Where the Word “Amen” Came From

HandsToday I found out where the word “amen” came from.  Specifically, “amen” comes from the Hebrew word… *wait for it*… “āmēn” (אָמֵן).

More interestingly, amen is one of the rare examples where a word has survived thousands of years and been adopted into a few different languages without any real modification to its meaning across time and those languages, dating back pretty much as far as written history, appearing in the earliest Jewish texts.  It was (and is) typically used to mean something to the effect of “so be it | let it be so”, in terms of declaring something to be truthful or to confirm or assert it.  It was also often used as a way to indicate that one strongly agrees with something, which is where expressions like “amen to that” come from.

Bonus Facts:

  • The Hebrew word “amen” originally derives from another Hebrew word of similar meaning:  ʼāmán.  It is sometimes theorized, probably incorrectly, that this Hebrew word has its origins in the Egyptian god Amun, which is also sometimes spelled “Amen”.  However, most scholars think this is a mere coincidence and that there is no real connection between the two.
  • Amen was eventually ported from the Hebrew language to Greek then ultimately to Late Latin by Grecian theologians, who were translating the Bible, and finally to Arabic and English.
  • Amen isn’t just used by Christians and Jews; it is also popularly used by Muslims in pretty much the same way it is used by Jews and Christians.
  • One of the many names attributed to Jesus in the Bible is “The Amen” (faithful and true witness), in Revelation 3:14.
  • The last word of the Old Testament is “curse”, appearing in Malachi: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”
  • The last word in the Bible is “Amen” (at the end of Revelations): “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen”
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  • Very interesting stuff. One small thing though, I think it’s “Revelation” singular, not plural.

    • Lies and lies. The name Amin amen all originated from Egypt or Kemet meaning black land. Amun is one of the Egyptian god that predates the Hebrew or Jews. Before Moses and Abraham even though they are all born in what is called Africa now. Stop all the lies.

      • You Definitely know what’s going On..Most of what they teach us today are all lies

        • I believe it may even be older and refer to the “Word” or the sound of the “holy spirit”. In the beginning was the “Word”. The same sound that you hear when you learn to meditate VERY deeply. The sound is referred to as “Aum” because thats the sound you hear.

      • You sound like just another black supremacist crackpot. Racism is just as bad when blacks do it.

        • You are right, racism is Evil no matter what color it comes from. Yet, I say to you, is it possible that he or she may be correct… Have you done the research, cross-reference, and did an analysis of you’re research… If not may I suggest you do so before criticizing others who may have done at least some research…

        • i agree its bad period to subjugate kill, maim disenfranchise anyone based on gender, culture or color . when one sees it as an only option to become as its assailant, this is called transference where the abused as a defense mechanism to regain its lost pride then becomes as the abuser. It happens to people who are bullied all the time. kinda like how it is in our culture and probably yours as well is that most of the cops we know that are complete dicks( black cops to black civilians) where straight up punks in school and are around the right people but when they put on the badge the inner bully is directed to unsuspecting innocent people. I am a human being a man with hue and i never understood the why blacks are targeted by practically all others who jumped on the racist bandwagon. i am from the Island of Grenada and when i came here and i got used to living here it felt good as a child. love was in the air until i learned quickly that my color was an issue to a lot of people. why i wondered. what have the so called black race done to deserve such treatments from everyone. Then in middle school they went in depth about slavery by showing us (blacks) the movie roots (black n white). long story short it made me mad at the first white person i saw but most importantly i want to change my identity and not be black in fear of facing such atrocities and i now know why they added showing us that film as part of our academia. i can go on n on with this import topic that encompasses our lives daily. the fact of the matter is that we all have a lot a work to do on all sides to undo the programming. All walks of sentient creatures on this planet has been lied to and manipulated by design. learn to look at the scientific nature of a thing to understand its purpose and intent. if its happening and its constant then its meant to happen by design. I know while the masses squabble over color and a misplaced hatred there is and unseen hand a player none ever sees orchestrating this symphony of misery and chaos reaping the untold benefits from the dumb deaf and blind individuals of the world. wake up to the oneness of the all and see. thank you for allowing me to connect

          • What a well said and intelligent answer. Love to you and yours!

          • 55 year old Caucasian male. Claredon Sandy, I like most of what you said but there are 2 things. “blacks are targeted by practically all others”. I know it’s out of context but it comes across the same either way. It is saying that the mass majority of non blacks (all others) are prejudice toward and suppressing black people. Even if that is not what you meant (i don’t believe it is) that is how it comes across. There is prejudice toward and suppression of people of color but not by ALL other races and it is a minority that is making the whole batch look bad. They are the dumb sheep further being led unaware by a certain few and it is fear of the black man that is the root cause of this historical atrocity. The majority on the other hand even in disagreement have turned a blind eye toward their fellow men. The second thing,
            ” All walks of sentient creatures on this planet has been lied to and manipulated by design.”
            ” if its happening and its constant then its meant to happen by design.”
            Our genealogy has been manipulated true, so how can it be by design?
            And since we have been lied to and manipulated then we were manipulated to be (?) Not designed that way. And that is why a raging supremacist can have a repenting awakening.

          • Doing research above and beyond what your find on the lying internet and fakeapedia, what’s understood is that the true and original Earth’s race is Black. All other races have been genetically modified. Of coarse the Elite don’t want and won’t ever let this be known in the mainstream. And as the for word, amen, it’s true and original meaning is, let it be hidden! So why do we use it and believe it to mean something good, because when finishing a Prayer or request to Creator with amen, you’re doing what the negative powers that be want. Please do not take my word for it, research this info yourself! Step outside of the box and programming we’ve been enslaved to believe!

          • Claredon Sandy, you’ve elevated my spirits with your sagacious conscience and benevolent words. People like you remind me of the goodness that’s left in mankind. I am so grateful that you’ve shared your reflections with the public, and my sincerest hope is for them to heed to the last few lines of your expressions towards undoing our programming. You’ve turned prejudices held against you as tools to sharpen your wit, allowing you to sense the nature of our humanity for what it has become: manipulated. I am very impressed by you, as it is difficult for me to find inspiration in my fellow man in these times. Thank you for being a glimmer of hope to me and the others that were touched by your profound message of waking up to that which unites us. Peace and good fortune unto you.

          • This may come a long time after your comment but is relevant.
            1. You, being originally from Granada means that your ancestry is rooted in the slave trade between Africa via West Africa and U S A. Now, in that case again you have been lied to. You are not black rather Red-Brown (Rudy). Most so-called black people in USA as Well as Caribbean originate from this red- brown (Rudy) race of people. If you look at the Book of Enoch (Apocrypha – meaning secret book) Noah had three sons Shem, Ham, Japhet) Shem- Red-Brown; Ham -black; Japhet – white.
            Shemites was Red-Brown not white as they purportedly are today. The ancient ancestors sinned and was removed from the promises land and sold into slavery. Some committed mutiny and ended up in places like Jamaica, Barbados, Granada etc. You are an offspring of those people, a son of Avraham, Yitsghak, and Yachoof -( Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob). You most definitely are not African.
            2. There most definite are not two races but three.
            3. Africans never sold there black brothers into slavery but those who fled from the turmoil in their homeland in Israel. This was also a revenge / reprisal unto this people who formerly ruled all the known world as Israel did under their God.
            4. Their ,even today is not much affinity between those of Semitic origin and those from African origin. I know of a female celebrity from Nigeria who arrived in the USA and was instructed by her parents not to associate with negroids in the States because of this racial issue.
            4. The world is based and perpetuated on lies and what whe talk and think about is only the tip of the iceberg.

            So, Yes, we have been lied too and are still lied and in all probability will die in these lies.

          • I am not a racist but I can easily summarize why Blacks are targeted for racism. It is their BEHAVIOR! Pick any urban area and you will see that most violence and law breaking is done by young Black males. You don’t have to be a racist or even THINK the word “racist” to find yourself BEING racist . . . in that . . . when you walk down a street alone and see a group of Black males coming toward you, you become fearful and you avoid them. It’s as simple as that. Your odds of walking THROUGH them and being untouched is not very good. This form of racism is brought on by the Blacks themselves. I don’t want any part of it and I treat all Blacks fairly and am kind to them. They do not reciprocate.

          • Yuusuf-abdush-shakuur

            I just told this to someone this morning,

            Because of what is happening in Minneapolis,the media has a way of directing people’s thoughts and actions.”power of perswasion!!!

          • Well stated, we are one human race, connected to the Creator of the universe, in His image he made us, male and female. The term, or word, “race” as it relates to skin tone, was invented by man-kind to drive a deeper wedge between the human race. Those who are pulling the strings, have an Agenda to destroy us all, except for what they call, “the elite”. Lord HELP us all!

          • How te hell did the subject change from amen to racism and yes we all have been lied to, amen originated from Egypt, the Farrow that time proclaimed himself as god and him alone should be worshipped his name was amenrah. He took the name of rah the son god to sow that he is a god…

        • And Racism is worse if it’s propagated by self righteous white supremacists like yourself.

