orange down to my waist. while my lowers were still snug and secure in the half way off unzipped leotard. It tickled my outlined erection encased in all three layers of my super cat bright orange clinging leotard, tights and orange briefs. It looks like nanny will have my still half on super cat leotards off and I’ll soon be naked with a bouncing full hard on. Like clockwork she reached under the unzipped leotard, the waistband of both the orange tights and close fitting undies and began trying to unsnug and strip all three layers of bright orange off me. Despite all my resisting I could now feel her warm hands with the clinging spandex slowly slipping out from between my legs, then slowly managing to peel all three layers of those warm, tickling and snug super cat orange unzipped leotard with the clinging tights and sexy undies down my legs and soon at the base of my kicking feet, when she would say ” off, Halloween super cat leotards all off” , as she firmly peeled all three bright orange layers off my kicking feet, one foot at a time from my now naked body. It was a long, slow and somewhat enjoyable process for her, and so erotic for me while those black and bright orange super cat leotard, tights and undies were stripped off me layer by layer,when she would give me a sexy warm smile , once I was totally naked and erect before putting on the baggy street clothes. It certainly fun being dressed as a super cat that night.

  • It was another costume Holiday and had the good luck, wearing my favorite bright pink leotard, bright pink opaque tights and pink brief style panties under the pink leotards with big grey colored ears with a curly bouncing grey colored tail, held in place by thick white stretch belt. My costumed was known to be “The Pink Panther.” and also mos the best costumed character night too. The same night, I got stay overnight with my uncle in his large fancy condominium apartment. He greeted me at the front door in only a long fuzzy bathrobe, telling me he has an extra set of very loose men’s adult pajamas and an extra set of loose fitting street clothes for the morning. I did ask to stay in my very snug and tickling “Pink Panther” leotards, instead of those baggy pajamas. His answer was ” sorry , but that tight pink costume has to come off now.” I wiggled and squirmed, while savoring the warm, snug and tickling feeling, while still in my bright “Pink Panther” leotard, tights and accessories when he said again “My pink leotards have to come off now,” despite all my pleading to keep them on. Soon he had my still clad in those sexy quite enjoyably snug pink costume leotard and tights ready to be stripped off me, as he plucked off the big grey ears, then unfastening the white stretch belt holding my bouncing grey tail that quickly fell to the floor with my still bouncing tail. He already had the neatly folded baggy pajamas on the bathroom counter. I did have a full sized erection encased in my bright colored “Pink Panther” costume leotard and tights. He escorted me into the large bathroom get me out all those sexy, snug bright pink costume leotards, hoping he’ll have them all stripped off me and in those awful baggy pajamas. I had such a hard on encased in pink, yet well outlined under all those layers of snug fitting “Pink Panther” costume, when he firmly turned my long back zippered leotard back to him. He kept telling me in a quiet soft manner”Hold still, they’re coming off no matter how much you resist.” Slowly he kept tugging the long stubborn zipper down as I Continued pleading not strip those so well fitting, snug “Pink Panther”leotard and tights off me. Slowly but surely, my uncle continued opening the sexy snug bright pink leotard back zipper, as I could feel a slight draft on my almost fully partially exposed bare back. He soon had the bright pink leotard unzipped and opened. He slowly turned me around again facing him and manage peeling my arms from the clinging bright colored pink sleeves, then stripping the unzipped bright pink long sleeve leotard down to my lower hips still encased in pink opaque tights and sexy brief style panties. Finally my bright pink opaque tights were peeled down to my ankle, then stripped off my kicking feet, one foot at a time as i gave my last pleas to keep them on,but to no avail and finally my uncle stripped my last protective pink layer of protection down and off me and soon totally naked with a bouncing fully exposed erection, while whining for the warmth and snugness of my bright colored “Pink Panther” leotard, opaque tights and the last layer of protection those brief style panties. That was one of the last times I wore a warm snug spandex Holiday costume besides my favorite grey colored batman leotards with outside black briefs and or my royal blue superman leotard and tights with a pair of bright red brief outside of them and sky blue colored shiny microfiber undies under those superhero costumes. They make the best underwear under outer clothes during the cold winter months. Besides being Halloween party costumes .

  • It’s still so nice dressing up as a superhero character in bright colored leotards with nice fitting swim briefs over them. The hard part comes after our Halloween costume party and all that well fitting, rather snug leotard, tights and swim briefs out side of them, yet shiny brief style lady’s panties under the leotards, are stripped off. As I may have said before, but I do feel like batman or superman, two of my of favorite superheroes wearing their best fitting costumed leotards. I got to stay at my uncles overnight one Halloween night after a costume party. I was wearing a red long sleeve back zipper leotard, with matching red opaque tights and very well fitting brief style panties under my superman leotard. When it was time for bed my uncle had my still superhero costume leotard clad body with a long yellow cape, a bright yellow stretch belt and yellow booties, in the large bathroom with him and had a set of baggy pajamas for me to wear for bedtime. I had a lot of anxieties, knowing he’ll soon be stripping them off me. I did feel like a young boy again, once he had my superhero leotard clad body in the bathroom with him. “It’s time, let’s get you out these superman leotards.” It was a slow erotic process for both of us. First, he slowly untied and removed the big yellow cape, then the booties were opened and taken off my feet, encased in the red tights. He would stand me up facing him, as he managed open the bright yellow stretch belt and it quickly separated and fell to the bathroom floor. I was still snug in the superhero red leotard, tights and outer snug swim briefs over my superhero leotard and tights. I did squirm a lot, while he’s trying to uncover my outlined full erection encased in those sexy swim briefs that were slowly peeled down and off my still leotard and tights encased body.After some time with him joyfully stripping me out of my superhero leotards, I was finally naked with a healthy male hard on. The red leotard was first unzipped then stripped down to my excited lowers still snug and secure in red tights and clinging (brief style panties). With the the unzipped leotard, still half on over the soft snug tights and panties, he would begin trying to unsnug all three layers of my clinging superhero leotards still half on, with the unzipped leotard, tights and panties, keeping my excited lowers still snug and secure on me. He would whisper “off, off leotard off! , leotard and tights off, everything off,off! and now He had me completely naked with an erect bouncing free hard penis. I kept squirming and tried continually resisting, but to no avail, as he stripped all three layers down my legs and managed freeing my kicking feet from the tangled superhero leotards. The feeling was quite sensational for me, as he stripped me bare and finally in those baggy pajamas. His second answer to my plight,after loosing all that superhero soft snug Halloween outfit was “See that wasn’t so bad after all.”

