Certain Almonds are Highly Poisonous

Now You KnowYou should know almonds come in two varieties, sweet and bitter, and the latter is highly poisonous when raw.

Bitter almonds contain glycoside amygdalin. When eaten, glycoside amygdalin will turn into prussic acid, a.k.a. hydrogen cyanide, which incidentally was the key ingredient to Zyklon B, the pesticide used in the Nazi gas chambers.

So if you’re walking out in the woods and spot and almond tree, don’t just naturally assume it’s safe to eat the almonds.  It doesn’t take much hydrogen cyanide to kill you. Specifically, it only takes about 100-200 mg of cyanide, when eaten, to kill you within minutes (about .68 mg per pound of body weight).  For reference, each raw bitter almond will produce about 4-9 mg of hydrogen cyanide once metabolized.   So a few handfuls of raw bitter almonds are enough to kill you quite swiftly and lesser amounts may cause you other serious health issues such as kidney failure.

Interestingly, people who can smell cyanide (about 40% of humans can detect an odor when smelling cyanide, for others it’s odorless) say that it smells a bit like almonds.

Processed bitter almonds though can safely be eaten as all the hydrogen cyanide is leached out during the heating process. Due to their toxicity before being processed, in the United States it is illegal to sell bitter almonds that are unrefined.

Apple seeds are just as poisonous as bitter almonds.  Go here to find out more about this and why cyanide is poisonous, in terms of what’s going on in your body after you ingest it: Apple Seeds Contain Cyanide

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  • Do your research..! No one has died from eating a few handfuls of raw bitter almonds. The hydrogen cyanide is only release on contact with cancer cells but neutralised by an enzyme on healthy cells. So in effect it can “cure” cancer or at least in less severe cases. The US banned the sale of the almonds for the same reason it has banned raw milk (mostly economical).

    • Daven Hiskey

      @David: references?

      • How about YOUR references, regarding YOUR claims, that they WILL kill you?

        Provide evidence, please.

      • Do some research on B-17. The medical mafia has tried spreading the same disinformation campaign about the next best source for B-17, bitter apricot kernals, as well. LOL, yeah… B-17 IS dangerous — to the profits and life-styles of those who depend on the cancer industry for those profits and life-styles…. The “problem” with natural products is that they can’t be patented. If a product can’t be patented, it can’t be proprietized and sold for obscene levels of profit. Most of the folks at the top of such industries not only couldn’t care less about patient’s well-being; but, aside from their “value” as “cash cows,” agree with Kissinger (etc.) that “the world population should be reduced to no more than 500,000,000 – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY…” (I’m not going to bother with doing your homework for you. It’s easy enough to fact check on your own with a simply google search…)

        • Your so right in everything you said people believe in these people who use us as money making machine then believing in themselves and what nature provides to feed and heal our bodies

        • Judith graviano

          It’s amazing that this country cares more about the money than keeping us cancer free.

          • Daven Hiskey

            @Judith graviano: Your evidence for this is?

            A question to ask yourself is, “Do people from Big Pharma have family members and themselves who die from cancer?” They do, in fact, as do the world’s most rich and powerful, including Steve Jobs who pursued pretty much every alternative supposed cure for his cancer before finally going with traditional treatments when the others didn’t work. His decision to delay may well have cost him his life. So you better believe there is no such suppressed cure for cancer out there, or from Big Pharma to the world’s most rich and powerful, they’d all be using it and not dying of cancer just like everyone else. 😉

        • Actually, i know someone who are these and got really ill. It was like a really bad flue. He lost control of his bowls for a day and literally pooped on my couch while I was taking care of him after he went on this tangent eating those apricot seeds

      • I’ve eaten 30 in a sitting. The doctors are lying about so many things in medicine.

      • Watch The Family on Netflix..that’ll give you a clue to what you don’t know how the current system works. The FDA has monsanto/poison lovers..the EPA have ex-oil workers..there only thing I could see is when the food is sprayed by monsanto/Bayer workers dressed in spacesuits because that’s how poisonous roundup is. The system wants people sick because they wouldn’t make money if we weren’t sick.

    • Where can I find the information behind what you said?