        • Commonsense seems to lack any… just sayin
          The Jews and Egyptians shared many words and common phrases from ancient times… Amen most likely originated from their god Amun..

        • Khalid Muhammad

          How is exposing the TRUTH “racism”?

          • What is sad is I see the cops killing the blacks,I see them not hiring them,but I also see them still calling each other nigers= ignorant,and killing n treating each other violently, n just bc they target n put liquor stores in black neighborhoods does not mean u have to be alcoholics ,sincerely. A non racist white


          You really need an education, there’s no such thing as a Black RACIST. Learn the true meaning of the word “RACISM”; you ap- pear to be one of those people who try to blame the victim for your actions. FACTS are FACTS, the name Amen, Amin, Amon, and Amun existed thousands of years before the alleged first Hebrew was ever thought of: witness “The Papyrus of Ani” where there is a pray to this One God, KING of the GODS, and Creator of the UNIVERSE, includ- ing Man.

        • What the fuck does this have to do with what’s being discussed? I think you’re the racist one if you’re trying to twist these words so you can declare “how black supremacists are crackpots,” while your ignorance is blinding you, it makes me sad that this type of horrendous ideology still exists. Disgusting.

        • As an Afrikan person, you can be prejudice as hell; however, not racist, simply because no Afrikan/Black person has any REAL Power to enforce their prejudices!!!
          White supremacy racism implies the individual and or collective Power to do so.
          Perfect example of powerlessness: Obama
          Let’s be clear about what you are saying. Run tell that!!!

        • They are only commenting there point if view wich has actually been accepted as an acceptable argument among scholars. I recommend the works of Joseph Campbell not to change your mind but to at least be open to new ideas. I prefer treating history as a science to be questioned always.

      • Brother, tho you may be correct; but you failed to define what does the WORD: Amun, MEAN? COULD IT BE THAT THE SCHOLARS OF BLACK ANTIQUITY EXPLAINED that the word means: “The Hidden One”?

      • Oh please stop with this kemet crap lol I’m black and your not Egyptian lol

        • Study with the mind to connect the dots and you will know the truth…

        • Not all are clear cut lies, most are manipulations of the truth of which can be considered a lie, racism, or ignorance… It’s our job as seekers of truth to find and tell the truth…

        • Some people are not lying, they are ignorant of ancient history… although you are basically correct you stopped you’re research before you could draw a true conclusion… I suggest that you also complete you’re research before making incomplete responses… There is much more to understand than anyone whom responded has stated…

        • lol

        • You are just a confused lost soul. Amen was an Egyptian God that predates the Jewish God. That’s a fact and no lies can change that. Don’t forget that Jesus Christ said that it’s ONLY THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE….

      • It is actually a form of the Aramaic/ Hebrew word “emma” which means faithful, or more fully, faithful like a mother’s love.

        • “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Originator of God’s creation.”

        • I really admire y’all dedication to Grafton you are all right to the b r a n c h of your degree that is talking about the most high wife and mother of all life I’ve been I’ve been working my fertile mind land to germinate that question is there a mother and in fact you all’s discussion germinated the seed the comforter you can’t be a racist knowing that we all our sprit body and Soul born into sin our soul came from the comforter in life and did you know Adam name his wife Eve after the mother of all life now I see he wasn’t talking about his wife because her son married so she wasn’t the mother of all life

      • Some people are not lying, they are ignorant of ancient history… although you are basically correct you stopped you’re research before you could draw a true conclusion… I suggest that you also complete you’re research before making incomplete responses… There is much more to understand than anyone whom responded has stated…

        • i agree that its important not to judge anyone. your Jesus Christ said Father forgive them for their transgression because they know what the do. this hold true today because we all are reacting from a place of ignorance, uncertainty and misinformation coupled with a with false sense a race pride or any false sense. We are not balanced. So we behave in the manner befitting the condition we are in. Our master says you are what we teach therefore we know how to reach and control you. fill in the blanks and read in between lines. thank you for allowing me to connect

      • Marvelous, Thank you Yahshua!

      • Oh for Pete’s sake! You sound like Donald Trump! The word is derived (as are MOST words , from several DIFFERENT sources!! Amin wasn’t the ONLY God in the world throughout history!!

      • Thank you! Well put! Agreed

        • Amun wasn’t the only god all right, but it was the god of the sun that Christians and muslims and many more worships till now; that’s why they give it the respect after all prayers.

      • I will add to that, most of the ten commandments came from the Egyptian Maat. The Hebrews were in Egypt for several hundred years and adopted many of the Egyptian ways. Back then whey were called Hyksos (Shepherd Kings) and eventually took over the Lower Nile. But they never fully integrated with the Egyptians and were eventually kicked out by the Egyptians from the Upper Nile.
        Maat and Amen have been around for thousands of years even before the Hebrews wrote the old testament.

        • I believe Ma’at is Earth that gives us balance and there is only one God the is the evil one and for us to be reborn after depth we must follow the tree principals given by maat to have a balance. Love peace and harmony our hearts have to be light as a feather for us to go into the after life. They have been teaching us the wrong thing. The opposite to what actually is we all need to go back to nature care for animals not kill and eat them. U are what u eat. Mother Earth is our true creator. look it up do your research. ✌

      • tina louise campbell

        U are right the word amen means a diety god it is evil its apart of the ancient evil of idolizing. Shalom

      • I believe you are correct. All of us saying g the word after our prayers is somehow glorifying him. The fact that the entire world says it a d we have these lie about it’s origins just goes to remind us of how deeply deceiving our enemy truly is

      • I tend to agree with you on this theory. Tutmose ( the brother of Akhenaten ) who is possibly “Moses”. Tut – mose story in Egyptian is similar to the story and timeline of Moses in the Bible.

      • You’re just speaking off information you read online without actually supporting your claim.

      • Thank you….I could not have said it better.

      • Speak Truth.
        Aint no coincidence!!!

      • you are right

      • The beauty of Sister’s and Brother’s being exposed to Knowledge. Upon reading this false definition of the word, to falsely ascribe it to “Hebrew” culture and religion, what tickled me immediately was reading the ideas of the word being theorized ” Probably Incorrectly” and Coincidence! I we can easily learn, from many great and noble scholars Like Dr. Cheik Ante Diop, just to name one, but many others. We can understand how the Jewish Folk/Hebrews=EBer The so-called people of Abraham, a fictional Character in so doing they have attempted to attach their story closely along side the reality of Ancient Kemet or “Egypt” to validate the existence of their religion to maintain the claim of being the Chosen people of “God” another fictionalized character. The Used Moses or really Thutmoses to guide their lies into stealing the Glow-Ra/Glory of Afrikan People who are responsible for all spiritual systems. This is only a brief analysis on the matter, but it is good to see who many people know this truth and sad to see those who accept the falsehood without valid scholarship.

      • On the money Francis. The word Amen is the Egyptian sun god.
        It predates the Hebrews. Always seek the truth.

      • Incorrect. The patriarch of the Jews was Abraham. Jews moved into Egypt then later we’re enslaved by them. They had already established their own language and would have despised other gods. Hebrew was well known long before the Jews moved into Egypt.

      • Please make a research before you spell out your ignorance
        The fact that they’re pronounced in the same way doesn’t mean they are the same…..I’m sure you know what homophones are..
        Just as the post said; Amen originated from the Hebrew language which means “so be it”
        And it’s a mere coincidence that it has the same spelling and pronunciation as the Egyptian god

      • You are 100 percent correct

      • Amen did come from Africa but it was adopted and given new meaning by the Jews when they were enslaved in Egypt

      • Is it black people of the land or black land ?

    • Mike It’s known as ‘The Book of Revelations’.

    • Amen-Amun Rah is an Egyptian God. I believe people are in danger
      by using words that originally are something else. The world has been
      Decieved by the serpent the devil they call Satan. He has used words
      to decieve us. I been doing a lot of research and it has blown my mind. Everyone needs to go to the scriptures and research every word. The Bible has been tampered with throughout the ages. The word God is a pagan title. Satan is the God of this world. And Lord litterly means Baal.
      (Beelzebub) Satan
      Christians are praying to the wrong deity. Our Father in heaven is not a God he is the Creator of ALL.
      YAHUAH = GOD
      YAH was removed in the rewriting and the translations. All YAH’s YAHUAH and YAHUSHA were removed and replaced with LORD and GOD.
      PSALMS 68:4
      Sing unto GOD=YAH
      Sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name”YAH”and rejoice before him.

      • It’s actually Yahavaha. Sound out the JHWH or YHWH in hebrew. All consonants were likely to be pronounced. Yah-Hah-Vay-Hah would be accurate either way. I don’t see anybody saying the full name and praising Amen-Ra. Who is the god of the wind. In the bible the lord of the air is Satan himself. Either way we should not fear anyone but our Creator.

        • You Messianics are doing well to uncover some falsehoods we Americans have been taught. It goes much much deeper than you may realize. Hermès is said to have taught Abraham. May I suggest his teachings in The Kybalion? It’s the ONLY explanation that makes sense for there to be an omnipresent being. (Don’t be thrown off by the use of the word “cult”. It’s being used in its true sense which is “hidden”.)