  • I was in a very sexy showtime for young men. I was dressed in very snug and soft white long sleeve leotard, matching , white opaque tights with well fitting white microfiber undies and keeping my turned on male privates snug and secure. After the show was over, nanny was waiting in the dressing room for me with a set of loose fitting, baggy underwear and street clothes. I wanted to keep those white leotards on, as they felt so nice, but to no avail, when she managed to open the long back zipper on my snug white leotard, despite all my pleading and trying to keep those snug and tickling white ballet leotard and tights on. Before I knew it the long sleeved white leotard was unzipped by her and now stripped halfway off me. My lower half the unzipped leotard with those sexy tights and ballet style undies were still keeping my outlined erection well encased in them. She told me to hold still now, while nanny gets those baggy boxer shorts and loose fitting street clothes for me to put on, once she has my very excited male body is all out of those very snug white leotards. There I was, standing with her in the dressing room, still encased in still on me, half way off unzipped leotard, sexy white tights and clinging undies outlining my excited male lowers. I couldn’t hold still either, as she was happily unsnugging that still clinging unzipped white leotard and that white rather snug first layer was soon down to my ankles and kicking feet, when she says ” step out of it.” Oh what a feeling as my white long sleeve unzipped leotard was quickly removed by her. Now still encased in white opaque tights and those sexy ballet undies and she was now stripping my white tights down to my still kicking fee, then slowly peeled them off my kicking feet, one foot at a time and now only in those sexy clinging undies, my last layer of protection still keeping my very excited male privates still very snug and secure in them. She asked me to hold still again, while slowly peeling them down, closer and closer to outlined hard penis and still wedgied between my rear buns. She just gave me smile, as slowly stretched the clinging microfiber off my full erection, as I made a few last pleas to keep the undies on, being my last remaining layer of protective covering. Again to no avail, with my now free bouncing hard on, she would gently tug those clinging undies from between my closely squeezed rear cheeks, then gently peeled them down and now I’m totally naked with a bouncing fully erect penis , as like the leotaed and tights, she freed my ankles form the tangled sexy microfiber briefs and soon had me in those baggy boxer shorts and loose fitting street clothes. I really liked wearing those soft well fitting white leotard, tights and undies, but it was especially quite a turn on having them stripped off by her, layer by layer while kept smiling while stripping me ot of those white leotard and tights after our showtime.

  • Yes, guys dressed in a superhero’s bright colored long sleeve , back zippered leotard with matching opaque tights and sexy brief style panties under his tights and especially the nice swimsuit style matching briefs over his superhero outfit. Being snug and secure in them can be quite exciting, the feel , wearing all those well fitting layers of spandex material, leotard, tights and bright colored briefs over the tights. It’s nice wearing them to a costume party or as warm and snug cold weather underwear, especially being at a female medical physician’s office or clinic, knowing that warm and snug superhero leotards and outer briefs will soon have to all come off.

  • I was again able to wear a set of superhero white colored white long sleeve, back zipper leotard with matching opaque white tights and light color pink, rather snug outside briefs over my leotard and tights. It was Easter Week and I was part of a costume party with several adults and many kiddies, that really liked seeing a costumed, leotard clad male superhero. It was still rather cold that day and felt very warm and snug in those white leotard and tights. Party time with kiddies was now over, when I was escorted to a large dressing room in my friend’s home., when he said “It’s time to for those superhero Holiday leotards to come off and change into loose fitting street clothes.” I had such an erection, well outlined in them and enjoying the warm, snug and secure feeling while those sexy white leotard and tights were still on me, when my uncle stepped into the changing room and seeing me in those well fitting white leotard and tights, noticeably outlining my excited male private lowers. He would give me a big smile and saying to me ” Hold still now while I strip off all this tight under wear.” I wondered, yet feeling so good with those sexy pink briefs over my leotards, while often thinking if any real costumed male liked wearing briefs outside their superhero leotards and yes I found out they do, as an added protective outside layer on them, especially when they have to strip off those sexy and snug superhero leotard and tights, giving them a little more time keeping their favorite superhero leotards still on , as they are being stripped off them. It was my turn now, as my uncle would strip those clinging outside briefs down and off my white superhero leotard clad body. They really tickled and felt like I was loosing my favorite swim briefs, as he pulled and tugged the tight fitting pink outside briefs down and off my still leotard clad body. I did let out a child like yelp, when he freed my kicking feet from the tangled pink briefs and now while standing up with my superhero leotard clad body facing away from him, when my uncle continued telling me to hold still, as he slowly began opening the long back leotard zipper. I whimpered and pouted some more while the sexy snug white long sleeve leotard was slowly being being unzipped and opened by my beloved uncle. Once my white superhero leotard was all unzipped, he gently turned me around again, facing him, the firmly freeing my arms from the clinging leotard long sleeves. He then stripped my unzipped leotard off my now bare upper torso down to my upper waist encased in the white opaque tights and sexy pantie style ballet undies I squeezed my legs closely together, but again to no avail like previously,he peeled all three layers of still half on unzipped white superhero leotard, tights and those sexy undies keeping my excited male lower privates snug and secure. he kept peeling them down and off my squirming body and me feeling like a little boy loosing his security blanket. I loved the way my uncle would again quietly say “Off leotard off, leotard and tights off, everything all off ! “. I now had a real tickling feeling, as all three clinging layer of my unzipped white superhero leotards were stripped down my tightly squeezed legs, when he would say “loosen up now, party’s over give up that superhero underwear now! “. I was finally naked and erect for only a short time and soon in those loose fitting street clothes with baggy underwear. I certainly liked being in those snug and well fitting superhero white leotard, matching white opaque tight and sexy ballet style under the warm and snug pink outside briefs. My uncle would give me another big smile after I changed into those loose fitting street clothes and saying to me ” That wasn’t so bad, you’re not a superhero now”, while holding my still warm, tangled superhero outfit, over his left arm.

