The Gravity of the Moon Compared to Earth


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The gravity on the Moon is about 17% what it is on the Earth.  So if you weigh 200 pounds on Earth, you will weigh 34 pounds on the Moon.

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  • g of earth causes by moon & g of moon causes by earth -equal or not ?

  • hmmm interesting…which means that if you weigh 34 on the moon youll be able to normally walk the same way you can walk on earth also weighing 34???

  • Does the mass change if one moves from Earth to Moon? LBS is unit of mass, not weight. So if your mass is 200 lbs on Earth, it will remain 200 lbs on Moon. However your weight on Earth (with mass 200 lbs) is 889 Newton, which will reduce to 151 Newton on Moon.

    • Actually, lbs, as commonly used, are units of force, not mass. That’s why weight (force due to gravity) changes on different planets/moons while your mass remains the same. The corresponding unit of mass in the imperial system is slug. There is also a system using lbs-force and lbs-mass, but that is a real pain as well. Why we (Americans) persist in the horrible, error prone imperial system is a mystery.

      Newtons are the SI unit of force – kilogram-meters/second^2