      • I believe you are truly right and would love to some how conduct a study with you we need more of this in our lives to truly help defeat the enemy I’m trying my best to redirect my language and my heart to truly serve our creator and I have a strong passion to help others grow and develop a relationship with our one true creator

      • Oh finally I’m not the only one who thinks and believes that.

        Thank u sistar

    • True

  • AMEN [= אמן In Hebrew]:
    The Talmud teaches in a Midrash that the word ‘Amen’ is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase:
    אל מלך נאמן
    [“El Melech Ne’eman” = “God, Trustworthy/Loyal King”],
    the phrase recited silently by an individual before reciting the Shema. In addition, Jews say “Amen” after hearing a blessing, i.e., over food, a prayer, etc.

  • flowerstar August 17, 2012 at 3:02 am – Reply
    AMEN [= אמן In Hebrew]:
    The Talmud teaches in a Midrash that the word ‘Amen’ is an acronym for the Hebrew phrase:
    אל מלך נאמן
    [“El Melech Ne’eman” = “God, Trustworthy/Loyal King”],
    the phrase recited silently by an individual before reciting the Shema. In addition, Jews say “Amen” after hearing a blessing, i.e., over food, a prayer, etc.

    Which all goes back to the Egyptian model of Amen-Ra. Ra is the ‘Father of the Earth God’ from whom everything in our existence flows, the Sun. Amen is the unknowable (and presumed to be all powerful) entity behind the Sun.

    • Incorrect. If you read the article it says it gos back before egyption days and there iz no connection.

      • before ”egyption days ”. funny. its impossible.

        • Information Gathers

          The Atlantis Age was before Egypt… when Atlantis was destroyed they boarded boats and landed on the continent of Africa where there were barbarians roaming the land. The Atlantians started the knowlege Of Egypt that we still see today on the walls……

      • Its doesn’t say it goes back before the days of Kemet no where in the paragraph lol go read again

      • You are incorrect. The fact is that ancient “Africans” have worshipped or believed in The Aman before the Egyptians and the Kushites existed. The Ancient “Greeks” also worshipped The Amon, and we know there is a direct connection between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece because of the cities of Thebes in Ancient Greece and the original Thebes in upper Egypt… There’s more if you really want to KNOW…

    • Information Gathers


      “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.”
      ‭‭Malachi‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬


      In the Artscroll Siddur
      The word Amen is only used in the Kaddish’s
      And it is praising the name Amen. Not using it in the sense of let it Be done…..

      The Rabbis Kabbish.
      Make his great name bro exulted and sanctified (Congregation says Amen..) in the world that he created as he willed. May he give rain to his kingship in your life times and in your days, And in the lifetimes of the entire family of Israel, swiftly and soon. Now respond Amen.
      (Cong. – Amen. May his great name be blessed forever and ever.)
      May his great name be blessed forever and ever (TWICE IT IS READ)
      Blessed, priest, glorified, exulted, extolled, maybe, you praised, and lauded be the name of the Holy One Blessed is He. (Cong.- Blessed is He.)
      Upon Israel, upon the teachers, their disciples, and all their disciples and upon all those who engage in the study of Torah who are in this place or anywhere else; May they and do you have abundant peace, grace, kindness, and mercy, long life, ample nourishment, and salvation from before their father who is in heaven (And on earth).
      Now respond: Amen (cong.- Amen)
      May there be abundant peace from heaven, and good life, upon us and upon all Israel. Now respond Amen. (Cong- May there be abundant peace from heaven, and good life, upon us and upon all Israel. Now respond comment Amen)

  • its it Amun ra , and not Amen ra?

    • Depends upon which lingo you’re using.

    • The proper name is Amun-Ra- the Sun God, also origainally known as Ra or Aten-Ra.
      Look it up in Egyptian Pantheon Mythology.

      • I think you may be the only one that actually did research to find the truth as it is quite easy to find it. It is everywhere. Some folks just need to actually do the full research.

      • The people of Kemet did not use vowels so no one can definitively say which spelling is correct. It could be Amun and it could equally be Amen eg Amenemhet or Amenhotep as in Amenhotep IV (the Greek form is Amenophis and is the King who we know today as Akhenaten).

        Be careful where you are checking your facts. Ultimately, it would be best to go back to the hieroglyphs and see for yourself.

  • Can we please stop believing in all of these gods? Let’s put an end to superstitious nonsense in the USA.
    There probably is no god. Start living your lives people.

    • It’s funny, most people who talk like that believe in karma or the ‘big bang’.

      What they fail to realize is that one is an unseen mysterious force, the other would’ve been an action caused by ‘mysterious forces’.

      But, believing in God is just “crazy” to them!!!

      Everyone needs to think about why they believe what they do, somewhere along the timeline of their lives there were many influences that molded their beliefs. Go back through & analyze them…

      • It’s funny, most people who talk like that believe in karma or the ‘big bang’.

        “Karma” is just as much of a fantasy as any other mythological belief. Is a concept for which no evidence exist.

        We have boatfuls of evidence for the “Big Bang”. We can see it, hear it and mathematically calculate it.
        It also happens to be, among all the cosmological theories, the one that more closely can be associated with creationism. In fact, a priest was the one first coming up with the Big Bamg theory (which was called like that as a sign of ridicule).

        As per the “mysterious forces” you speak of, it is clear you know nothing about cosmology and it would serve you well to go read a few articles about it.

        • Paul is free to be a believer, as are you to believe in whatever you believe. I would just ask, do you believe in love, kindness, goodness, compassion, self-discipline? These aren’t phenomena that aren’t readily explained by science, but yet you feel them, right?

          • This is certainly a conversation that’s stretching over time. But as I have read this reply months later others too may come across it. So here it goes:

            Q. do you believe in love, kindness, goodness, compassion, self-discipline? These aren’t phenomena that aren’t readily explained by science, but yet you feel them, right?

            A. Are you saying that anything Science cannot yet explain is a sign of the Divine? That’s a dangerous game, one religious people have been playing a long time and losing regularly.
            Science and reason have divested much of life of the magical and mysterious. Sometimes I too think it is too bad because some of the fables are indeed beautiful.

            However, given the choice of knowing and not knowing, I prefer to know. Rather than imagine a god behind the sound of thunder, I prefer to know how electrical charges release and in the process produce high voltages that in turn rip the air creating the sound of thunder.

            No religious text told us how lightning and thunder were really created, we discovered it on our own and when we did, at least one god was relegated forever to mythology.

            This has happened so frequently and so surely that now we are arguing not about mundane events like storms and natural phenomena we can all see with our own eyes, but about things we cannot see and sometimes we cannot even comprehend.

            So far, every single natural manifestation that was attributed to a god of some sort has been explained to be part of nature and to obey the laws of physics. It’s not a good track record for religion because this powerful god has been getting smaller and smaller. His power fading away in the light of knowledge.

            Do you feel confident that, somehow, this God rears up on his hind legs just at the very end of the universe to claim back his supernatural mantel or do you think it more likely that science will explain these phenomena like it has everything else so far?

            As much as modern Science may seem like magic, with particles spontaneously coming into existence and matter transformed into states we can hardly comprehend, our cellphones would not work had we not at least uncovered this realm of the very small that exist parallel to our own reality.
            Without Einstein’s relativity, our GPS satellites would deposit you at the wrong address with regularity, for time passes slower in orbit than it does on earth. Without our knowledge of quantum mechanics, a bizarre world where particles can be multiple things at the same time, our transistors would not work. That would mean no microchips, no computers, no smartphones, no facetime with your relatives overseas.
            I’d say the record is almost unfairly stacked for science against the gods of our past. The gods of our present are either timid or vengeful or have a terribly thin skin, so thin that they need to have their egos stroked regularly by the faithful and in some cases they require offerings in blood to satisfy their insecurity.

            Yet, all these victories are for naught to the faithful. You gave up thunder, the sun and the moon, and every supernatural phenomena has been shown to be easily explainable or the work of fraudsters or simply misunderstood because of ignorance on our part. Over and over and over, yet you ask if science can explain “love, kindness, goodness, etc.” .

            Let me ask you: can religion explain those things? Aside from an all purpose “God Did it”.

            Better yet, how does religion explain when those emotions or qualities are lacking in the very men and women that should benefit the most from them? How many representatives of the various gods that littered history have shown themselves undeserving of those qualities?

            Science is the method by which we explain the natural world around us. Science is not the same as your religion or your god. Science does not ask for blind faith. It asks you only to be true to the evidence you find. Unfortunately the religious can only conceive of reality through the lens of their belief. They worship a god and a framework of belief built around the concept of this god, so those that do not believe as you do must still think and behave along the same lines.

            Hence, our God is Darwin or Einstein or NDT and our religion must be science. Once you reduce it that way, it is much easier to take pot shots at it on equal terms, isn’t it?