  • I think the author Daven Hiskey is right, however i would just like to elaborate few things regarding bitter almonds and apricot kernels.
    1. Bitter almonds as well as bitter apricot kernels do contain cyanogenic chemicals as explained by the author, consumption of larger amount of such seeds can be dangerous. However they are so bitter that no one usually consumes them in those quantities. However if you want to see the proof, just feed two bitter almonds to a chicken and see.
    2. On the internet and western social media, there is usually confusion as regards the apricot kernels, like almonds most of them are sweet, only few plants produce bitter ones. Sweet ones are perfectly safe for human consumption. I am not saying this on some hearsay but based on my own experience. We consume dozens of apricot seeds daily for extended long periods without any ill effects. And a number of communities in Himalayan region consume them regularly. The overwhelming concept that apricot kernels are almost always bitter or toxic is false.
    3. The use of bitter almonds and bitter apricot kernels for treating cancer has not been scientifically established, its one of the hoaxes only.


      • I’m going with you Robin. Very intelligent answer. For myself, as long as you put out all aspects of what may or may not happen, everything should be made available to people to treat themselves. No one should have a monopoly on truth or treatment.

        Eating seeds of fruit and vegetables is as old as the bible. It was clearly stated to eat BOTH the fruit AND the seed inside.

        Having research point this out is just novelty as we’ve known this for millennium. Having man-made science say it contains chemicals is just as interesting as it further proves small amounts of the chemicals in these seeds DO have an effect on the human body.

      • TThis is EXACTLY the way I understand it.

      • I am believer of Bitter Almond Seed (Vit B17) for the cure and control of cancer (spread). I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer in December 2014 and underwent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy from March 2015 till May 2015. Within the same period, Gosselerin was administered Subcutaneous. The after effect was terrible including incontinence, pains, loss of stamina, etc. This continued until I accidentally learnt of Bitter Almond Seed. Out of curiosity, I sourced it and started using it without consulting my doctor since it was regarded as a supplement. The response was and is still fantastic. It is like having my health back again. Up till now, my doctor does not believe it was Vit B17 that did the magic. I’ve recommended same to people who also got similar results.

    • A “hoax,” it’s not… Sloan-Ketterling was doing studies back in the 70’s; but, when one of the top researchers of the time was showing MAJOR results, some VERY under-handed crap was pulled. Do a search using the terms:
      Sugiura’s studies laetrile

      Incidentally, investigative journalist, G. Edward Griffin has some rather good videos regarding B-17 and medical mafia suppression, in general. Here’s a good link to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYMduufa-E

      He also has some great info on the (non)Federal (non)Reserve, as well.

  • i eat every day about 30 35 bitter almonds,i dont feel anything wrong ,i have eathen them along with apircot kernels in huge doses since my childhood ,where i live the place i called almond,because there a lots of almonds trees,bitter an sweat,i didnt hear anyone to get poison from bitter almonds


      • Do capital letters = right? Or, alternatively, does it make you look like an idiot? Definitely the latter. Here is a test for anyone who really wants to find out of raw, bitter, cyanide containing almonds are really poisonous. Eat 25 almonds. It might take a minute to eat them all, as that’s a lot. And then comes the fun part. Try to desperately write your will as the effects of the cyanide quickly become stronger and stronger untill….you die. If you don’t die, eat a few more, and let’s hope natural selection wins.

  • The only ones who promote that bitter apricot kernel are poisonous are those who invest in making money off people with cancer, like the pharmecuetical companies, the bought out FDA and the health industry that promotes using chemotherapy which only has a success rate of 3% and cost $$$$ Thoussands of dollars but demonizes a natural seed that contains B17, kills cancer but cost only $10.00 a bag.

    They make more money off of us when we are sick then when we are well, that’s why you rarely see “PREVENTIVE MEDICINE” coming out of our health care centers. BITTER ALMONDS IS A PREVENTIVE NATURAL MEDICINE.

    Do your research!
    The cyanide in the apricot is so minimal, it would take hundreds of seeds to poison ones body.

    BUT CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE is poisonous too if you take too much! Swallow a handful of oxycodine and see what happens…you probably will die.

  • This article is completely incorrect and deliberately misleading. Bitter almonds have been eaten without any harm by humans for about 9000 years or more.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Lyn: Up until very recently mercury was used as a cure-all and we humans surrounded ourselves by items containing lead. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t harm in these things. Bitter almonds can be prepared in such a way that they are fine to eat. But if you make a practice of eating handfuls of raw ones, you will die from it eventually.