  • Another superhero event, while dressed all red long sleeve, back zipper leotard, matching red tights, with sexy pink microfiber briefs under those well fitting superhero leotards. Again, it was a very cold winter day and they kept me warm, yet very turned on with the snug and secure feeling wearing them too. My uncle was with me, when I got to stay overnight at his home and him happily seeing me in my warm all zipped up outer snowsuit, over the superhero leotards. It was soon time for me to put on baggy winter pajamas for bedtime, when he took my collage age superhero leotard clad body feeling nice and secure under the all zipped up snowsuit, into the large bathroom, unzipping and stripping off my outer warm snowsuit, letting me keep my superhero leotard, tights and sexy pink female undies on for now. He would then ask me back into the large fully carpeted bedroom and me seeing a neatly folded set of baggy pajamas on the bed. It was over for me now, when he manage to start unzipping the snug fitting long sleeve leotard, as I pleaded to stay in them, but to no avail, while he would quietly say ” Hold still now while I strip all this tight outfit off you “, Slowly he continued opening the long back zipper, as I kept up my childish resistance,then Him getting my arms out of the long sleeves and firmly stripping the unzipped leotard down to my upper waist, still encased my superhero tights and pink underwear. He would begin pulling and stripping all three layers of my red colored unzipped leotard, matching red tights and pink undies off my squirming body. The feeling was so sensational, with my erection slowly slipping out from under those warm sexy superhero leotards and clinging pink undies slowly coming down, as he joyfully peeled them off my very excited male privates. He would quietly say “Off, off, leotard off, leotard and tights off, everything off, off ! ” when I could feel a chill on my now bare behind, as my uncle peeled off the still clinging superhero leotards and sexy undies, while I would plead for him not to take them off me when he soon had me totally naked while freeing my feet from the tangled unzipped superhero leotard, tangled tights and pink microfiber underwear . I was now totally naked with an exposed, bouncing hard penis and soon wearing those baggy pajamas and missed the warm, snug and secure feeling in my superhero outfit. As usual my uncle would just give me a big smile, while saying ” That wasn’t so bad getting them off and into bedtime pajamas.”

  • Those white superhero long sleeve back zippered leotard, white matching opaque tights, pink cape including bright pink briefs on the outside of his white leotards, make a good costume. They felt so sexy and snug too, when it was time to change out of our costumes and now it was my turn, as she untied and took off the long pink cape, then eyeing my now very well fitting bright pink briefs covering my very excited and erect male lowers encased in my leotard and tights. I didn’t want to take off anymore of my superhero outfit. She just smiled saying ” I know you really like wearing those superhero leotards, but the costume showtime is over and all that spandex has to come off now.” I wiggled and pouted, as she slowly untied the long white drawstrings on the pink briefs, then slowly trying strip them off my white leotard and tights clad body. Now I could feel the pink briefs, slowly being stripped off, like a swimsuit, they certainly felt so nice and snug, but to no avail while she joyfully tugged and pulled my superhero outside pink briefs off me. I was reminded by her, that those white leotard and tights are coming off too. She soon had the bright pink briefs down to my ankles and saying “Step out of them.” I pleaded to keep the superhero leotard and tights on, but again to no avail. She gently turned my squirming and very excited male anatomy facing my back to her, when she began slowly unzipping the leotard. I could feel a chill on my back, as she continued opening the somewhat stubborn long back zipper, she’ll soon have me out of those snug superhero leotards. It was a slow erotic process for her stripping it off my playful resisting and blushing male costumed body. Once the white leotard was opened, she managed freeing my arms from the long white leotard sleeves, then working it down to my lower torso still encased in the white opaque tights. Finally I was totally naked with my superhero unzipped leotard, opaque tights including those sexy very nice fitting ballet undies all stripped off me. We gave one another some warm hugs and kisses with her saying “You’re the sexiest costumed superhero I’ve known.” It was fun being a superhero that night with her, yet really liked her sexy stripping off those snug superhero leotards.

  • Those costumed adventures, I had on Halloween with my older relatives and friends and being dressed in superhero leotards on some rather cold days were true. There were some other holiday adult costume parties I was dressed as a superhero and many guys, I’m friends with, always fantasized wearing batman or superman leotards as warm winter underwear or with a lot of pretty ladies and dressed up , wearing sexy bright colored leotard and tights at an adult costume party, like on Halloween night, as a superhero, while hoping one of the pretty costumed ladies would take him home with them that night. I was lucky over the past several years being a costumed superhero dressed in well fitting leotard and tights with various superman accessories like a long bright colored cape, booties and make believe power stretch belt. In the end that night I helped out of them, usually by a close male or female relative later that night after the costume party was over. I learned a lot about comic or dress up superheroes, those briefs they wear over their tight are not underwear, but an added layer of security when they are going to fly, like in the superman stories or possible heroic situations. I really like wearing those warm and snug superhero leotards as a costume or cold weather underwear.

  • It’s that time of the year and it’s Halloween, one of my favorite costumed holidays. This year dressed up as a superhero again, in a different bright orange snug and well fitting long sleeve back zipper leotard, bright orange matching opaque tights with a nice looking and snug Speedo brand black swimsuit briefs over them and microfiber pantie style undies under the tights. That night after the costume party, I was staying overnight at my nanny’s home with other Halloween night friends, dressed up in similar Halloween attire, when it was time to change into baggy, yet warm pajamas. My two friends and I wanted to sleep in our Halloween, nice fitting superhero leotards, but to no avail when nanny said she’ll have all of us all out of our Halloween outfits and in those awful pajamas. I was first and soon she began slowly stripping off all my superhero costume, while standing in the large bathroom with her. First the yellow booties and socks came off,long black cape was untied, then firmly taken foo me. Their I was still in all orange with those outside black swim briefs, now outlining my full male erection
    I’m still feeling snug and secure in those bright orange superhero leotard and tights, when Nanny would say “You can resist and pout, but those Halloween leotards are coming off.” She was somewhat stronger and had more muscle power than my college age orange spandex clad body, as she managed to untie the long ivory colored drawstrings on swim briefs, while my two friends, still in their bright colored spandex Halloween superhero costumes. would watch my plight, knowing they will soon no longer be in their superhero leotards. Slowly and with determination, she stripped those black briefs with the now dangling untied drawstrings, down and off me. She said “Superheroes wear those briefs on the outside to keep their male privates snug and secure with their tight outfits. My friends had much anxiety now before, soon being stripped out of those superhero leotards. She now had the black briefs down to my ankles and kicking feet, as I pleaded with her “No more off,please let me stay in my bright orange Halloween leotards” , but again to no avail, when she slowly opened the long back zipper on the bright orange leotard, then peeling my arms from the leotard long sleeves and firmly working the still clinging orange spandex material down to my upper waist. Now my upper torso was bare, but my lower half was still well encased in the halfway off unzipped bright orange leotard with the matching orange color opaque tights and microfiber undies. My two friends would gasp, seeing me being stripped out of those Halloween bright orange superhero leotards, now releasing what is soon going to happen to them. Nanny let me stay in my halfway off leotard and still snug fitting orange tights and undies a little while longer, when she brought me those awful baggy pajamas, then continued joyfully stripping off my still half on superhero leotard, then the bright orange tights were stripped off my squirming bottom and finally those sexy microfiber undies came off and now totally naked with a fully erect penis and soon in those awful baggy pajamas. She would quietly say “next” and that was my friend in all purple spandex. After some time, he too was in baggy pajamas and finally our friend in an all bright green superhero one piece leotard was stripped naked and also soon wearing another set of baggy pajamas. All three of us really liked being in our bright colored superhero costumes, but especially having them slowly, yet firmly stripped off us by my nanny. She felt like a Halloween cat that caught her prey for the night.