            Too bad that science is nothing like a religion. A religion commands you to believe in it and that doubt is a sin. Science begs you to ask questions and to have doubt. Science forces you to take your most cherished beliefs and look at them through the lens of the unbeliever.
            Science is a method we use to arrive at the truth of things. Sometimes is an absolute truth, sometimes a relative one. It can even be a temporary truth, until a better explanation comes along.
            But do not make a mistake of thinking that because of this science is always wrong.

            Think of science as a sharp knife. More sharpening doesn’t make the knife dull, it makes it sharper. A scientific theory can be sharpened by truth, but it doesn’t mean that what was true yesterday it is false today. Most of the times is is simply better understood.

            Even if science could not explain the things you have listed, which incidentally it can and you’d know that if you actually looked it up, it would not mean that a god or gods exist. You do realize that, right?

            The only consequence of science not knowing the explanation for something is that we need to look further. We need to study more.
            Science in the bronze and iron age did not know how thunder was created. Did that make Thor, the norse god of thunder, real? Does it mean that while we humans were ignorant of the world in front of us that the gods frolickend and lived and they died only when we discovered how the world really worked?

            We both know the answer is that no such god ever existed. Thor, or Ishkur or Jupiter did no more exist in the bronze age than they died during the enlightenment. They just never existed.

            So why do you ask? Do you think love is divine? Do you think elephants have a god they cry to when one of their own dies? Or do they just grieve the sudden loss of one of their herd?
            If they can grieve, they probably can love. Surely not exactly like we do, but they can love.

            Do they love because their elephant god created love or because love and grief are natural fruits of our evolution, part of the glue that keeps our societies together?
            Remember that evolution is not a race to perfection. The religious often wrongly believe that. Humans are not the last step in a ladder, but rather a branch of a tree. A branch as equal as many others.

            We are the only branch that developed advanced language skills and probably the only branch that can describe our own condition and our place in the universe, but that’s almost a fringe benefit of our evolution. It doesn’t mean we are the ones most perfectly evolved. There are other branches that are much better adapted to their environment and by that standard they could be seen as “more perfect”.

            Actually, we have a good idea of why Love and Kindness are valuable attributes in our society: without them we would not be where we are today. Without collaboration, without kindness, our species would have fizzled a long time ago.
            We are fragile, hairless monkeys. The only way we can get our food is by collaborating. We cannot fight the beasts of the jungle in a one on one contest, at least not on a regular basis. We cannot herd the other beasts on our own either.

            We need each other if we want to master our environment. Love and Kindness are just some of the tools we need to survive.

            Do we have ultimate proof of this? Not really. We have good theories (which is better than the Hypothesis that god created it all, a theory being a framework based on evidence that can explain reality and a hypothesis is what most people actually mean when they say “theory” in common parlance) and we have a remarkable winning streak on our side.

            Dirty harry would take out is 44 Magnum and ask “Do you feel lucky, punk?”.

            Do you feel lucky that those few things science has yet to fully explain will demonstrate a supernatural world that so far has been disproved every step of the way?

          • Good shit Marco. I just wanted you to know that I read your comment. Most people know how to have an opinion but not to research it. I stopped trying a while ago but the anthropologist in me appreciates your efforts. I guess if people think Jesus (a combination of the Grecco/Roman Gods Zues and Jupiter btw) exists even though he was a Roman creation in their efforts to nationalize a very diverse group of people across the Mediterranean, then he exists in their minds and that is all that counts. That being said your comment was on point. Amen or Amun (egyptians did not use vowels) is literally taken from the Egyptian religion and people refuse to do any research whatsoever including the person who wrote this bullshit article. Not hard to research your beliefs, but people would rather watch cat videos or write ignorant comments instead. It is just how it is unfortunately. I know what it is like to write long things like that and nobody give a fuck, so just wanted to let you know I got your back. Took me almost 10 years of college studying stuff like this intensely, but I am sure whoever wrote this article knows more than guys like us, cause they spent 4 minutes of their life reading a wiki article (that I am constantly editing btw). Typical internet age geniuses in here for sure.

          • Atheists & theists are the same kind of people pretending to be different. Both believe something they do not know.

        • The big bang couldn’t just poof out of void. Matter translates to matter. God created matter.

          • Who created God?

          • According to “Christians” he always existed.

          • Good question Brooke A. God has no beginning. Why? And how is that different from the “Big Bang Theory”? God created time and matter. God is a Spirit and not subjected to matter. With time we have things such as yesterday, tomorrow, beginning and end. God created that. This might be something hard for us to understand since we are born in time and our very mindset and logic is subjected to time, and it is hard for us to think of possibilities outside of time. God created time, as he created other laws of this universe for the sake of order and mathematics.

          • Wrong, spirits are made of energy, and what do you need for energy..matter.

          • What you call “void” is not as empty as you think. We know that particles are created from nothing and disappear into nothing again. Why not entire universes?

        • So Marco, are you telling that your skills and knowledge is beyond the power of our God?
          Because what your proving is not your belief, your just proving that your a wise man, or an intelligent one, or someone who can say something blah blah blah so that people will recognize you. contradicting one to another is just a huge waste of time when they are not believing in you. Plus, no matter what you say is just a comment, just… a… comment.

          -just a comment to comment 🙂

        • ”fantasy as any other mythological belief. ”
          ”mythological ”(not abrahamic )
          Don’t you see ? Ancient Greek , Native American ,Suomi , Scandinavian Ancient Khem etc mithology reflected vision of world . )

        • So Darwinism says we evoled from apes right? So why is there still apes on the planet. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon and evolves into a butterfly and the caterpillar is no more. So then evolution is flawed.

        • Doubting Thomas. No faith. I feel sorry for you.

        • Einstein stated that Karma is the basis of the scientific truth “For EVERY action there is an opposite and equal reaction”. The ancients of India studied and layed out the formulas in the Vedas and showed there workings through the stories in the Bahagavad Gita and the Mahabharata. In the West we have “As you do unto others so shall it be done unto you. Ignore this “suggestion” at your own peril.

        • Your “Big Bang” was when God Spoke “Let there be light” and “BOOOOOOM” there you have it!

        • GOOD SHIT marco what if you are wrong?

      • believing in God …. ? in what god
        ? jewish god? what its mean ”believing in jewish god”…
        or not believing in jewish god.

    • I feel sorry for you.

      • It’s understood the shape of an Octopus brain is Triangular!!!!Triangular!!!!THE MOST HIGH CREATOR IS UNFATHOMABLE and SOUVERIGN !!!!THEIR ARE MYSTERIES THAT MANKIND CANNOT AND WILL NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT HIS OWN EXISTENCE!!The word Amun,Amen or what can be put in that mix of mysteries!!! Obidence And Faith!!! I hold. Shalom

    • How about some DEMOCRACY in the USA for a change? Let people believe what they want and desire to believe! Who are you to dictate your atheism to anyone? GOD? lmao People like you are what’s wrong with our beloved country. Think long and hard about what FREEDOM means!

      • Just curious what freedom means. Seriously, enlighten this combat vet turned history teacher with your obvious wisdom. I would really like to see if your answer is anything like my students.

      • Lk out your window, tell yourself you can fly.

    • Then, have you created, yourself?

    • I think that, the ancient kemet were worshipping the sun for good reasons. First of all, without the sun, we have no crops, no rain and oceans, no vitamine D for strong bones, and no natural light. The moon and stars gives off light, but nothing like the sun. So with the little common sense that I have, I’m sure that, that was the right thing to do which was to pray to the sun for life to go on. An anology is the American Indians doing the rain dance during drought season, which is also a form of worshipping the sun. The only problem with the world today; is that, the truth has been hidden to us deliberately because of power and greed. If you were to be told to worship the sun by the priest or prophets, you probably wouldn’t take it seriously, why? because
      You can see the sun, so it is no mystry; because of that, religious leaders won’t make money off of you, also, they won’t be able to control your mind. The only ways for them to accomplish both goals is for them to invent a mysterious spiritual being whom you can never see with your naked eye or even with a telescope, for you to believe. That’s why all religion especially christianiy and Islam “believe” in an illusion, the unseen.

  • I love such language as “probably incorrect’ and “:mere coincidence” Real honest scholarship.

  • Yehoshua Friedman

    The order of the books in the Hebrew Bible is different from the “Old Testament” in the Christian Bible. The so-called O.T. ends with Malachi since it refers to the End of Days which neatly segues into the Gospels. The Hebrew Bible ends with Second Chronicles, whose final message is by the Persian King Cyrus (called messiah or annointed by Isaiah and said by some to be the son of Esther) calling on the Jewish exiles in Babylon to return to the land of Israel. The Christian Bible neatly changes the frame of reference.

  • It’s funny that one would assume that the roots of this word couldn’t possibly come from any time period prior to Greek influence… Trace the Grecian timeline and beliefs, it ALL came from Egypt, Africa… which derived from Nubia, Africa

    If the history of those people and those before them weren’t destroyed and forgotten, then you’d be able to see the true history behind so much more than just this one word (belief systems/ ideology, cultures, words (language), wealth, power, government, etc.)

