Who Invented the Modern Golf Ball


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The modern golf ball, with a wound core, was invented by Coburn Haskell in Cleveland, Ohio in 1898.  While most of these little anecdotes turn out to be false or are unlikely, supposedly, Haskell was to play golf with the superintendent of B.F. Goodrich, Bertram Work, one day.  While waiting for Work to get off work at the plant, Haskell played with a rubber thread, winding it into a ball.  When he had a nice ball, he decided to play with it by bouncing it.  The ball bounced incredibly well with very little effort and when he showed his golf buddy, Work, what he had made, Work suggested that Haskell put a covering on it so they could use it as a golf ball.  These wound balls became incredibly popular and were highly valued until only around the last ten years or so, though they are still used by many today.

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  • What happened to “Unlike most short “facts” you’ll find around on the internet, the quick facts you’ll find in this section have all been thoroughly researched to verify their accuracy”? Weak additions to your fact.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Deviant Kiwi: It is a fact that he invented the modern golf ball. The story that goes with it is the one commonly accepted. However, I’m always skeptical of such anecdotes, hence my disclaimer. The quick fact though is not how he came up with the idea for the modern golf ball design, but rather who invented it.