  • I was wearing my favorite sky blue colored snug long sleeve back zipper leotard, royal blue opaque tights and well fitting nylon panties under the tights and a pair of microfiber swim briefs outside my leotard and tights. It was a rather cold day at our costume party, but had a lot of fun too. After the costume party, I stayed with my uncle overnight. He had a pair of very loose fitting male pajamas to put on for bedtime and a change of baggy boxers style underwear and very loose fitting outside street clothes to wear in the morning. He told me that my superhero costume has to come off now and put on those pajamas, but I wanted keep those warm, snug leotard and tights on instead of those awful pajamas. After much childish pouting, He would strip off all my snug and sexy holiday costume leotard, tights including the nylon undies, keeping my outlined, very snug and secure male privates, well encased in them. My uncle now began stripping off the two tone blue leotard and tights, as I pouted and resisted them being stripped off, starting with the outer swim briefs, as the long drawstrings were uncovered,untied with the microfiber swim briefs and dangling untied drawstrings now being unsnugged , firmly pulled down and off me. It really tickled but glad I was still in my blue superhero leotards. He helped me out of the outer briefs, then stopped stripping off the leotard, tights and undies, watching me squirm and pout while I tried hiding my outlined erection, still well encased in those two tone blue leotard and tights. Then he said “no how much you resist, I’ll have them all off you and into the baggy pajamas. There I was still in those snug and tickling sky blue back zippered, long sleeve leotard, royal blue opaque tights and white colored sexy undies under the royal blue tights. Now my fate began, when he continued to strip off my two tone blue leotard and tights. He would hold my squirming superhero leotard clad body closely with my back facing him and now began slowly trying to unzip the leotard back zipper. All we could hear was my pleading to stay my superhero leotard and tights and the crackling sound of the very snug leotard long back zipper being opened Unzzzippp”, as he began unzipping and opening my sky blue colored leotard. I squeezed my legs closely together while my uncle continued unzipping it and now the blue leotard was unzipped and opened, when he slowly turned my squirming still snug in my superhero leotards , now unzipped leotard, opaque tights and white nylon briefs under my tights. he then slowly freed both my arms from the long sky blue leotard sleeves, while I pleaded and pouted some more, not to take them off me,but again, to no avail, when he managed to peel the unzipped leotard down my now bare upper torso and down to my waist, still encased in the royal blue tights and clinging white undies. My uncle would keep smiling now, seeing me still snug in my halfway off unzipped leotard with the tights and white undies still encased with my excited male lowers. Soon the still clinging halfway off unzipped leotard with the dangling sleeves was being unsnugged and after a some more tugging and pulling, I felt the still clinging leotard slip out from between my legs, as he stripped it down my tightly squeezed legs, to my ankles and kicking feet when he quietly said ” step out of it.” I’m still in my royal blue tights and undies with my well outlined full erection still encased in them. My uncle gave me another big smile, while gazing at my almost naked body, then firmly stretched the waistband of the blue tights, then unsnugging and slowly stripping them down my still closely squeezed legs, as I whined and kept pleading ” no more off, please don’t.” and finally stripped them down to my ankles, then slowly peeling the tights off my still kicking feet, one leg at a time. Now I’m in only the sexy white nylon undies well wedggied between my rear buns and keeping my still outlined erection snug and secure in them, as my last layer of sexy tight covering. He let me continue pouting and squirming, when he began slowly stripping the white tight fitting undies down, lower and lower to my very excited male erect penis, then slowly exposing it and now bouncing free, with a few more firm pulls, he had them out from between my rear cheeks and my whole bare behind was now exposed, as he continued peeling the clinging undies down and off my now naked young body. It took him some time getting me out of all those snug fitting layers of superhero leotard, tights and undies and now into those awful baggy pajamas. He would quietly say to me ” It took some time, yet that wasn’t so bad getting you naked either.”

  • I love being snug and secure in superhero leotard and tights with one of my favorite bright colored swim briefs over them and a close fitting pair of girls undies under my snug tights too. When it’s time to give up my favorite well fitting superhero leotard, tights and the outside swim briefs that really feel so nice over the superhero leotards and it’s time for my favorite superhero leotards to come off, nanny enjoys stripping the speedo swim briefs off first. She’ll slowly begin uncovering and untying the long drawstrings, then slowly working that clinging swimsuit down and off my still leotard clad body. After loosing those snug swim briefs, I still feel very secure in my superhero leotard and tights, while still on me. After a lot of squirming and pouting,nanny finally strips those superhero leotard and tights off me, but I’m still in tight fitting girl’s undies, as my last layer of male covering, but soon they will be coming off also and , as a young guy, it feels like I’m losing the last piece of my Halloween protective security blanket and now baring it all. yes, those briefs worn on the outside of a superhero’s leotards aren’t underwear, but just a well fitting speedo style swim briefs keeping his male privates snug and secure. The girl’s panties worn under his tights are his last piece of soft, snug underwear to come off after his super hero leotard and tights are now all off him.