    @ Mateo Jose, just because they’re talking about how this word fits into different religious beliefs said nothing about what they worship… history and religion lie hand in hand; enlighten yourself

    • so effin true,history and religion definitely lie….always have always will,thats the Demon Intrusion……its in the lying ass Bloodlne!!!

  • Let me correct myself… not ALL of the Greek culture was direcly influenced ONLY by Egypt; but a large amount was, especially in theology

  • When the Greeks came into Ancient Kemet/Eygpt with the bs trying to take it over, the warrior/King “Amen Hotep” would capture them and lined them up by the thousands, grab them by their hair and chop off their heads off and right before he’d swing the blade he made them say “Amen”.He purposely left some of them alive and the “Prayed” to Amen. To save their lives. They took it back to Greece and adopted it.

  • AMEN
    AMENti- (Egypt)

  • Again, more Christian propiganda …. Christians will never admit that their religion came after and they will never admit that most of their religion is based in Pagan tradition. Amun Ra was also referred to as Amen (Ah-Men) …. I have studied both Christian and Pagan religions, and sadly I have come to the understanding that Christians are the only ones that point views in their favor and they are the ones Judging, even though they say No One Can Judge but God. Look at the truth. Pagans were here first, they were happy and healthy, but people with different views came in and made their own religion and it was truth, according to them. Get your fact straight. Stop spreading hate. No matter your religion, we all share our world. Be kind, be happy and let others be. Also Amen means: so be it, and pagans say: so mote it be, same thing!!!! Blessed Be!!!

    • Yahweh comes first because He created the universe and all that is in it. He is God, whom Christians worship. First and Last in fact.
      Happy pagans??? Probably not the ones who were brutally sacrificed by their kin. Paganism is abomination. Go learn about it again, I think you read the wrong books.

      • Yahweh?? Really? Do you mean Elhoim? one of the MANY gods in polytheistic Hebrew religion, which shared many similarities, and in fact STOLE many legends and god’s attributions from Babylonian and Canaanite pantheons – God EL, anyone? The Epic of Gilgamesh, anyone?

        Before, and even in monotheism, Hebrew people also killed themselves, offered BLOOD, ANIMAL sacrifices, like any other HEATHEN, or PAGAN religion in this world since humankind existed in this planet.

        So, please, don’t be delusional and feel morally superior to anyone or other any religious belief just because some guy turned the polytheistic Hebrew religion into a monotheistic one (Something the Egyptians made years before with a god called… surprise-surprise: AMUN/AMEN-RA) after being captives in Babylonia, stealing mush of their beliefs and myths.

        • Just a quick thought, anyone truly not believing in God or a spiritual realm, why are you commenting or why do you even study this?. It’s all a waste of time. Eat drink and be merry! Is there a purpose, or evolutionary drive to discover our origins? Why do you care if ppl believe in God? Why? Why do you care about anything but yourself? Why do you care if someone else is deceived? Why? Please provide honest opinion as I would really like to know your thought processes

        • You have it the EXACT………OTHER WAY AROUND -like most atheist ‘scientists’ and other ‘experts’ do:
          Sumerian and Babylonian sources derived their religions and cultures from ADAM AND EVE (and thus “Proto-Israelites). There may not be supposedly ARCHAEOLOGICAL ‘evidence’ to ‘PROVE’ this……but this only show that ‘archaeology’ and many other scientific ‘interpretations’…….can be and often are VERY flawed…

      • universe ? ))))
        your ignorance is impressive! maybe learn something about your religion ‘s origin first.

    • Would you believe me, you little Navajo, that although “Paganism”……is clearly FAR OLDER than Christianity…..that all forms of ‘false religions’ (“Paganism”) had their roots in the ‘original’ Adamic religion -that God gave to Adam and Eve (which was a ‘precursor’ to “Christianity”)?
      Paganism began with Nimrod -founder of the Tower of Babel- and at this time all the roots of “Paganism” -gods, goddesses, etc. etc.
      Nimrod didn’t ‘invent’ from ‘scratch’ the precursors to paganism…..he got his ideas from the “Adamic” religion that was given to Adam by God….
      What says ye……..you little Navajo?

      • “Paganism” -be it ‘nature religions,’ Hinduism, etc.- do of course have a LOT of ‘truths’…..in fact many have ‘truths’ that many ‘sects’ of Christianity have lost or haven’t ‘retained.’ Basically many ‘pagan’ religions have retained lots of TYPES of truths -from the original Adamic religion- that most sects of Christianity have long since lost…
        However, Paganism is still ‘counterfeit’ offshoots of the “Adamic religion.”

    • Today’s Christians are so judgemental because of the integration of Christianity into the Pagan cultures. You’re acting like they’re two different things and the Pagans were all good and nice but that’s not the way it was. The Pagan Christians made sure they were going to control everything and suppress any Gnostic Christians. There’s a lot of people nowadays that say they’re Pagans but just make up stuff and say this is the way it was before Christians. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen them say Venus of Willendorf is from early Pagan religion when there is no proof that it isn’t just a simple work of art.

  • “One of the many names attributed to Jesus in the Bible is “The Amen” (faithful and true witness), in Revelation 3:14”

    WRONG! One of the many names attributed to Jesus in the Bible was Ha’Amin ( the Amin ) which is from the same root ( family ) as Amen. Amin means “Believable” in Hebrew. Literally, and it is still used to this day. Unbelievable = Lo ya’amen ( literally = not to be believed ). The word “amen” is from this family and from the word “belief” which in Hebrew is “Emuna”. All of these words are used in the Hebrew Bible and are still used today. The roots of these words have absolutely nothing to do with the Egyptians, but rather are an intricate part of the Hebrew is a West Semitic language of the Afroasiatic language family ( mind you, there are over 300 dialects and languages of Afroasiatic family ). Egyptian ( Coptic ) also originated from an Afroasiatic source, therefore MANY of their words are similar, yet some are totally different in sound. The name Amun ( an Egyptian pharaoh ) is most likely a form of the very same word as all the Hebrew forms of the word “Belief”, meaning, “He who is to be believed”. Hence, the word “Amen” DID NOT derive from the Egyptians, but rather BOTH languages derived from the same source or area and developed on their own due to separate religions, traditions and regions.

    • Amun is not an Egyptian Pharaoh indeed the word Egypt and Pharaoh are Greek words not used by the people of Kemet.

      The first mention of Israel in history is ‘apparently’ (it’s still disputed) given on the Merneptah Stele dated to 1200s BC though there are no written records of the people that the stele describes. Kemetian civilisation dates back to before 6000 bc with written record dated at 4500 bc and possibly earlier.

      Coptic is not Kemetian but the closest approximation we can get today to how Kemetian might have sounded.

  • Those who insist religion & science are at odds in the minds of ppl of faith are wrong. Science is the religion of matter! YET, IS SCIENCE NOT THE END ALL EXPLAIN ALL! The one thing that you science worshipers dismiss is the very force that animates life. WHERE IS THE SCIENCE ON THE SPIRIT? One can read the notes of music on the paper, yet not appreciate the beauty until they are put to voice/instruments. Can science describe the aroma of a flower. The sorry of love lost cannot be measured with calibers & meters.
    There’s the material, which science is necessary to comprehend. Then there is the spirit, which requires something more. All things in balance!

  • I just have one little question: “Why is the word ‘Amen’ used at the end of a prayer because nowhere in the Bible does anyone use it in that manner; including Jesus?”

  • Jason Brownstone

    I am just very glad that the people who have acquired knowledge confidently share this knowledge for free. Every group, culture, race want to self-preserve and from thence dominate. The only single concept to accommodate lazy people is the concept of God which probably exist only inside of them through knowledge they have acquired by self and not through organizations, movements and significant others perpetrating dominance. However, being happy in life is an emotion that we would all want to subscribe to. Being happy has everything to Do with the knowledge you have and nothing to do with any god. If scientists were waiting on God, the body of knowledge available today to both make the world a better place or worse off would not have been there. Religious people of any category are the lazy bunch, worse off trying to self-preserve and if possible dominate. Get out there and do some reasonable thinking or reasoning. Do not just dance to the tunes of some control freak who always have a credit to give to some non-existential being while denying the potency they have within self to express thereby being limited and controlled by framework of some intelligently freak that existed long before us. The devil is usually blamed for everything. I don’t know if people born in 21st century can actually overcome that which existed before their great grandpa came into being. The answer lies in the mind, it’s use, what the mind is fed with and what really matters in life which is happiness. No one needs love except you are vulnerable and love is irrelevant if you are not vulnerable. If you are happy, that’s all that counts. Think to understand what happiness Is and God will be relevant in your life. Do not out of vulnerability position yourself to lose your happiness through some unnatural and unattainable standards of religion that is irrelevant in the age that we are in.

  • Jason Brownstone

    Religion is just about advancing a culture and the front runners have achieved much through gold, oil, drugs; guns, oil and diamonds. So its about self-preservation and dominance. At every step there has been violence perpetrated by religion.