      • Baloney.

        Your statements are false, until you provide documented evidence of them.

        • Daven Hiskey

          @cotf: Sausage. Your statements about my statements are false, until you provide documented evidence of the invalidity of my statements. 😉

          • It’s been two years now…any chance you have evidence of bitter almond related deaths? Have you done enough reading to see that maybe you were wrong? Any of the bitter almond deaths you do find, were they on Chemotherapy? Does the death correlate more with “death by chemo” or a cyanide poisoning?

          • Well, it is very simple, and your question has already been answered. @ Mr. Harold, All you have to do is take an untreated bitter almond, send it in for a lab test. Have them analyse it, determine how much approximate cyanide containing alkaloids are in each almonds, and x that by what a lethal dose is. I dont see what your argument against Daven’s is, maybe I am missing something? While I do think getting cyanide toxisity from eating raw bitter almonds, who would want to? I mean bitter almons are so bitter that they can not be enjoyed without roasting them first then hittem with a light butter and light seasalt.

          • Look on PUB MED it’s a government site
            Think of the consequences of your words without knowledge. I’m not trying to be rude but you could be frightening people on curing themselves. We get up in arms because of that reason.please I’m just saying research first. They are now finding a way to patent this stuff and people are dying in the meantime.

      • Daven is wrong. It is a fact that vitamin C was known as a cure for scurvy centuries before it was accepted .The cure for pellagra was know decades before accepted. The profit potential was little compared to the profit in the cancer industry. Sodium chloride is also a poison, note the chloride molecule but together you get table salt, a heavily consumed compound. Hydroflourosalicic acid aka fluoride is accepted by all biochemistry as toxic yet accepted by common opinion. I’m a chemical engineer and an expert nutritionist and common opinion is almost always wrong.

        • Daven Hiskey

          @Ajinkyaah: As a chemical engineer and expert nutritionist, you’re no doubt aware that if you cut out completely the “poison” that is sodium chloride from your diet, you’d die remarkably quickly. It’s almost as if dosages of given compounds, as well as the chemical structure, matter. For instance, water is highly lethal in large enough doses, and people die every year from drinking too much water. Poison! Further, water contains both hydrogen and oxygen, both quite lethal in their pure forms given the right circumstances. Double poison! 😉 I will give you that common opinion can at times be quite wrong, or at the least, not wholly informed by the data available.

          • Dude you just proved yourself wrong. You’re whole point was that bitter almonds have cyanide so they must be poisonous, and just now you listed several examples of toxic chemicals that actually are beneficial to humans. You blew it.

            Yes, without salt you’ll die. Without iodine, you’ll get goiters. Without vitamin c you’ll get scurvy. And without vitamin b17(amygdalin) you’re likely to get cancer. It’s a vitamin deficiency. Cancer treatment in the U.S. is a money machine dude, and they want to keep that money machine pumping for as long as they can.

          • Daven Hiskey

            @Corey Nichols: So given that everyone in that industry knows all about what you’re saying, that means none of them nor their loved ones die of cancer as they all secretly use this cure? 😉

          • Corey Just stop for a minute because as an application Dev, you have to factor in all the variables. Your trying to lead an argument using an analogy of apple to monster truck. Here is why you are incorrect. What you just referred to is the prolipheral long term effects of low dosage usage over a vast lifetime, compare to a single high dose usage over a short period of time. The cause and effect will be much different, yes if you use any foreign chemical in your body for a prolong period of time, your body will do 1 of 2 things or both. 1 you will gain a tolerance towards that chemical meaning your body will be able to handle more of that chemical, vs taking a 1 shot lethal dose of 300mg cyanide. Cyanide has been used for centuries, women in the 1800’s often used cyanide to make their skin appeal paler. The difference is it is taken in low dose, over long periods. If in fact you ate enough almonds to reach critical or fatal dose, in theory there is no reason why this would not kill the consumer. I am not willing to bet my life to try because I know how science works, there is cause and effect, but If you would not have my word for it, nor davens word for it, you are free by all will to test the theory yourself. They say nothing is made known that is not 1st tested. Personally I would let it be, but if you insist on proving us wrong by all means please make a YT video documenting your ordeal. 1st you would have to research what a lethal dose would be, then you would want to x2 or x3 that dose just to make sure you succeed.