  • One of my great overnight stays with my uncle was on Halloween night after being at a Halloween costume party. It was a rather cool night, when I arrived at his home wearing my favorite kiddie style outer warm outfits, as it was a very chilly night too. I was in my snug fitting corduroy bib overalls, a flannel long sleeve button up shirt and under the outer kiddie clothes I had a costumed, warm and rather snug bright pink long sleeve back zipper leotard with matching bright pink opaque tights and regular pink color girl’s briefs under the tights. That outfit felt so nice too. My uncle, in only a long fuzzy bathrobe greeted me at the door. He really liked my noticeably snug outer kiddie outfit curious as to what kind of costume I was in at the Halloween party, when I told him I was wearing it under my outer kiddie outfit. After a while, later that night, he wanted me to put on a neatly folded pair of baggy pajamas, when I was escorted by him into the large polar dressing room with wall to wall fuzzy carpeting and large surrounding mirrors. As we stood in the polar room, he said he’ll completely undress me and still very curious as to what type of Halloween costume I had on under my kiddie style outfit. I had a lot of anxieties and a good size hard on now outlined under my outer snug outfit and leotards underneath. My uncle would give me a big smile, as he began undressing me,first the sneakers and warm socks were taken off with him now seeing my feet encased in bright pink. He wondered about my now visible feet encased in bright pink. Now moment of nudity would begin, as, my uncle firmly unfastened the overalls front bib and back shoulder straps, then unbuttoning my long sleeve flannel shirt and now seeing my bright pink zippered leotard, he had an idea what I was costumed as, for the Halloween costume party. My overalls were still very snug on me, as he removed my warm flannel shirt. My unfastened overalls bib and shoulder straps were now dangling at my waist. After opening the rest of the snaps and leg zippers on the snug fitting overalls, he managed to work them down and off my squirming body and excited privates. I was now in only the bright pink leotard and matching pink tights, soon to be coming off. My uncle noticed my very excited erection and how my leotard and tights were well encased between my behind rear cheeks. I continued feeling so snug and secure in my bright pink leotards, when he said ” That pink Halloween underwear has to come off now.” After a few minutes while I’m still in the pink Halloween long sleeve leotard and opaque tights, as he held me closely and began slowly unzipping the pink leotard, as I would squirm and pout like a little boy about to loose his favorite warm security blanket “No please don’t, I want my leotards” , while he saw my excited male privates well outlined in them. He held me closely, while he continued opening the long back zipper on my pink leotard. It was a long, yet fun time for him and quite arousing for me having all those sexy clinging bright pink now unzipped long sleeve leotard, bright pink tights and girls pink brief style panties finally all stripped off me. witha

  • (continued part#2) I had a bouncing free fully erect penis while being completely naked now. He was very turned on too after stripping all those sexy snug layers of outer kiddie clothes and my bright pink Halloween leotard, pink tights and girl’s undies off me. It was beautiful too, but I was soon wearing those baggy pajamas for my overnight stay with him.

  • This year’s Halloween costume party was a real success and everybody enjoyed themselves, especially those scantly clad costumed ladies. It looks like I was one of those eye catching male Halloween costumed characters. I was with my uncle at the party, as he was dressed as a cave man, just in baggy revealing green shorts with large ivory leafs wrapped around his upper torso. He did give us all a laugh, when it was time for he and I to head for home. I was warned by other people attending the party, that I wont be in those tight fitting superhero tight very long, when in his house. They were right, when he was now naked and in only long white night shorts. He gave me a good look over while he and I were in the large bedroom with a neatly folded pairs of silly and baggy pajamas for me to wear in bed, much later that Halloween night. I was still in my rather snug and well fitting blue colored superhero long sleeve, back zippered leotard, matching blue opaque tights and sky blue microfiber briefs under my tights,outlining my tickling and erect male privates. He would quietly say to me while in the bedroom “Let’s get these Halloween leotards off you now.” Soon, he was opening the long back zipper on the leotard, as I pleaded to sleep in my superhero costume, but to no avail, when he stripped the snug leotard down and off me, then saying “first layer off, step out of it.” My Halloween costume adventure was almost over. Now still in only in the blue tights and those nice fitting and clinging microfiber briefs under the tights, keeping me still snug and secure. He would just smile while telling me “We’re not finished, those tights and undies are coming off too.” I pleaded some more, while feeling those beautiful colored blue tights being stripped off my squirming body and he soon had them down to my ankles and slowly peeled them off my kicking feet. I’m now wearing my last layer, those very snug microfiber undies, containing my very excited male privates. My uncle would just keep smiling, while I continued my childish pouting and resisting, when he firmly had is hands stretching the waist band on the microfiber briefs and now slowly peeling them down and off my now bouncing free fully exposed hard penis and bare behind, like the tights, he stripped the clinging briefs down to my still kicking feet, then yanking the tangled microfiber undies off my kicking feet. I was now totally naked before being helped into those baggy silly pajamas. I thought and wondered how a superhero like superman or batman felt wearing their leotards and tights, then having to change out of them. It was a beautiful Halloween party, but like I was forewarned by many costumed guests I wont be in those snug fitting superhero for long, They were right on the money.