    • Your dumb ‘cliched’ remarks are echoed by huge percentages of the earth’s population; it’s a very ‘dumb cliche’ that I’ve heard a million times over.
      Sure, you’re correct, that ‘religion’ has been the basis for so much violence……but this in no way proves that ‘religion is bad’ and that ‘religion was invented.’
      Ironically, it proves the OPPOSITE: Religion is ONLY such a strong, pervasive force in human history because God DOES exist and people KNOW it. The flaw is that too many STUPID PEOPLE ‘misinterpret’ their religions in the wrong way: the ‘flaw’ is NOT with the concept (or REALITY) of “religion,” itself.

  • If !”Amen” is an acronym it cannot also be the Egyptian word Amun- Ra. Be logical.

  • I find it funny but maybe its the rebel inside me, ill stand for the one true living God. and no not the jesus the jesuit pope follow, nor obama. but the best part while you all sit and debate a endless debate thats been going on since the time you all think we evolved from a rock. ill stand for the real christ as he is the most hated!! removed from schools, tv, movies, mocked jesus number one mocked on allllllll tv, white house lite in fag colors, now one bathroom agenda. the pope is a flase scumbag and millions follow. obama is a alah/satanist. either or ill stand with the one hated by alllllllllllll! amen to that you can listen to a man who said its turned from amun to amen. yet iull stand for him and die since i am a terrorist and don’t trust my goverment. you are all fooled and fight smong yourselves. but i find it funny every mofo here that talks athiest or science religion. they were indoctrinated through schooling and college. yet i bet the man who wrote this is a drop out as myself. who knows wither or while you all fight and argue and will never figure it out. while they have us all enslaved in there never ending web. maybe put your efforts and watch humanity and seek God with your heart and compare us to the bible. the KJV not the new fake ones with many versus removed. older the better. anyways yeah go back to sleep its all fake yet our nation and world is ran by anti chirst. so if he isnt real why do they worship the devil? hahaha may God have mercy on us all and i hope im not sitting in a pit of hell because i myself was fooled for all my life and now i see me being lead to death my masses of imbosil’s that think text books can prove or disoprove my king. it is what it is and ill say what i allways say. those who have ears let em here those who don’t well… time and hostory and men oh wait i mean he/shes will prove it. hahaha unreal focus on today not shit 2000 years ago like how brain washed is everyone? pretty freaking bad. but it will all pass soon so here is a tip to all athiest out there. buy a gun stock up on food as this summer is gonna be a dusie. whooooooooo!

    • You all believe we are nothing but a bunch of sentient mud creatures. News flash but the KJV is the one with versus removed because it does not fit your christian indoctrination. You hid the fact that Jesus was in fact black. King James was a pedophile, is this the guy you want writing books for you?

    • I’m truly glad people are awake to the real world we live in !! People need to forget black and white and concentrate on what’s coming for us all . The antichrist system is everywhere in front of our face . Hidden !! Panera bread has PAN and Ra in the word . Secret 666 hidden in the logo . Pandora again hidden Pan and Ra . All the adds the girls cover the one eye and make the satanic handsign . Many more signs and symbols everywhere . Catholic Church has controlled everything from bibles to history and everything else . We are all a slave to a satanic system . In a true bible that has not been changed it mentions the mark of the beast will be the size of a grain of rice . The RFID chip is here and the size of a grain of rice . Research black box Saturn and wake up . The end is near . New World Order . Why do we have Obleiks in Washington and all over the world ? Why is there a hexagram on the dollar bill and all the other satanic symbols on money . Satan has blinded us all by tv and material wealth . We can’t take it with us when we die . We are all slaves to a satanic system !! Why is Nimrod and Tammuz and the double helix up in the Ishtar gate in Hollywood . ? Why is satanic symbols hidden on cars and company logos . Why do all the elites use the same hand-signs ?? Why does all cartoon characters have the same hand signs as the elites ?We need to repent before it’s too late!!

  • Since i was young, my Rabbi told me that Amen is the acrostic for “E’l Melech Neeman” in Hebrew, which means “The Loyal King God”,

  • pray to yeshua. the following is simple factual, nothing evil or
    satanic or ‘pagan’. ugh, bad word, pagan. its your roots, like it or

    Amen is the I Am, represented by the sun, the eye of god.

    Yhwy is yehuaiah. The entire bible is written about one person, one of
    the sons of god, the apple of gods eye, Joseph, dads favorite.

    Elohim is the Father of Spirits. Elohim is both good and evil. you never
    get to see him or hear from him. he doesnt recognize us, we’re not his.
    Elohim put set in the waters to create division, and let the waters
    divide themselves. Those spirits, all apportioned according to his long
    before premeditated will, are His ‘children’. Those children each made
    their own ‘house’. This ‘house’ is the inheritance. It consists of
    souls. The clouds of dust the Lord rides in on. There is no place in
    imagination where when we die we go to live in some golden house
    floating in air. Eternal life looks like a planet, or a star. Those
    things are entities that are ‘possessed’ with a spirit. So all those old
    pagan beliefs were dead on the money. Your bible says some of us used
    to belong to the spirit of the sky, or of the sun but they now an enemy
    of God, or Yeshua, and his children are cursed as well. Thats what
    happens when u burn children as a sacrafice to to yourself, engorging
    and becoming fat by eating the blood, and consuming the souls in order
    to exalt yourself in heaven. Spirits live off of the energy of souls.
    Think of casinos and hospitals and morgue. A spirit feed off the
    constant Feeling emanating from the souls that visit, and usually stay
    there. Your soul is a feeler, and is analogous, in a very
    literal/spiritual bond, to your heart. Bible speaks of preserving the
    bones, so as not to shatter the soul, refreshing the bowels, kidneys,
    etc- The soul. Reincarnation. the righteous will die up to 7 times and
    be brought back, because Yeshua will not leave you in the pit, will not
    let satan drag you to the grave, but will lift your soul up and throw
    some new skin on your bones-again. says nothings new under the sun, its
    all happened before, since time eternal. read your bible. How? Black
    holes are galaxy creators, using dark matter and fun stuff (outer space
    isnt empty, its a sea brimming full of energy in harmony and balance.
    the center of our galaxy is bright because so many suns are closely
    packed in and are whipping about a trillion miles an hour, inducing some
    serious whiplash. theres also a black hole in pleiades, the exit, and
    orion, the entrance of our souls. Black holes are doors to somewhere

    tamarisk trees, the pine cone of wisdom handed out by cherubs packing
    stone purses, scientific name is the phoenix, a flaming bird of prey
    (bible) that comes around every 500 years. Every 500 years all the
    planets are in alignment with the sun and the black hole in orion. Every
    planet had a familiar looking grouping of pyramids that match our set
    in Egypt. And China, portugal, japan, mexico, the atlantic, cuba, the
    belt of righteousness. 5 more matching plieades, are rotated at degrees.
    The black onyx pyramid in antarctic is satans throne. In egypt north is
    our south, south is our north. Egypts capstone is an alexandrie a fire
    saphire. each pyramid, the 12, each to a prince. Remeber isaiah14 or
    something talking about cherub in the garden walking atop stones of fire
    with god on his altar. King Tyre (atlantis in portugal, the island-
    bible again)

    Nebo, Xerxes, etc. they all had their day, all recieved a throne.

    The hirns, reprensenting princes, the sons of cherubs or kings, are the
    dirt mound pyramids scatered about as well as the matural massive
    mountain peaks. They are all exactly pisitioned along ley line geography
    and hotspots. the Stone Rock pyramids are the 7 rays of light emanating
    from Lords bride. Whel these suckers were up and woking, Egypt in the
    Apple of Gods eyes, and when the planets all aligned every 500 years,
    there was an impressive incoming noted worldwide. Note the Great pyramid
    naturally resonantes at a frequency the most modern hospital uses to
    cure cancer.The ark of the covenant slid right into the kings coffer in
    the upper chamber and the 144000 casing stones emanated reflected light
    that could be seen from the moon, without binoculars. The ‘mayan’
    calendar segments into periods of 144000 days is the “Bowl” (is what
    they call it) that is wiped clean every now and then, and then the song
    repeats itself.

    worms to dragons. its a perpetual cycle. note that the 5 dragons are
    headed by draco, sirius,(the Jackal Anubis in some bibles) the north
    pole star, which is in charge of escorting you to the firey gates of
    heaven, or the icey pit of hell. take your time to google map the north
    pole. Whats that humungous hole doing there? Am i the only one thats
    looked this up? The water is warm there with warm water life living
    abundantly there.

    See Sitnah, lord of the body of 5 oaths of 5 spirits(5spirits of enmity
    of spirit, the 5 senses of man) and Sheba Lord of oaths the 7 spirits
    of Truth.

    Moses was from the tribe of Dan, King Den, Scorpion King, the Garden of
    Den, the earths first recorded king after the flood, protector of the
    garden, a cherub ( like nebuchadnezzar).

    Daniel belonged to Dan, and thus him and Sauls God were different. Thats
    why Dan-el almost fainted when micah-el talked to him, and dan asked is
    it legal, not sinful for my god to to talk to the other god?