        • So what is your views on using toothpaste with fluoride?

      • The Hunzakuts of Northern Pakistan are no exception. They often live to be over 100 years old. In 1922 British surgeon Dr. Robert McCarrison reported that they had never had a case of cancer and they ate copious amounts of Apricot kernels. In fact a Hunza man’s wealth was determined by the amount of Apricot trees he owned!

        • Robert, I sincerely hope you are right. I just got fresh pressed apricot oil from Hunza which I have been enjoying with my salads mixing it with natural apple cider vinegar. It tastes awesome and I have consumed a large bottle in a month. This cyanide discussion is very scary, though I am still alive with no consequences. I would still prefer to put it off o be on the safe side. Anyone know how I detox this out of my system?

      • wrong, D. (W?)hisky. Chemotherapy=cancer & death: 2-3 % survive. “Survival rate” is (if I remember correctly) 5 years, so if a patient dies after 5 years and 1 day, it”was a success’. You did not read a lot about cyanide attacking ONLY cancer cells – and all arguments are due to lack of info by one of the sides. Why would people lie about seeds? In childhood I used to eat all my apple seeds, now I eat apricot kernels. I am 70+ yr. old and extremely healthy, heathier than when I was 20-30.

  • this article is correct . one reference for it:
    Shargg TA, Albertson TE, Fisher CJ Jr. Cyanide poisoning after bitter almond ingestion. West J Med 1982; 136(1):65-69.

  • I have eaten 5 bitter almonds in childhood to win Rs. 10 (0.2 USD). Also my mom used to say that bitter almonds make your will power stronger, so whenever I encountered a bitter almond, I ate it without telling anyone. Here I am very much alive. “Pratyaksh ko praman ki aavshyakta nahi” i.e – Visible doesn’t need proof.

    • bitter almonds in small doses are not bad.. it’s when you consume too many in one sitting that they can be lethal.

  • David Hiskey is absolutely correct!

    This is article is the biggest bunch of rubbish I’ve ever come across. I eat 40 bitter almonds per day. And they haven’t harmed me yet. How can you write such rot? Well, I guess I know. You swiped most of your information from WebMD and other “useful” websites. And, naturally, they don’t want you to eat these almonds since they have been proven in many peer reviewed scientific articles to be an effective treatment for cancer. I know. I had T1c prostate cancer and after a few months my cancer was gone and hasn’t returned.

    But, naturally the AMA and Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know that. Cancer is big business. All these blighters know is cut, burn and poison. By the way, Chemo “therapy” IS deadly poisonous. It not only kills cancer but every other cell in ones body. And at 9,000 quid per “treatment” they stand to make a lot of cash for killing a person. People don’t die from cancer it the chemo that kills them since it renders their entire immune system ineffective. They usually die from pneumonia.

  • Daven is a shill for Big Pharma. He wants people to cite “sources.” Why should we provide sources? Go look them up yourself, they’res plenty out there. Nincompoop.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Gwaredd Thomas: I wasn’t aware stating that cyanide is poisonous to humans was advocating “Big Pharma.”

      • People who warn us about bitter almonds typically state that they contain prussic acid (a chemical precursor to cyanide compounds), and hydrocyanic acid (also in the cyanide family). Similar compounds exist in benign organic forms in most of our healthiest foods, so while it is true that bitter almonds contain these compounds (like other healthy foods), is it also equally true that our science does not understand how these organic forms operate inside the body. The danger of bitter almonds is generally assumed based on the discovery of these compounds, and not on empirical evidence of people actually dying. Real science does not present assumptions as facts.

        • Daven Hiskey

          @Ran: Another potential source of misconception is that it’s actually illegal to sell bitter almonds in many countries if they haven’t been properly processed to remove the toxic elements. So at least some who regularly eat them and think they’re fine might simply be eating the processed versions, which are absolutely fine.

  • I won’t participate in the argument, but I find this tidbit fascinating:

    In order to say amygdalin is bad for you, you have to discredit Krebs, the father of the Cell aka Chemistry.

    Otherwise you discredit the AMA.

