It’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are looking at the man Frank Capra based the character of George Bailey on in It’s a Wonderful Life, and how this rather remarkable individual went on to shape quite a bit of history in a certain region of America, in a very positive way despite that almost nobody has ever heard his name. This is all rather fitting as you might expect for someone George Bailey was patterned after.

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Over the course of the episode we also discuss in depth that little known natural disaster that was one of the most devastating in U.S. history and how it helped shaped the fate of California and certain industries there.

We then wrap the whole thing up bringing it back around to It’s a Wonderful Life, as well as some interesting related Bonus Facts.

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  • 12:12 People also had the skills and ability to build their own houses until this too became monopolised. It is true that land theft in Britain ensures slaves of us all. Crown Estates. You think it ‘doesn’t mean anything in actually’? Such ignorance. You need to educate yourselves on Enclosure Laws which stole the common land from the ‘common’ people, putting it into private/state hands to do with as they saw profitable; hence deforestation and overcrowding in cities as 85% of the land is unoccupied. The PTB sells off to Arabs, Jews, Chinese, anyone with the bucks rather than enable the rightful occupants of the land to build their own homes. Another ruse are the ‘trusts’ which act as free accommodation to all in that club. The regulations governing housebuilding for the population are stupendous.

    Sounds like exactly the remedy for a huge earthquake; use tons of dynamite on existing buildings …… perhaps the dynamite connection goes deeper than ‘face value’ guys. Sounds as if they were ‘terraforming’ the area, destroying beautiful architecture with interesting histories in order to put a new face on the area, for new profiteers, erasing the records, the histories of our forebears and past. It’s a well worn pattern of criminal behaviours blamed on ‘nature’ or some ‘silly woman’ cooking breakfast for her family – get real. This sounds as ludicrous as the official fairytale of the great fire of London ‘started in pudding lane’. Quo Bono? 3000 people were killed (has a familiar ring) and it was just hilarious. Yeah. Especially as ‘acts of god’ are not included in the insurance. ‘It’s a wonderful life’ sounds like a huge mafia hit to me and it was a wonderful film, giving the public a line on a rather different reality. I would imagine there would have been plenty of lumber from the wreckage locally. I’m through with this juvenile spiel. Line up of usual culprits like Disney and the porn flick shop aka Holly Wood.

    The meme of ‘Just One Man Saves the World’ rhetoric has worn a little thin to the thinking individual. I guess the average intelligence quota is typically low.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life, is my favourite Christmas time movie!
    The info you gave in the two podcasts was incredible! And I bored my wife silly recounting the origins of George Bailey! I love to listen to the Brainfood show in my car! If I’m at home I’ll have your other channels on, either TV or Computer! Thanks for making me wonder about the world around me!
    One thing I learned about myself is, I don’t know enough! And with your channels, that is changing!
    I wish all this internet stuff had been around 40 years ago, I would have made a great researcher!
    Thank you, Simon, Daven and all the rest of your great team!
    (I listen on Spotify)