How Soap Actually Works, Why No One Would Be Caught Dead Using the Official Olympic Salute Anymore and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we discuss how soap actually works given that it does not kill bacteria, why no one would be caught dead using the official Olympic salute anymore, why Michael Jackson’s skin turned white as he got older, why Olympians wear colored tape, that time the Olympics flag went missing for almost a century and turned up in an old suitcase, and the curious case of the Xzhibit egg. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for many more videos like this.

How Does Soap Work?

Why No One Uses the Official Olympic Salute Anymore

That Time the Olympic Flag Went Missing for 77 Years and Turned Up in a Suitcase

Why Michael Jackson’s Skin Turned White as He Got Older

Why Do Olympians Wear Colored Tape?

The Curious Case of the Xzhibit Egg

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