10 Totally Random Interesting Facts

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  • Great stuff,
    Except I have to call “bullsquash” on the apple seed bit…
    Cyanide itself isn’t dangerous, it’s POTASSIUM cyanide that kills you.
    I guess if you ate an apple seed and a banana, THEN you could die? o_0

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Matt Guy: It’s hydrogen cyanide that is metabolized from the amygdalin in the apple seeds (and many other types of seeds). That is extremely deadly. You can read more here.

    • Matt, usually trying to sound smart doesn’t work very well if you say something completely unintelligent like that banana thing afterwards, there has to be some kind of chemical reaction. Also, there are many different types of cyanide (potassium, hydrogen, sodium), most or all of which are toxic and should not be consumed in large amounts. Potassium may be the most well known, but it is certainly not the only deadly one.

  • Hi,
    I have read that the apples seeds taken in small quantities act as a natural laxative,DMC

  • England, Britain, United Kingdom… you forgot to inclide ‘The British Isles’

  • I would like to add:

    England = England
    Britain= England + Wales
    Great Britain= England + Wales + Scotland
    UK = England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland

  • this is very interesting knowledge, me and my friend cannot believe some of things that this website is suggesting. And I cannot wait to share this knowledge with all my other friends and be like ‘ TODAY I FOUND OUT!’ get me 😉