    I personally eat 30+ apricot seeds, and just pigged out on a bag of shelled pumpkin seeds, which also contain amygdalin, but have no warnings. I’m very curious why some foods have the warning and others don’t, but both contain the same chemistry.

    I have a computer science degree myself, but I can’t stand reading textbooks without doing the experimentation. So I eat these things to see.

    That said, doctors are still valuable if I break my arm or something, gotta be suspicious in moderation.

  • Bitter almonds were banned by the FDA almost immediately after the discovery of B17 as a natural cancer cure.

    Suddenly bitter almonds had ‘cyanide’ in them and were dangerous.

    Once the pasteurization was implemented, the B17 could be pretty much nullified, and the cancer-cure effect was safely neutralized.

    Without the F.D.A, the pharmaceutical industry could have lost billions of dollars.

    God bless America and our protectors. They just want to make sure we keep dying at an acceptable rate.

    Imagine what a disaster it would be if all the research money and product development profiting from suffer and death were to suddenly become a waste!

    At least two or three-hundred extremely rich people would lose a small fraction of their wealth.

    God bless America.

  • The bitter almonds you buy at the store are pasteurized with a carcinogen now.

    They removed the alleged cancer-cure (B17) with the use of a cancer-causing agent.

    Genius, really.. The people who run this country are really just great people.

    • I was under the impression that imported bitter almonds would not be pasteurized, only those grown in North America.

  • Everyone interested in this subject would find the movie “World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17” very interesting. It is on Youtube. It is a documentary based on the book by the same name by G. Edward Griffin.

  • I had my heart set on the bag of Apricot Kernels I have, working fantastically at killing my returned breast cancer that has spread. I was working up to the optimum level I read about of approximately 40 seeds per day. Today was 28 seed day (increasing 2-4 per day) I had drank my 1.5 ozs of George’s Aloe Vera, to help with my leaky gut and then chewed up 3 of the seeds. I have been doing the seeds for almost 2 weeks. Within minutes my face suddenly felt very warm. Then I noticed my hands were bright red and tried to get to a mirror to see if I could figure out what was going on. My whole face was the reddest it has ever been in my almost 60 years, along with my ears, elbows, and knees. I was waiting for the reaction to move across my chest and stop me from breathing and I had no idea why this was happening. It took over an hour of working very hard at staying calm, breathing deep, and putting a cool wet towel on my face and neck for it to subside some. Now my liver and kidney areas are rather uncomfortable. My heart rate was slightly elevated and my blood pressure was also during most of the ordeal. I am devastated as I was a true believer and have read many many success stories of people beating their cancer with B17 pills and mandatory eating of the Apricot kernels every day. I buy them from a good source, the same as most of the other people I had researched cases for. When I looked up my symptoms I found it on a cyanide website where it said cyanide poisoning turns the skin cherry red as the body is not able to use the oxygen it is taking in. I didn’t progress to the nausea, throwing up, seizures, asphyxia and death, obviously. I sure wish I knew why so many can eat them and do extremely well, but I could not. I really really needed this to work. Cancer runs in my family and we need to find a good alternative treatment cure. I also do cannabis oil and other supplements that are supposed to help. Very sad about all of this…..

    • I read about this same type of reaction, I think while reading about the consumption of organic sulphur. It actually turns out to be the bodies response telling you that you need more of this substance. There is a name for this response. What was advised is to reduce considerably the initial doses. Instead of maybe three times a day start off with one or two and cut the amount to a tenth for each time. Over a week, if no reactions than increase the times per day than after that increase slowly the actual amount. Look it up, this natural reaction of your body.

    • It’s possible that you’re allergic to them, just as some people are allergic to peanuts… It’s also possible that they might have gotten “contaminated” with Niacin (B-3). What you described sounds a LOT like a “Niacin flush.”

  • Google manioc, also called cassava, against cancer. This root vegetable also contains b17. During 6 years of Japanese occupation of Malaya, the locals ate manioc. The Japanese consficated the rice for themselves. The only thing that saved the locals from starvation was manioc. It grows in abundance. Manioc must be cooked. It cannot be eaten raw. I don’t think anyone died from cyanide poisoning ? My relatives and family ate manioc regularly. The old folks died of old age, mostly beyond 90 years. Manioc is also known as the poor man’s food. It’s quite tasteless.