  • This was my first Halloween costume party in a while and dressed in my favorite well fitting superman royal blue, long sleeve back zipper leotard, matching royal blue opaque tights with a red Speedo style swim suit over the tights, red cape and yellow booties. That Halloween superhero costume felt very snug and secure on me too. After the Halloween costume party, I stayed over night with my uncle, when it was soon bedtime later that nigh and I’ll be wearing baggy pajamas, while I was still snug in my superman leotards. My uncle would take my still superhero clad body into the the large fancy room, known as “the Nudie Room” then my uncle looked over my male torso,well encased in spandex superhero leotards with my outlined full erection. He was in only a long bathrobe, while we were facing one another, then my uncle saying ” It’s time to strip off these superhero leotards and those nylon undies too”. I began playfully resisting, as he removed the long red cape and yellow superman yellow booties. I’m now in only the blue long sleeve leotard, blue tights bright red outside swimsuit briefs, when he reached under the red briefs waist band uncovering and slowly untying the long white drawstrings. It felt like being at the swim club during the summer months, as he began stripping stripping off my brief style red briefs. I was glad that I was still in my royal blue leotard and tights, while he managed stripping the red swimsuit down and off my blue spandex encased squirming body. He would then tell me “step out of it” firmly yanking the now tangled bright red briefs off my kicking feet while I pleaded to stay in my royal blue leotards, but to no avail, when he would have my long sleeve leotard clad back facing him, as he would start slowly opening the long back leotard zipper. I could feel a draft on my exposed and bare back, as he happily continued unzipping the royal blue long sleeve leotard, then peeling my arms from the long sleeves, as I kept hiding my outlined full erection and of course he’ll soon have me naked, once my uncle has me out of those spandex superman leotard, tights and nylon undies too. Those snug spandex leotard and tight felt so nice, while still on me, as he stripped the unzipped leotard halfway off me, while I kept pleading to keep the blue leotards on. Again to no avail with the royal blue unzipped leotard lower half still encased in my excited lowers with the royal blue tights and nylon undies. he would quietly say to me ” no matter how much you resist or how long it takes, I’ll have all these superhero leotard, tights including whatever you’re wearing under all this Halloween attire. he was right, after some time peeling down and unsnuging all layers of those well fitting blue Halloween superman leotard, He finally had me completely naked including my bouncing free hard penis. Once he got all three layers of tangled leotards and undies off my kicking feet, I was soon wearing those baggy boy’s large size pajamas. I loved being a spandex encased Halloween costumed superman, but did feel like a little boy loosing his snug security blanket, as my uncle joyfully, slowly, yet firmly stripped off all those superman blue leotard, tights, red outside briefs with my clinging nylon undies on Halloween night.

  • I really like being dressed up as a superhero with whatever colored tight fitting briefs over those very well fitting Halloween season spandex superhero leotard and tights with very sexy tight fitting bright colored red or black outer briefs over my warm and snug superhero leotards. The not so fun time begins after a fun Halloween costume party when my daddy like uncle manages stripping off those snug fitting superhero spandex leotard, tights and outer briefs. First the snug fitting outer bright colored outer briefs are stripped down and off, then the long sleeve superhero leotard is unzipped, then stripped off my squirming body, next my very close fitting super hero tights are stripped off including those sexy undies beneath the tights and soon naked as can be, while resisting those sexy and snug Halloween superhero leotards coming off me layer by layer and soon in baggy pajamas late Halloween night.

  • i was dressed in bright yellow colored long sleeve back zippered leotard, matching bright yellow opaque tights with orange colored briefs over the yellow leotards. It was fun wearing them one Halloween night, when it was time to head for home to change into regular street clothes. I stayed with an older mother type lady. She certainly liked my yellow superhero leotard and tights, especially with me having an noticeably outlined erection under those warm and snug fitting yellow leotards with the orange colored outer briefs over them. I was in her home, when she said “let’s get this yellow outfit off you now.” Those bright yellow leotard, matching yellow tights and orange outer briefs felt so nice on me too. We were in the large bedroom, as she began stripping my bright yellow colored superhero leotard, tights and outer briefs all off me. I began blushing a bright red while she worked those snug fitting orange briefs down and off my yellow leotard clad male body. It was taking her some time and doing, getting the snug fitting orange briefs down and off my yellow leotard clad lower torso. She was in only a long bathrobe when she would say ” All that yellow ballet underwear is coming off too.” I still had an outlined full scale erection encased in my all yellow colored leotard and tights with girl’s clinging nylon underwear under the tights. I didn’t want to give them up yet, after her stripping off those orange outer briefs from my yellow leotard clad body, when she would say “Step out of the briefs.” and snatching the orange briefs from my kicking yellow tights encased feet. After a while, she soon had my superhero leotard long back zipper opened and stripped off, then the warm and beautiful yellow opaque tights were stripped off and finally the light tan colored clinging girl’s ballet undies came off and I was no longer a superhero. Anybody, especially guys in good shape can be dressed as a superhero, regardless of what color the leotards are. To me, they make for the best fitting, nicest looking and warm feeling cold weather underwear or as a costume on Halloween night.

  • I loved wearing very sexy, snug superhero sky blue colored long sleeve, back zipper leotard, matching sky blue opaque tights and pink colored men’s Speedo swim briefs over the sky blue leotard and tights with tickling girl’s tan colored brief style undies under my Halloween costume leotard, tights including a large red cape. It was fun wearing superhero sky blue leotard, sky blue tights with a pink Speedo swim suit outside the costume leotards. It made me feel so good, being complimented and admired by sexy costumed women at our club’s Halloween costume party. Later that night, I was invited by my nanny to stay overnight with her and my cousin of the same age. The fun part for her began, when it was time for me to put baggy and silly looking boys pajamas, when she now had me in the bedroom with a neatly folded set of baggy pajamas on the bed for me. It was a somewhat long process for her, getting me out those snug superhero’s leotards and outer covering pink Speedo swimsuit. Those sky blue superhero leotard, tights and outside pink swimsuit still felt so nice while still on me. She would tell me “Hold still now, so I can get these Halloween leotards off you.” Nanny slowly uncovered and untied the long drawstrings on the pink Speedo swim briefs, then trying to get them down and off my superhero leotard and tights clad body. Those superhero outer covering pink swimsuit, leotard, tights and gave me an involuntary outlined male erection too. After a lot of pulling and stripping them down, those very snug pink Speedo swim briefs were now down to my ankles, when she would say to me “step out of it.” then yanked them off my leotard clad feet and tossed those sexy pink Speedo outside briefs into the laundry hamper. She then said ” We’re not finish yet, the rest of those Halloween superhero leotards have to come off too.” All I could hear now was “unzzzippp”, as she slowly opened the sky blue leotard long back zipper and managed unsnugging , stripping it down my legs and childishly kicking legs. again saying “Step out of them.” I’m just in the sky blue tights and girl’s undies and eventually she had both tights and undies off me and soon I was in the silly baggy pajamas. My cousin saw my plight being stripped out of those superhero leotard, knowing he will be next and soon loosing all of his extra snug singlet, tights and brief style girl’s panties under his well fitting singlet and green colored tights. To me, there is no shame being in leotard and tights with briefs on the outside of them. It really feels very nice wearing those superhero leotards with outer briefs as a costume on Halloween night and also as cold weather underwear or even on chilly nights, instead of baggy pajamas.