    The Seirs were visionaries, their god was one of visions, and as Elohim
    makes up the body of the universe, the Host, the Sun is his Eye. Thus
    the Cherubs, the Lords of the four Quarters, are the 4 Zodiac, and are
    naturally full of ‘eyes. These are the faces of god. This is why the
    bible saysYeshua has a certai amount of time to come and collect his
    inherentence, his choldren or souls, and past the due time, he wont
    ercieve anything, and it will all go to Set, or Den, Aby-Den is the man
    of perdition.

    in the Zodiac, First god is Scorpio (Abba-dan, melchezedek, my ather the
    King.), 2nd Ram (Manotaur), Fish (Dagon), Water (Yeshua). There is a
    dispute with the jews, Esau, who is god. BHe’s not lying. Set is his
    God. He gets his own inheritance, nothing to do with Yeshua, its the
    levites that do not share with Israel, but go straight to God. which
    God? is a root or a branch or a hanging fruit each a different entity?
    The Host has many faces, thus the four cherubs each have 4 faceas,
    representing the pure animal character in your heart. What are you
    inside. are you a pig, a lion.

    The Sphinx is the Lion of David (Nehemiah). When the damns and locks
    were in place and functioning the Lion was submerged up to his head.
    thats why it sits in a pit. Theres a hole in the top of his head, and it
    used to have two faces, a lion and davids.

    , and the Great Pyramind the House of God. GOD wont aide on a house made
    with rocks cut by human hands. Do some research. The Grwat White Holty

    This is why Set had a dispute w micah-el over moses bones in jude.
    Moses is a goat, Azazel. He kinda belonged to Set(h)(Esua), because the
    Tempter thru his son the man of perdition, had swallowed up all the
    other horns, princes, shepherds or sons of god, and declares those souls
    belonging to the other fig trees now belong to him. because moses
    remained true to the covenant with Elohim, when he helped yeshua save
    the rest of his heiphers (ephraim-water) and sheep (mannaseh-bread) from
    being eating by the brotherhood of dragon priesthood, god promised him a
    spot in the stars, not the pit. dust represents dead souls, the ones
    Set, the head of the dragon of the nile inherents. A spirit is a body of
    souls, a souls is a grain of dust in the sea.

    btw ishtar, Isis, is the moon, or queen of heaven, the bible mentions 50 times ‘dragon’ and ‘owl’.

    Melchezedek is the holy royal priesthood. it gets passed on through the
    zodiacal procession. see Yehuzedek. Wisdom and faithfulness is Elohims
    eternal counsel. Jupiter and tamarisk, the pam tree respresents wisdom.
    see gennii, pine cone. Do you create a universe with love and kindness,
    or wisdom?

    Egypt is your truth, Esau took over the levitical priesthood and started
    eating the sheep. Father of the flock, why did these gods have animal
    heads? Why did each tribe correspond to an animal? why was there a soul
    for soul exchange for the firstborn?

    Israel is Joseph, Ephraim and Mannasseh, the pride of Jacob. The only
    ones the covenant was passed to. Joseph was the only one to make dad
    proud. Egyptians didnt need to make another name for josephs brothers to
    distinguish themselves from Joseph, (Royalty, not of Egyptian blood) so
    the brothers all road in on josephs coattails and adapted the name.

    bible doesnt say theres only one god. obviously. says next to me and do
    not put any other god above me Yeshua was talking to his kids.

    The other ‘children, the crocodile, lion, wolf, bear, all had their own
    fig tree to shade under, their own shepherd, or god with a funny head.
    if your an animal which is says god makes evil men into fish and snakes
    and whatever (terestial bidies, celestial bodies, flesh of carion eater,
    etc all pertain to which spirit you belonged to. Romn or hebrew or look
    it up how bout read your bible, i have verses ready if you need a
    crutch) Dont get me wrong, yeshua reigns as lord forever as our high
    priest, the most upright(yehu-) judge(King) & saviour (-aiah). prior
    to new testament tho, things were different. we dont sprinkle blood on
    the altars horns anymore do we? well, esau does. the blood of the baby
    he snatched out of your baby stroller when you blinked. Its his covenant
    with death, to be absolved when Amen comes back to kill every living
    thing on this planet.

    He going to scrub the chalkboard clean and plant new seed. after 1000
    years, things should look new again, and will definitely be peaceful and
    quiet. then a little evolution here and there, perhaps some
    intercession by the watchers, a little holy seed mixing, and
    boom-stairstep evolution. How come the first pyramid, the great one was
    perfect, and the rest all kinds went downhill. after the 100th one
    built, it fell over. Some no longer exist, theres no sign of it. Gods is
    still standing. The GPis the door to the floodgates of the deep, as are
    the rest of the temple to the sun. Theres a lake of mercury under each
    Grand pyramid worldwide, tha is called the lake of souls. Mercury is the
    only dry liquid, and corelated to the dry pit, again bible.

    Jehovahs witness 144000 elite consider themselves judges. The man if
    perdition comes from their group. Rothschild funded the watchtower, a
    euphemism of the Great Pyramid. He plans on purging sin from this planet
    to avoid the day of destruction. How? watch 2 two minute “grey state”
    movie trailer that the guy died over producing. His whole family
    including the dog dedicated to destruction (bible for killed and given
    to Set) with a bullet in the head. Pay attention to guy wearing all
    white clothes and a pillow case on his head. look at the belt/
    Watchtower. All those men and woman lined up to the guillatine, hands
    zip tied, with bags over their heads…. Reminds me of the Georgia stones.

    anyways youre all boring


    • You have managed to connect all of the dots and make sense of all of the scattered pieces of knowledge that I’ve come across in my research and studies. May I ask who you are and what you do? I’m super interested in talking with you….

  • Winman Dickey Jr

    It is interesting why any individual can not fathom even the possibility that the name (title) “The Amen,” is the same as amen, Amon, Amun, Amin, and Aman written about by different cultures at different times. The FACT that most of the most ancient civilizations use this word (name, title) in their religious texts, prayers, and worship should bring any logically thinking individual to the conclusion that this word (name, title) must have a value above all other names, titles, and words created by Man. Man has hidden this from Man… Such as Jesus name…guess what his name is when you decipher it using ancient Latin… Ooh Yes, revelation 3:14…

  • You didn’t find anything. Stop your lying. Amen is ancient Egyptian and the word was not originated by the Hebrews. Do some REAL research next time. The word, Amen was the name of the chief deity in ancient Egypt and it means “The Hidden” or “The Unseen.” Do some research!

    • Know one said that Amen doesn’t mean the “hidden one,” but that according to Revelation 3:14, Jesus was called The Amen. Furthermore, The Amen, Aman, Amon, Amun, Amin, was worshipped by the ancient Kushites, ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Greeks… I do not believe anyone of us are lying, we either don’t have the same level of knowledge or we are choosing to believe what we want to believe even when truth is looking us square in the face…

  • Research? How can we really do research? Its all based on opinions.

    • Hebrew culture started as a derivative spinoff of Egyptian culture. The Greeks and Romans forced the Hebrews to rewrite their doctrines in such a way that demonized the Egyptians that the Greeks and Romans stole from.

      If you can back a reference from the Bible, cool, but if you get too Biblical, expect to get met with the facts. Coming from a former Christian, I don’t argue with Bible thumpers who insist on forcing their book to be valid.

  • @Felix Ruiz history is not subject to your opinion. Ignoring the connection that the word Amen has to Egypt because of its altered meaning(s) is like Ignoring the fact that Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Mexico/Central America, North America, Peru, Iraq, India, China, Indonesia, Spain, Greece, and Rome have pyramids like Egypt.

    See how dumb that is? Shows how dumb this whole article is, and it ignores all of the conquests and vandalized, rewritten history that occurred.

  • Your African reference is right but should be attributed to the Dogon of West Africa. Enter the Rabbit hole.