    • you just answered your own question. the manioc needed to be cooked to be consumed thus removing the harmful stuff. Same with bitter almonds once cooked or processed they are no longer harmful.

  • Generally speaking the FDA is full of shite. If they prohibit something, at least consider the possibility even probability that it’s a boon to your health and welfare. If they “allow” their corporate masters to promote it, it’s probably diliterious to your health and well being.

  • It is sad that because of desperation, normally rational and prudent people have turned to folk medicine and Internet remedies in an attempt to treat cancer.

    It is also sad that people earnestly believe that their government is conspiring with drug manufacturers and doctors to suppress hidden and secret cures for diseases.

    Maybe what people need is hope. Maybe when a person is not willing to accept that they are going to die, they grasp at anything offering hope and so they turn to folk remedies that they can whip up in their kitchen.

    What I personally believe is that these people would do better going to a grief counselor and accepting the inevitable and mourning the loss of their own life. I think that learning to accept fate and living a life based on reality, are important for a person to be self-actualized. People need reality and truth even if their life is ending far sooner than they had hoped.

    • What IS “very sad” is that people are brainwashed to believe what you believe. Do the search I suggested above, of: Sugiura’s studies laetrile – which yeilds a lot f good info on Sloan-Ketterling tampering with (otherwise) positive results, produced by their top researcher. THAT is just ONE of MANY such examples of such greed-based behaviors within the medical industry.

    • I feel sorry for you and other people that dont believe. Please i beg you to do research yourself.dont believe me.look on government research sites , like PUBMED .site truth about cancer . Site chris beat cancer .i swear on my life i know 3 people personally that cured themselves 13 years ago. after been given a terminal diagnosis. One used these kernals , 50 a day , she worked up to that she now Takes 12 a day for the rest of her life, she also processed food , she had lung cancer spread..she is cured.the second person he takes and still does a weird aloe Vera that some priest made for village people .he was told terminal now cured 2 years now.he had stomach cancer.the third person lung cancer.told terminal he stopped drinking smoking, he juiced mainly carrots and ate no processed food.he still follows duet and has I glass carrot juice a day freshly made.now cured 15 years now. This is not fairyland stuff.there is research on this stuff on government sites.i say government because you trust them.please anyone out there reading this and are told they are terminal please do your research.Doctors are testifying this is the case seriously even fasting helps kill cancer cells.we are moving into an enlightened state of people looking after themselves, perhaps the internet has helped this

  • “It is very sad” So it sounds like you are saying that all of us that have cancer (which is in the millions) should just roll over and die? I don’t believe that. What harm does it do to allow cancer patients to try something different than surgery, radiation and chemo when they have already had those regiments and failed. What is very sad is that people believe that a person has no right to try so called “natural remedies when all else has failed. Saving ones own life is not sad, its will power to live. I refuse to just accept what you call the “inevitable” when it really isn’t. Whether these remedies work or not is besides the point. The main point is that a person should be allowed to pursue his own path and make his own decisions.
    As far as bitter almonds are concerned, I have researched both sides of the argument and the related sources. I can see no evidence that bitter almonds actually can kill a person when doses are kept down. There is however tons of evidence ( too lengthy to list here) showing that the FDA and the AMA do try to siderail any attempt by any to market a natural or alternative cure. Just look up the cases of Gerson, Hoxsey and Burzynski. The latter was able to finally beat the FDA to a certain degree but it took an act of congress to do it.

    • Buy Bitter almond oil and use 1- 2 drops for ingestion safely per dosage. Use not more than 2 dosage per 24 hours to stay safe. Can be used as bactericide for external use on skin and scalp

  • Just a simple observation … what do people promoting eating bitter almonds have to gain? Correct, nothing, they don’t make a dime nor are they all evil people trying to kill the world population. On the other hand what do people discrediting bitter almonds have to gain … I think you answered the question yourself. Sometimes simple reasoning sheds a lot of light on a topic. BTW, I have been eating bitter almonds, apricot seeds and apple seeds for over (5) years now. Not many mind you (since I presently don’t have cancer and am 54 years old). I take a mix of no more than (4) per day, every other day. Not because I want to live forever, but because I love the taste of them! If this ritual postpones or give me a life without cancer, that would be a bonus. Us your own good judgement people, wild animals eat nuts like crazy, do they have a 1/3 chance of getting cancer, like we do? I’d like to see the stats on the animal cancer rate, I’d wager that it is much smaller (if at all) compared to us self absorbing, materialistic humans. Don’t be fooled, someone is making an enormous amount of money off of cancer. As sad as it is, unfortunately, I believe, there will never be a cure for cancer. These people that are deliberately keeping the truth from people, will have to account for their actions with their maker, when that time comes. Hopefully, they fall pray to cancer themselves, this would be an ironic conclusion for them all (money over the health of the people they have vowed to keep healthy and protect). Nature cures all, our artificial medicine only ever tries to mimic nature. Good luck, we can’t even predict the weather accurately!