  • It’s a long afternoon in the medical clinic examination room on a very cold winter day. I’m dressed in my favorite warm and somewhat snug kiddie style outer zip up front snowsuit and light blue colored long sleeve, back zippered leotard, same color matching opaque tights and nylon white colored close fitting undies under my tights. That warm and very nicely fitting winter outfit made me feel great wearing them, with an outlined male erection too. I had a change of very loose fitting underwear and street clothes to put on after seeing the examining female doctor. I would blush shyly and not wanting to give my warm, snug winter outfit, but to no avail,when told by the exam room nurses ” I will have to be totally undressed before the doctor sees me”. I was able to keep that snug snowsuit with my favorite leotards on for a little while longer ,when it was time for me to bare it all now, as one lovely nurse will strip off all those warm and snug cold weather attire. I still felt like a superhero with those snug fitting light blue leotard and matching lite blue tights. Over the light blue opaque tights, I had a in a royal blue tight and great fitting Speedo swimsuit over the tights as a superhero for a Holiday costume party earlier that morning. My baggy underwear and loose fitting street clothes were neatly folded on the exam room large chair. I would blush while still wearing the snowsuit with my superhero leotards and trying hiding my outlined erection, before I’m slowly all undressed by the lovely nurse. She was somewhat older than me, as she would hold me close to her, then began stripping off the my snug kiddie style snowsuit. and superhero leotards. I could now feel and hear the long snowsuit zipper being opened by her while saying ” Hold still now, everything’s coming off and you’ll be ready for the doctor.” All I could hear at first was “Unzzziipppp'” when she opened the long front snowsuit zipper, then after a lot of my childish resisting and pouting , she eventually got me out my kiddie style snowsuit. I was still wearing snug superhero leotards and royal blue briefs over the tights and really liked being a superhero, while still in my superhero leotard, tights and outer royal blue briefs, yet no big cape or booties,but I didn’t mind while still in those snug and secure superhero leotards. The time to bare it all had come when the older nurse and helping female partner eventually had me unzipped, stripped and all off for my full medical exam. It took them some time stripping all that snug feeling spandex material all off me and I was now no longer a leotard clad superhero, just a completely naked young man with an exposed erect penis and bare behind, until I was in only a long gown for the female doctor’s examination. In the long run, it was fun, also keeping me snug and secure being dressed in a well fitting costume as a superhero at a holiday costume party. If any guys are interested or just curious, try wearing leotard and tights as a superhero or as wintertime underwear.

  • It was another cold winter day and had to go for a doctor’s rescheduled time and date appointed checkup. I was well dressed, as always for the cold weather that day in very snug and warm snow bibs with a well fitting set of leotard, tights and undies, brief style as underwear. I had a change of very loose fitting underwear and street clothes to put on after my medical checkup. and now knowing, the examining doctor was a female too. While in the examination room, still wearing those warm and snug cold weather snow bibs with well fitting leotard and tights under my snow bibs. The attending nurse entered the exam room with a neatly folded long hospital gown to have covering me during my medical checkup by the female doctor, when she said to me in a motherly way “All that cold weather outfit and whatever underwear I have on has to be stripped off also for my examination”. The attending nurse and her helper would slowly, yet firmly undress me starting with the warm and snug bib snow pants, unfastening the bib and thick shoulder straps, then opening the snow bib leg zippers and now tugging and working them down and off my leotard clad body outlining my fully erect penis and wedgied behind. I did resist like a little boy, feeling those very snug snow bibs being pulled off my kicking legs, as both nurses would smile while getting those all unfastened and unzipped snow bibs finally off me. The attending nurse and the other helping nurse saw my outlined full erection encased in the leotards and undies. The attending nurse would tell me ” We’re not finished, all that tight underwear has to come off too.” and was now opening the long back leotard zipper. I continued blushing and tried stopping her and the helping nurse stripping my embarrassed male ego and were really tickling my body encased, still encased in leotard, tights and undies, but in the end, I lost, as they stripped off all those leotards with my sexy clinging undies layer by layer and I was now completely naked with an outward pointing erection and bare behind. The helping nurse would free my kicking feet from the tangled leotard, tights and undies when I was soon helped into the long hospital gown and had a full medical examination by the female doctor and got a clean bill of health for another year. I soon changed into that very loose fitting boxer shorts and street clothes after a long afternoon at the clinic with these lovely lady medical professionals. It took some time getting all that warm and snug winter attire off me and being naked in only a gown while examined by the female doctor.

  • It’s our costume night again and I was wearing flesh tone colored very snug long sleeve and back zipper leotard, matching same colored opaque tights with nice fitting bright red nylon briefs over my superhero leotard. The accessories I had on were a long red cape and yellow booties with matching yellow socks. After the costume party and still in my very snug superhero leotard, tights and outer red briefs, I was taken to my uncle’s home for an invited overnight stay. He really looked my superhero leotard clad body over, then told “He has an extra set of baggy pajamas and street clothes to wear home in the morning “. It was a slow, yet very arousing time for me, when he would give me a big smile and saying “Let me get all this rather sexy costume off you.” First the long red cape was untied and removed, then my yellow booties and socks were removed, when I asked to sleep in the leotard, tights with the outside bright red briefs, outlining my full erection. He answered ” Sorry, everything comes off for bedtime now.” We were in the large fancy bathroom while standing and facing one another. My Uncle would untie the drawstrings on the snug outer red briefs, then pulling and tugging them down from between my flesh tone colored leotard encased legs. I wiggled and pouted, as those clinging red briefs were being unsnugged and eventually stripped down and off. As I continued asking to stay in my superhero leotard and tights instead of those baggy pajamas, but to mo avail while feeling the leotard long back zipper being opened by my uncle. Those superhero leotards, even without the cape and booties felt so nice being snug and secure on me and I didn’t want to take them off. It was a rather fun time for both of us while being stripped off, layer by layer and now naked with a full erection and bare behind. Being dressed as a costumed superhero in those sexy snug and secure fitting leotard, tights and undies was a lot of fun and I felt very comfortable in them too. It took my uncle some time getting those superhero leotards all off me. i think every guy should try wearing them as a superhero and getting a lot of costumed women’s attention at costume parties.

