Michael Keaton was Once a Stagehand on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Michael Keaton was once a stagehand on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Keaton also appeared in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as an acrobat in The Flying Zookeenie Brothers troupe that performed for the birthday of King Friday in 1975.  He eventually quit his job there to pursue acting full time.

Another interesting “Keaton” factoid is that his name isn’t actually Michael Keaton.  In fact, his name is Michael John Douglas.  However, because there already were two famous Michael Douglas’ (the actor and the daytime TV show host, Mike Douglas), he decided to go with Michael Keaton.  The “Keaton” was in homage to actress Diane Keaton.  Interestingly, Diane Keaton’s last name is also not “Keaton”.  Her real name is Diane Hall.  She chose “Keaton” when she became an actress as there already was a Diane Hall.  Keaton was her mother’s maiden name.


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