Podcast Episode #104: Does Alcohol Really Prevent Hypothermia?

In this episode, you’re going to learn the truth about whether alcohol actually warms your body and the role it can play in hypothermia, which is quite contrary to popular belief. [TRANSCRIPT]

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  • Just thought I’d mention that the 30 pixel height of the embed is TOO SHORT 🙁

    It needs to be about 45 pixels.

    As it is, when the time tooltip alert box pops up, it can’t be seen, and the top part is cut off as it lies outside frame.

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Hugh Crawford: Thanks for letting me know. What browser are you using? Also, do you have a screenshot of this? If so, email me here. That embed code is auto-generated by the plugin made by the company that hosts the episode files, so it will take a bit to figure out how to edit it on the text-generation side of things. As a quick fix, of course, you could manually just change it to 45 instead of 30. Thanks again for letting me know about the issue!