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This Day in History: December 23rd- Tojo’s End


This Day In History: December 23, 1948 On December 23, 1948, seven Class A war criminals that included the former Prime Minister of Japan, Hideki Tojo, were executed by hanging at Sugamo Prison. The executions were carried out by the American occupation authorities. According to official U.S. documents detailing the procedures, “The execution will be witnessed with due solemnity and […]

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A Christmas Oddity: The Giant Straw Goat in Sweden That People Try to Burn Down Every Year


In the Swedish town of Gävle, about 100 miles north of Stockholm, residents have been erecting a giant straw goat in the town center since 1966. The Gävle Goat, also known as the Yule Goat and the Gävlebocken, may be a massive Christmas decoration, but there is never any guarantee that it will still be standing for the holiday. That […]

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Our Mega List of Fascinating Star Wars Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Star Wars Facts

If you’ve noticed the fewer number of articles being published the last couple weeks on TIFO, this post is the cause. It now holds the record for the longest time spent researching and writing any single article on TIFO by a very good margin. It turns out there are an awful lot of Star Wars “facts” commonly repeated all over […]

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A Knight’s Tale: The Real Life Ulrich von Liechtenstein


If you’ve never seen A Knight’s Tale, the cliff notes version of the story is that Heath Ledger’s character, William Thatcher, pretends to be a knight to compete in various jousting competitions across Europe for fame, fortune, and the love of a woman. Since Thatcher is a peasant, in order to be able to compete, he claims to be a […]

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The Curious Case of Terminal Lucidity


Characterized by a remarkable return of mental faculties and sometimes physical skills to terminal patients who were thought to have lost such abilities, Terminal Lucidity, while extraordinary, is also a very real and extremely mind boggling phenomenon that has largely been ignored by modern scientists, despite references to it going all the way back to Hippocrates. A relatively recent term, […]

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From a Life of Crime to One of the Most Prolific Actors of All Time- Danny Trejo’s Prison Break


While Danny Trejo might not be a name as many people would recognise as say, Tom Cruise, with over 300 film credits to date since his acting debut in the mid-1980s, not to mention his distinctive hard-as-nails look, he’s certainly one of the more recongisable faces in Hollywood. Unlike most, however, Danny’s trail to becoming one of the hardest working […]

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Why Do Many Countries’ Names End in “-stan,” and Home Country Designations Often End with “–an” as in “American”?


Chris G. asks: Why are there so many countries that have a name that ends in stan? I was also wondering why we call people from many countries the name of their country ended with an, like Canada and Canadian? Denoting that it is a piece of the earth associated with a particular group of people, the suffix -stan simply […]

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Has a Major English Dictionary Ever Spelled An Entry Name Incorrectly?


Jon A. asks: Has there ever been an example of a word being spelled incorrectly in the dictionary and did that then become the new accepted spelling? Despite my sincerest efforts, I could find no documented instance of a misspelled entry name (the word being defined) ever found in a widely circulated, non-user generated English dictionary. (I’m still skeptical it’s […]

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How Thanksgiving Became a National Holiday in the U.S. and What “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Had to Do With It


In this video from our YouTube channel (click here to subscribe), we take a look at how Thanksgiving became a national holiday in the United States and what the poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb” had to do with it. To make sure you don’t miss out on many more videos like this, be sure and subscribe to our new […]

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