    • Hey Frank! I would love to ask some more questions in regards to your experience with B17. Do you know of a reliable source to buy these products with the best quality and intent? My father was diagnosed with cancer and I really want to learn as much as I can about it and how it has helped people! if you could email m @ [email protected] I would greatly appreciate any advice!

      • Jim Jones Koolaid

        ebay, you can get bitter apricot seeds or you can even buy bitter almonds from far away lands where they dont insanely ban them. Just start slowly on them, and I suspect taking two day breaks between is optimal.

  • Deplorable Lives Matter

    Cyanide was used by the Nazis, in a gas form, invented by Joseph Mengele.

    With his colleagues Mengele formed the company Merck and Mengele. In the United States the company is know only as Merck.

    As with all companies, Merck is in business for one reason; money. All the better when the Federal Government exercises unconstitutional power to outlaw anything . . . the government creates an instant black market for it.

    The Imperial Federal Government’s first drug law was to ban Chinese from using opium. The second drug law was to ban Negroes from using cocaine.

    Fast forward to the present, when Seldane the first antihistamine, without the sedating side effects was brought to market by Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Aventis). Just as the patent (Federal Government Intervention) was about to expire, Seldane was taken off the market by the illegal FDA.

    A slightly different version of Seldane was brought to market in a product named Allegra. The patent, and the royalties for Allegra go to Roussel’s Aventis, making them $1.5 billion a year, thanks to the FDA, and the high cost born by the American taxpayer.

    Beware when the Imperial Federal Government prohibits anything. Especially if they are ignoring the constitution while doing so.

  • Deplorable Lives Matter

    Excellent information.

    The illegal FDA, who first allowed methyl mercury, as a preservative in children’s vaccines, ordered it off the market about 15 years ago.

    Methyl mercury, is of course, a heavy metal, in the same category as lead. It harms the neurological system, and can kill.

    As our friend José asks what is there to gain by consuming methyl mercury? The illegal Environmental Protection Agency declared, without vote by Congress, the need to decrease methyl mercury output by industry.

    Industry collected methyl mercury and had to pay a premium to dispose of it. That is until the FDA allowed “trace amounts” in vaccines.

    Even though the FDA ordered methyl mercury out of vaccines, along with formaldehyde, it is still widely used. As are vaccines that are cultured from aborted fetal tissue.

    The illegal FDA created a financial solution for the industries with methyl mercury. Rather than pay to destroy it, inject it into our children, and let us wonder why autism, and other neurological disorders are at record highs.

    • Jim Jones Koolaid

      its ethyl mercury thats the preservative, but its pretty much the same as methyl mercury, and its grandfathered in, apparently they dont want to do studies to verify a component they swear isn’t toxic isnt actually toxic. Oh sure we put it as a preservative on seeds for farming and people have by accident ingested that and died, and had neurological problems, but its totally not toxic. You trust your government dont you? Or are you a communist Putin lover?

  • Just exactly how far up Big Pharma’s a$$ could Daven Hiskeys’ nose be buried?

  • Richard Britton Scroggins

    About 2500 plant species contain glycoside amygdalin, many that we eat all of the time like grains, beans, nuts, etc. But it is easily removed by heat. This is something that is tested everyday, because nobody every dies from eating Lima Beans because you cook them and heat is the key. Prussic Acid, which is the Hydrogen Cyanide that results from miking glycoside amygdalin with water actually boils out at 27.5 degrees Celcius. This is why Native Americans were able to eat choke cherry seeds after crushing them, mixing them with water, and then letting the slurry dry in the heat of the Sun.