  • Many times a question is asked, as to the briefs male superheroes wears outside his superhero leotard and tights. Superheroes wear ballet style snug nylon undies under their sexy leotard and tights and do like having a well fitting Speedo swim suit outside their outfits,added as an extra layer of security while in their superhero outfits. The outer black, pink, red or blue outer briefs are not worn as underwear either. They wear very snug and tickling nylon or microfiber brief style lady’s panties under their tights, keeping their sexual privates snug and secure,

  • After being at a costume party, Those sexy snug and warm superhero leotards are usually slowly stripped off me by my nanny, aunt or uncle for bedtime. They start with the outside briefs, same as men’s well fitting swim briefs untying the drawstrings, then pulling and tugging those clinging outside briefs down and off, reminding me of summertime after swimming, yet I’m still dressed in leotards and ballet style undies until they are stripped off, one piece at a time and soon in those loose fitting silly pajamas.

  • To wear a superhero long sleeve leotard, opaque tights feel really nice while in them, especially with snug swim briefs outside the superhero leotards. Again, as said before, a male superhero wears very light ballet style nylon or microfiber briefs under his leotards and do fit well under the tights. The outside briefs aren’t his outer underwear, but are Speedo style swim briefs. They are one of the first items to come off his superhero leotard clad body, after his cape and booties are taken off him by a lovely woman. It does take her some time getting the leotard unzipped and stripped off, then the sexy opaque tights and ballet briefs off, especially with him having an erection feeling so nice while still encased in his superhero leotards. Those very nicely fitting outer briefs look and feel good while still on him, as she enjoys stripping them off his squirming body, before stripping his leotard, tights and clinging ballet style undies off after a fun costume party and now totally naked and baring it all.

  • It was a warm spring day and he was caught wearing a girl’s tight one piece swimsuit, when he was called into the large fancy bathroom by his aunt while wearing only the white nylon one piece swimsuit, outlining his very erect male penis, yet that swimsuit fit him well and he certainly looked good in it too. His aunt said “He may have looked good wearing that very tight fitting woman’s swimsuit, but it’s coming off now.” He squirmed and playfully resisting, as she began stripping that clinging white swimsuit off him. It was taking her some time and effort, getting it down and off his squirming body. He felt so snug and secure, while encased in the white colored girl’s one piece swimsuit and didn’t want to take it off yet, but to no avail, as his aunt continued stripping it down his young and firm upper torso. His aunt, now has the tight swimsuit halfway off, yet his excited lowers were still encased and his lower behind with his rear cheeks well exposed and wedgied between his rear buns. His aunt was quite happy, while slowly peeling the snug fitting material off his very erect penis, He kept his legs squeezed closely together, as she continued stripping him totally naked. After much of her pulling and tugging on that girl’s tight one piece swimsuit, he felt it slowly slipping off his fully erect penis, then slowly slipping from between his rear buns and soon she had it down his closely squeezed legs and at his ankles, then firmly yanking that rolled down and tangled tight one piece swimsuit from his kicking feet. There weren’t any girl’s or female breast supports in the upper front part, but had nice tan colored inside lining in the lower half. He was now finally completely naked showing all of him including his full erection and bare behind with his aunt in only a wrap around towel, holding the white one piece girl’s swimsuit, she just stripped off him, now he’s ready for a nice shower in the fancy bathroom shower stall.

  • I’m in our men’s clinic after a nice Halloween costume party. I was wearing my very well fitting superhero leotards in all bright red coloring. The cape was colored dark red, with yellow booties footwear. I now had a healthy erection noticeably outlined under the snug red leotard and tights. I was called into the large examination room by a lovely nurse, admiring my middle age body and outlined male erection encased in my red leotard, tights with sexy microfiber ballet briefs under my tights. I wasn’t sure what the clinic female doctor was going to do with me during the appointed time, when the nurse, brought with her in the exam room, a long gown for me to have on during the clinic’s female doctor’s physical examination of me. The nurse, then told me that I’ll have to be completely undressed for my examination and said she’ll help me out of Halloween superhero leotards. Much to my surprise, my cousin arrived at the clinic with a set of loose fitting street clothes and baggy underwear were soon brought into the exam room for me to put on after the being medically examined by the clinic lady doctor. While in the exam room, the clinic nurse began removing my snug and warm red superhero leotard, tights and undies. I really didn’t want to take them off, but she will strip me naked, preparing me for the female doctor to see my soon to be totally naked, still in decent shape body. It was an erotic and slow process for her, getting me out of those tight fitting superhero leotards. After closing the large surrounding privacy curtain, the nurse first untied and taking off the yellow booties, then the dark red cape came off and now I’m in only bright red superhero leotard, tights and tight ballet girl’s undies, keeping my outlined hard penis snug and secure. I kept asking her, “Do I have to be all undressed?” with the nurse answering “Yes” she answered, all that spandex outfit has to come off you before the clinic doctor.” sees you . ” I squirmed and pleaded childishly, while also blushing a matching bright red, as she slowly opened the red leotard long back zipper. She said, “I see you don’t want to take them off.” I could hear the zipper being opened and also feeling a chill on my now bare back, as she had the red leotard now unzipped. A few minutes later she removed the long leotard sleeves from both my arms and stripped it firmly down to my waist, still in bright red tights and those sexy panties while sitting on the exam table, when the nurse helped my still half on unzipped leotard clad body, outlining my excited lowers, still snug in my halfway off unzipped leotard, tights and ballet briefs. The nurse smiled, while saying ” Let’s get these all this tight red underwear off now ” as I was now feeling her warm and gentle hands slowly unsnugging and stripping the bright red superhero leotard off me. Now I’m in only the red tights and ballet briefs under them, when she firmly peeled those warm and very snug red superhero tights down and off my kicking feet. Another surprise, was the lady doctor watching the young nurse stripping off my snug red superhero leotard, tights and now those sexy ballet briefs, my last layer to be stripped off and again, it was a slow process for her, yet quietly enjoying my plight into nudity. Once she had the clinging briefs off my fully erect penis and gently tugged from between my rear buns, they were peeled down my now bare legs and yanked from my kicking feet, before helping me into the long hospital gown and now examined by the female doctor. Both the female doctor and her helping nurse told me later, that they really liked my Halloween costume with me in bright red superhero leotard, tights and light colored pink ballet undies but especially challenging and time consuming, yet fun for the nurse stripping all those superhero leotards with the sexy briefs off me.

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