  • lol, am a bit late, but, ive read most of the comments, and ts sad to see, how as human we can have a good conversation with hate speeches and disrespect to each other, we`ve becoming worst than the animals, then can have a time of fellowship, we seems not to be able to do so for a minute.
    Amen, is one of the characteristic name of God/YWH, take for eg,:I AM, I=1=first=original, AM= dsitinct =the last 1, =the only 1,so when we read in the bible /scrolls ,GOD said ,”IAM THE FIRST & THE LAST, in another book HE said,”I AM GOD/HE THE FIRST THERE IS NO OTHER god,no I Know none other,there is never a god before me neither is there another after me, I AM HE, WHO hath ( had,have, and is still) creating all things, I AM THE 1ST & THE LAST (THE ORIGINAL & THE ONLY ) GOD.
    SO GOD/JESUS IS THE AMEN,which exited before all and will out live all an only in him all thing live and get life,
    so Amen was before Egypt, the AMEN was the one who created Adam,
    What is the real true meaning of the AMEN?
    1)Amen is 1 secrete under our nose, standing in front of our face looking our eyes, feeling it/him inside and out said of us but we cannot comprehend IT?HIM,
    Amen ,unscrambled,,(A, M,E,N),= NAME, ,(2) A,M.E,N)=AM ,N E,=E N,ME A =(A=1=I, M=ME, E=HE, N=AND
    SO THE STATEMENT WOULD READ, ” I AM HE, AND HE IS ME”, through the creation of time and eternity GOD have been expressively telling us, I AM HE,old to new testament
    2ND unscrambling of AMEN, ,,,,,,AMEN & ADAM,,,,,,,,ADAM was created by the AMEN and had came out of THE AMEN, let take Adam out of the AMEN,,,,,,,
    SO Adam was/is the natural human expression of GOD or the son of GOD /the humanity of GOD
    and this was ancient before Egypt, , and in the old and new testament it to us JESUS was the second ADAM, the son of GOD, so JESUS IS the son/humanity/natural expression of THE AMEN?GOD?INVISIBLE ALL POWERFUL HOLY SPIRIT, not just the carrier of the GENES/DNA of GOD but GOD/AMEN/I AM expressing HIMSELF BY HIMSELF
    so the Greeks/Egyptian/Babylonians, etc they all took ADAM`s knowledge /teaching of GOD?AMEN that he was instructed to teach all humanity, these (Greeks,Egyptians,Babylonians) they all took it and change it into their own imagination and made statues/graphite-es n force the world to fellow their madness,David in the psalms,said ‘The gods of the nations they are idols, and no gods, they have hands, but cannot handle, feet but cant walk, nose but cant breath, mouth but cant speak:
    THIN about These i`d share just now n serve JESUS THE TRUE AND FAITHFUL GOD?WITNESS and u will find what Adam found and had

  • Amen originated from Ahman Ra. The veneration of the Sun God. According to the Kemetic Egyptian Mystery school system. If other’s including Christians want to rename it so be it.

  • You state without any proof, a fad in history, to pretend that ancient Jews owed little to the Egyptians, and that Amen did not come from Egyptian Amun/Amen. (So the same name is just an amazing coincidence?) Lets review some simple, obvious facts:

    1. The ancient Hebrews fled from Egypt. (stating the obvious)
    2. Many ancient Hebrews already worshiped Egyptian gods, to include Amun/ Amen, ancient creator god.
    3. Moses could not make them totally quit other gods, but did suppress them: 1) ban idol worship; 2) ban religious practices like weird sex and spilling seed on ground,
    4) Moses in effect, admits other gods exist. He can’t stop worship but requires you must put YHVH first.

    My logical inference: In all Hebrew prayers, since YHVH must come first, if Amen was mentioned, he must be last. It became a habit. Over time, the old meaning was lost or changed to “make it so” or “I confirm it.”

    So why do modern Jews try to deny their Egyptian roots? Is it so embarrassing to read what the Bible plainly says: ancient Jews had other Gods and a golden calf. (They misbehaved often and they were punished often).

  • Havel said, “Listen to the man who seeks the truth. Flee from the man who has found it.”

  • Satan, or Amen, or Amun-Ra, the Sun God, (same person)Owns This World System. He has tricked every religion on this planet into saying his name, Amen, in prayer. The Hebrews picked up the word, ‘Amen’ while in captivity in Egypt. The same Egypt that built the Pyramids which still defy modern knowledge on how they were built. The same Egypt where priests{Exodus 7:8-13} matched many of Moses miracles like turning their staffs into serpents, etc. They got these powers from Satan or Amen-Ra, their god. The books which contained much of this knowledge were burned during the Crusades. Satan wants to be worshipped by all, even Jesus. In Matthew 4:8-11, he took Jesus up to an unusually high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world, and offered them to him for 1 act of worship. Jesus did not deny that the kingdoms belonged to Satan. He just declined the offer and told him to leave.
    Amen is still used in Christian religion because one can’t just throw the baby out with the bath water.
    By use of this word, Satan gets to hear his name spoken in every religion on this planet. He owns this world. He hates Black and dark skinned people because the people that defied him like Job, David, Moses (dark skinned and posed as an Egyptian his entire youth) {Exodus 6:2-10} look at the Egyptian hieroglyphics with all the Black people, and the big Black noses that were broken off the Egyptian Sphinx and other artifacts. All of the facts show that original faithful worshippers of the One True God, Jehovah, YHWH etc., are HATED by Satan/Amen and his children, todays world leaders.
    It is only by getting the Big Picture, Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, The God of This System of Things vs The The God of “Thy Kingdom Come”, in the Our Father Prayer, can one even begin to get a grasp on what is happening in this world.

    • The letter “J” is not apart of the Hebrew Alefbet,The Greek Alphabet ,Nor Arabic and was not part of the English Alphabet till after the 1500s!!!! How could the names jehovah or jesus exist???

  • I guess it’s also a coincidence that IsRaEl happens to be a combination of the Kemetic symbols of The All in All of Isis, Ra and El. I guess it’s also a coincidence that the capital city of IsRaEl prior to the ‘J’ pronunciation was called Heru-Salaam; with Heru being the son of Isis and the presentiment archetype for the Iesous, Iezeus, Yashua, Jesus character found in almost every version of the bible. I guess it’s also a coincidence that the patriarch of both the Arabs and Habiru people (Hebrews) was AbRaHam Ab; being the Kemetic Heart-Mind, Ra being the manifestation of God as the sun and Ham, the shortened version of Kham or Khamite. SMH & LOL

  • Amen-Amun Rah is an Egyptian God. I believe people are in danger
    by using words that originally are something else. The world has been
    Decieved by the serpent the devil they call Satan. He has used words
    to decieve us. I been doing a lot of research and it has blown my mind. Everyone needs to go to the scriptures and research every word. The Bible has been tampered with throughout the ages. The word God is a pagan title. Satan is the God of this world. And Lord litterly means Baal.
    (Beelzebub) Satan
    Christians are praying to the wrong deity. Our Father in heaven is not a God he is the Creator of ALL.
    YAH was removed in the rewriting and the translations. All YAH’s YAHUAH and YAHUSHA were removed and replaced with LORD and GOD.
    PSALMS 68:4
    Sing unto GOD=YAH
    Sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name”YAH”and rejoice before him.

  • I’ve read many of the replies and comments to others from the research on the reason why Amen is used/generated from. The research point are enlightening and based on what I have been taught, know, and studied there is relevance. However, what disturbs me is how many of you took this as a forum to discuss race and color, I say shame on you and I pray you find peace from the master creator of heaven and earth (so no offense is given). Stop looking at skin check a person’s h character, purpose, and their heart that’s the person they are going to honorable or dishonorable, loving or hateful which some of you presented. Bottom line we all breath the same air, function in the same manner, and THINK…bleed the same color blood but yet feel one is better than the other not so…there are good, bad and indifferent persons born in every ethnic society. It not a person’s color that makes them but the content of their heart and character that makes them. If you want peace, love, and unity. Leave your one sided opinion regardless of others views accept their opinions, outlook, and views. We won’t always agree but we can agree to disagree while keeping a level of respect for others. Spread peace and love not confusion and hate.

    • All of what your saying comes from within if you want peace it starts within then you can find truth. If your contentious or you have strife then that’s what you get everyone should examine themselves first before commenting you comments at the end of the day it’s walking in truth we should seek after. None of us who our on this planet breathing this Air can change the past only the future!

  • Amen is the Father of Gods. From ancient Kemet/Egypt. Represents the Black Sun. Ra represented the Sun god.

    Amein is Hebrew for “so be it”.

    What difference does an “i” make, it’s like the difference between pens and penis…

    Religion is based on astrotheology.
    Heaven and the gods are above you.

  • Don’t you all have more important things to do than squabble over such nonsense??

  • Tabia Ani's Review

    The word “Amen” is not Hebrew or Jewish or Semite. It’s original lexicon ties back to Ancient TaMeri/TaMara/KmT/Egyptian.

  • Jesus is the Truth. Everyone finds out sooner or later. I chose sooner.

  • how bout you just,make the devil your creator if thats what you believe and stop fooling your evil self.

  • On the money Francis. The word Amen is the Egyptian sun god.
    It predates the Hebrews. Always seek the truth.

  • Kimberly S Aguiar

    I bet none of you have traced egyptian historical names at Moses’s departure from Egypt to that of the prophets in christianity. Did you know the Roman Catholic church had to vote in Jesus as the son of god. The sign of the cross on your body is actually an upside down cross. Religion is government to control people. It flexes with the age and those In power who can wield it.

    ALL LIVES MATTER. Strip us of our flesh, take away our sight then cast us mute. Now we know no difference. Struggle for the truth always and hear your heart for the world’s sake. One world, one consciousness… There is your one true god.

  • Amen meant Am-god. People may mistakenly think it came from the hebrew amen but the truth probably the opposite. The jews had a word for “Am” the word “? YHWH” and they had a word for god “?el” . The glorious first pharoh of the twelfth dynasty a christian. I suspect the T cross symbolizing Am-god’s death got wrongly added to the circle symbolizing the so called sun god forming the ankh. Assuming certain things I the next Tzar of Russia and Bellorussia and Ukraine ECT and a direct decedent of Tzar Nicholas II. Will the people of Cush help me get back into power ? What would you do if I told you that Tzar Nicholas’s daughter got secretly “married” in November of 1916 and had secret children ?