How and Why Oysters Make Pearls, Why Judges Wear Robes, Do You Really Get One Phone Call When Arrested and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we discuss how and why oysters make pearls, the time in history when doctors literally blew smoke up a person’s rectum, whether you are really entitled to a phone call if arrested, why judges wear robes, why there are no parachutes on commercial flights and some random amazing facts. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for many more videos like this.

Amazing Facts #19

How and Why Do Oysters Make Pearls?

When Doctors Literally Blew Smoke Up Your Arse

Are You Really Entitled to a Phone Call When Arrested? (Explicit language)

Why Do Judges Wear Robes?

Why Don’t Commercial Airplanes Have Parachutes?

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