TIFO Quick Fact 643

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  • I have this 😛 I’ll put my alphabet below. The touching-part not só much, but I can physically feel a small sense of pain once I see others in pain, f.e. getting a needle slammed in their head, it’ll hurt my head as well.

    a. = Yellow
    b. = brown/lightbrown
    c. = orange
    d. = darkorange
    e. = red
    f. = dark red
    g. = bright red, darker than e
    h. = lilac
    i. = black
    j. = dark purple
    k. = dark blue
    l. = changes. Usually black, sometimes grey, white or even darkbrown
    m.= blue
    n.= (light)green
    o. = white
    p.= dark-blue
    q. = Usually a weird lilac. purple, white, grey kindof..seetrough maybe strange colour.
    r. = dark-brown or orangy
    s. = pink. Sometimes orange/brown
    t. = dark green
    u. = Orange or ochre
    v. = bright orange
    w. = dark/light (blue-)purple or darkblue.
    x. = gold
    y. = changes sometimes. gold or orange, brighter or darker
    z. = red. Same colour as G and E combined.

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