  • I ate bitter almonds to kill cancer. About 8 kilo of them. I should be dead according to this article. I didn’t die, but it was lethal on the cancer.

  • What a bullshit and paid article. Shame on you. No reference and shamelessly becoming a stooge for the commercial firms.

    I might die from reading such baseless articles than eating something which Mother earth has given to us.

  • this is utter nonsense apple seeds, apricot seeds, and bitter almonds prevent cancer and could cure cancer.

  • Like many of us mooching around out here , we’ve helped ourselves to heaps of almonds found growing naturally.

    Today I learnt (the hard way) that there are TWO types of almond trees, one type is the sweet cultivated kind and the other grows wild and tastes bitter.

    I noticed our dog snuffling round the ground and realised he was eating some almonds so I thought I’d help myself to some as well.

    First one I tasted was really bitter, no one could eat that ! I spat it out and tried another one. Same taste and so I spat that out too.

    Next minute our little Yorkshire Terrier was foaming and convulsing and (luckily) violently vomiting. He threw up about three times , staggered about a bit and slowly (thank God) came round.

  • Doesn’t really matter to me…I don’t eat bitter almonds, anyhow!!!

  • A vegan eating mostly raw food for 50 years I always eaten apple seeds,apricot kernels and bitter almonds,a few each day. Almonds from Spain are not heat treated as Californian almonds are by law. Eating Spanish almonds, a few have the bitter almond taste,in comparison Californian almonds are bland. Even if you eat bitter almonds if you have a sedentary life eating junk food it is doubtful they will save you from those cancers that are a result of your way of life. Conspiracy theories are understandable,iodine is not sold in UK chemist shops now they can not explain why (can be bought on line) there are of course expensive branded alternatives of dubious merit!

  • This is a really interesting fact. I never knew wild almonds could be deadly. I am glad I came upon this article. I just recently decided to give up meat, I’m not going full vegetarian as I love cheese, milk, etc. But I will no longer be consuming actual meat. After watching a video on youtube about how these animals are treated, it makes you think twice about what that meat is your putting in your body. Now, I dont knock anyone who still chooses to eat me, we were designed as humans to eat meat and vegetables. But back on topic, I didnt know there was a “bitter” almond and “sweet” almond. I am huge in to forestry, foraging, etc. I just recently got into it 2 years ago. I love mushroom hunting in fall and spring, its so relaxing being in the forest hunting mushrooms, berries, nuts, etc. I always knew about acorns being deadly before soaking, washing, and rinsing, but never knew about almonds. Thanks everyone who made this article happen. It’s nice to learn knew thing like this!

  • To many people, that claim to be eating a bunch of bitter seeds all their lives — congratulations, over the long period of time, that you were eating them, you have developed a tolerance to cyanide. I bet you didn’t start with eating lots of them at first, you had to get used to the taste.
    However, eating large quantities of those seeds for people, who never ate them before can be lethal, or, it can make them very sick.
    One thing that you also forget, is that you don’t actually know how much cyanide there is in each seed, there simply could be not enough to kill you, but enough to help you develop a tolerance to it.
    In any case, eating those seeds hasn’t made a dent in cancer survival rate, and many cancer patients would try anything out of desperation, and they have definitely tried eating the poison. Did it help? Perhaps, those, that survived, will say “yes”. But we can’t ask those, that didn’t survive, can we?
    This is how the false cures become popular: because the people, that survived, claim to having been helped by them, although, they have no way to actually prove it. They might have, as well eaten the toothpaste, and still survive, because there are always some people, that survive, simply out of luck.

    • Not true.lots of people have survived eating these seeds that were diagnosed terminal.do your research.i know people personally. I know more people personally that has survived cancer naturally than using chemo.often people panick and use chemo first and totally ruin their immune systems, than they try alternatives and often it works .if they do it .It’s never too late..documented cases of people in a cancer come due to die had intravenous vitamin c and that guy is still alive.his kids had to take it to court to give it to him.watch Australia 60 minutes

  • Apparently, half of you people who are disagreeing with this man, do not understand the genetic make up of the human body or understand how it works. Do any of you know who Dr. Sebi is? Research and find out why almonds contain cyanide and why they are not fit for human consumption especially in large quantities. The almond is indeed a hybrid seed for one. If it is not natural i wouldn’t consume it at all. Like seriously.